SSS Online Inquiry

SSS Online Inquiry – Years ago, verifying one’s monthly SSS Contribution used to be tiring, exhausting and involves visiting the nearest SSS Branch just to transact and ask for a copy of your contribution.

Those days are over now! Introducing, the SSS Online Inquiry!

The SSS Online Inquiry is an online service provided by the Social Security System to provide its Members and other related parties the convenience to address simple concerns such as Monthly SSS Contribution verification, SSS Salary Loan Application, Payment Reference (PRN) Generation, Printing of Static Information and some other things.

Gone are the days where you need to follow up! You don’t have to commute going to the Social Security System Branch and no need to fall in line just to inquire about your grievances with SSS. Now, anyone who are member of Social Security System and have an internet access can make online transactions.

To know more about this, I suggest you read our article and register your own account!

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