SSS Online Inquiry: How To Register an Account (Ultimate Guide)

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  • Note: This article about “How To Get Your SSS Static Information?” has been update on January 5, 2023

    SSS Online Inquiry – The Social Security System (SSS) is an independent agency authorised by the Philippine Government that facilitates the Social Security issued to all Filipinos.

    A social insurance program consisting of Sickness, Maternity, Retirement, Disability, Death & Funeral, and SSS Loans.

    To qualify for these benefits, most Filipino workers pay Social Security contribution through Compensation Income or Income derived from Self Employment. The future benefits are based on the employees’ contributions.

    Being a member of SSS, awareness should be practiced to make sure that our precious contribution is directly credited to our individual accounts. There are  lots of cases wherein an Employer skips,  intentionally or otherwise, the employee’s contribution to SSS.

    To prevent this from happening, everyone is advised to verify their contributions.

    To do this, SSS opened it s service to the masses by providing us My.SSS. It is a self service portal provided to every SSS member to exclusively access their contribution and membership records.

    A good friend of mine asked me how to use this, I said, “…just google it”. He replied to me, “I can’t find a decent tutorial for this, kid”.

    To cut the story short, here I am, making a more “decent and comprehensive” tutorial on how to verify/check your total actual contribution in SSS and other matters that, I think, is useful inside the SSS Website.

    If you know how to use Facebook, SSS Online online is just like commenting on a senseless post.

    First Things First!

    Before we start, you need few things first. I need you to have the following:

    • Your SSS Number – you can get it in your machine-validated SSS E1 Form (usually in pink colored paper with few machine-validated numbers and inked stamped as well as your thumb marks.) Without this, forget about this tutorial. I’m sorry to say that you can’t continue your SSS online registration.
    • A Valid Email Address – SSS.Gov.PH will send an email for the confirmation to activate your account. The same email will also be used when you use the Forgot Password feature.

    SSS Online Inquiry Website

    The SSS Online Inquiry website also known as My.SSS is provided by SSS to all members where everyone can access the Member’s Records including the SSS Contributions, SSS Salary Loan, Loan balance and the SSS Static Information.

    As of August 2018, there are two (2) existing website. Members can use both website whichever they prefer. Though as of this writing, we still prefer/recommend to use the old portal because it can perform more functionalities compared to the newer one.

    Who needs to register at My.SSS?

    SSS encourages everyone to register an account with My.SSS but who are they?

    Members, Business and Household employers are allowed to have an account and register using their SSS Numbers as long as they meet the requirement.

    SSS Members

    All employees in private sectors, self employed, voluntary, non working spouse members as well as OFW are encouraged to register an ccount as long as they meet the minimum criteria listed below:

    • At least one (1) month contribution
    • Valid and Permanent SSS Number
    • SSS Date of Coverage – it is the month and year when the first contribution is paid as self employed, non working spouse or as an OFW member. For employed member, this is the month and year the Employer has reported the member as employed by the business.

    Business Employers

    All companies in private sectors can register their Employer Account in SSS Online Inquiry website. Non profit organizations are also allowed to have their own account.

    Household Employers

    Household Employers can also register their My.SSS online account. These are the people who employs household help or kasambahay as they as they meet the minimum requirement;

    • SSS Number
    • reported coverage as an employed, self employed, voluntary, non working spouse or an OFW Member
    • at least one (1) month posted contribution. This means the contribution is acknowledged and entered in the system/database of SSS.

    Why do you need to register at My.SSS?

    The SSS Online Inquiry website was develop for the convenience to all related party especially the members.

    An online account brings convenience to the members who wants to perform simple transactions such as SSS Inquiry Of Contribution, SSS Salary Loan application (Read: How To Apply SSS Loan) or update on Member’s data or information.

    Having an SSS Online Account enables users to perform these transactions at the comforts of their home using their mobile devices or computers as long as there is an internet connect.

    Members no longer to go to the nearest SSS Branch to do these task while waiting in a long queue line just to be accommodated with their inquiries.

    How to register an account with SSS Online Inquiry Website

    We’re done with the introduction and I’m sure you have everything that we need but before we start, I just need to inform you that there are two existing website for SSS Online Application. We will discuss each process and go through each site and show you how to do it. So let’s go!

    For the first tutorial, we will discuss the old website. Later on, we’ll proceed with the new website.

    I need you to type in your browser SSS.Gov.PH.

    When you arrive at the website, you’ll see a log in fields where you need to input your User ID and Password. Unfortunately, you don’t have one yet.

    To register an account in SSS Online Inquiry, find the text that says “Not yet registered in My.SSS?” then below that, click the “Click Here” button.

    Online Member User ID Registration

    The previous button you have clicked will direct you to this page. You will be presented five (5) options to choose from.

    From the selection, you can choose anything that you have:

    • Savings Account number / Citibank Cash Card / UBP Quick Card / UMID – ATM Savings Account Number Registered in Social Security System
    • Mobile Number Registered in SSS
    • UMID Card
    • Employer ID Number / Household Employer ID Number
    • Payment Reference Number / SBR No. / Payment Receipt Transaction Number

    For the purpose of this tutorial, I am selecting UMID Card. If you don’t have, I suggest you choose any of the four (4) choices.

    Online Account Application Form

    After selecting the UMID Card from the previous screen, you will be asked to fill up the My.SSS Application form.

    Correctly enter all the personal information needed. Enter the captcha or code shown in the image located at the bottom of the form. Lastly, tick the “I accept the Terms of Service” check box and click the submit button to finalize your application.

    SSS Online Email Confirmation

    After submitting the online application form. Open your email account and look for the email from It usually have a subject of “SSS Website Email Validation”.

    The email looks like the screenshot below.

    In the email, a confirmation link will be provided. Click this link to validate or confirm your My.SSS registration.

    The link will redirect you to the same website ( confirming that your registration with SSS Website is successful and activated.

    You can now log in to your account using your nominated user id and password. Congratulations!

    Register an account in new My.SSS Portal

    Go to to access the new SSS Portal.

    Below the log in credentials fields, click the text that says “Not Registered?“.

    SSS Portal Member Registration

    It will redirect you to the application form where you need to fill up with your personal information.

    The following information must be provided correctly.

    CRN/SSS Number

    Also know as the Common Reference Number found on your UMID card. If you don’t have your UMID ID yet, you may enter your 10 digit SSS Number found in your SSS E-1 form (Personal Record form).

    Email Address

    Input a working, valid and active email address. As mentioned earlier, SSS website will send you a confirmation link to activate your account. This email is also will be used when you use the Forgot Password feature of the website.

    User ID

    Select a unique User ID that you can easily remember. The general rule is to have at least 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters.

    Information reported to SSS

    The following are the choices from the dropdown menu where you can select one to be used in your registration. Feel free to choose any information that is available.

    • Savings Account Number – the bank account number from your bank account you use to receive your SSS pension for retired members. For employed members, it is also the bank account issued to you to receive your Salary Loan. This may be your Citibank cash card, UnionBank SSS Quick Card or UMID-ATM.
    • Mobile Number – obviously, this is your mobile number you have written in your SSS E-1 form when you signed up for an SSS Number.
    • UMID Card – all UMID Card comes with PIN Code which you can get when you activated your card in any SSS Information Terminal located at any SSS Branch.
    • Employer ID – can be obtained from your previous or current employer. You can easily ask your HR for their SSS Employer’s Number . Just tell them that you’re going to use it for you SSS Online Inquiry account registration.
    • Household Employer ID – same as the previous item above but only applies to household help or kasambahay.
    • Payment Reference Number – can be obtained and issued by SSS Branch where the voluntary, self employed, non working spouse or OFW member pays his or her monthly contribution.
    • SBR/Payment Receipt Number – also related to the voluntary, self employed, non working spouse or OFW members. This number can be found after the payment of monthly contribution.

    Click on the drop-down menu next to “Please select one” to reveal the different types of information you’ve reported to the SSS. Click on the option (one that you already have on hand) and then enter the required information on the next field.

    • SBR/Payment Receipt Number – Provide any receipt number found on the special bank receipt or the Contributions Payment Return (Form RS-5) paid within the past six months.

    Complete name & Date of Birth Date

    Do I need to explain this part?

    Local Mailing Address

    Enter you current address correctly and accurately. If any fields is not applicable to you, you may leave it as blank and move forward. As for the district, you can select from four choices.

    • First District – Manila
    • Second District – Mandaluyong, Marikina, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan
    • Third District – Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela
    • Fourth District – Las Piñas, Makati, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Pasay, Taguig

    This is the last part of your registration of your account in SSS Website, review it and make sure that all the information you have written is correct and accurate.

    Click the “Register” button to submit your application.

    Complete Account Registration

    You will be directed to “Complete Account Registration Page” where it will confirm that your application is already submitted.

    All you need to do now is to confirm your account registration through their activation email sent.

    SSS Web Registration Email

    An email will be sent by SSS website so make sure that you have access to your email address you have used from the previous registration.

    Log in to you email address and look for the same email shown in the image down below.

    The email contains the activation link, all you have to do is click it and it will bring you again to SSS Website.

    If your account registration is successful, the website will say that you have successfully registered you account with SSS.

    You may now create your unique password. Make sure that it comply with the standard and secure password.

    After this, you may now access your SSS Online account by logging in using your credentials.

    You now have to freedom to familiarize yourself in SSS Online Inquiry website. You can now easily view your monthly contributions, static information and other membership information.

    How to Register an SSS Account Online as an Employer

    This tutorial is focused on the online registration of all employers, you may skip this part if you’re not an Employer. If you are an SSS Member as an Employed, Self-employed, Voluntary, Non working spouse or an OFW, I highly advise you to read the tutorial above.

    Here are the quick few steps in SSS Online Inquiry Account Registration for Employer.

    Registration Form for Employers

    Before we begin, I need you to identify yourself what kind of Employer are you? Are you the type of Employer who owns a business or just a Household employers? If you got that, I want you to click the proper application form provided in the link down below.

    Fill up the application form correctly and accurately. Make sure that all information with an asterisk are filled up because these are required information.

    To help you with your application, we’ll tackle few items from the application form for clearer view.

    Employer ID this is the SSS Employer Number issued to you by the SSS when you registered as an Employer. You can easily get this from your Employer Registration Plate or SSS Certificate of Registration.

    Employer Branch Code this field is already filled up with three (3) zeroes. Change this if your last three digit of your Employer ID is not “000”. If not, then you don’t have to do anything about it.

    Date of Coverage the month and year when you hired your very first employee(s). You can refer to your SSS Registration Plate or Form R-1. Use the drop down menu to fill up this field.

    Company Email Address If you are a Household employer, you may use any email address that is not registered as Employed, Self-employed, Voluntary, Non working spouse or an OFW member. If you are a business or corporate employer, you may use your official company email address.

    Preferred User ID must be unique and must have at least 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters. Preferably a combination of alphabets and number. Example: “JuanDelaCruz213” or “TheXYZCompany”

    Email Activation

    Once you submitted your online registration as an Employer, go to your assigned email address and check for the email sent by the SSS Website.

    The email contains an activation link for your My.SSS Account. Click this and it will take you to a page where you need to enter the SSS Number and other contact information of the authorized signatory of the Company. These information are the following:

    • SSS number of the Authorized Person
    • Full Name
    • and email address

    If you are a Household Employer, obviously, you are the authorized signatory/person. Your information must be entered in the fields provided.

    If you are registering for a single proprietor, then the authorized signatory is also you since you own the business.

    If you are a corporation, you may enter the details of your Human Resources Department head or any person who oversee the Company’s employees payroll and benefits. You may ask around your office who’s that person. It’s usually the HR Head.

    The page requires you to tick the checkbox that says “I accept the Terms and Conditions”. Click the Submit button to finalize your application.

    Another email will also be sent for the validation of your application for the account. It will also be shown in the same page where you filled up the personal information of your Authorized person.

    The validation process will take at least 24 to 48 hours, sometimes longer so be patient. 🙂

    Your SSS servicing branch will do the verification and validation of your application including the information you have entered especially your authorized person / signatory.

    Right after your application is approved by SSS, a final email will be sent notifying you that your application is approved. The email also contains the company user id (the one you assigned) and the system generated password.

    For the first time, log in to your My.SSS Employer’s account using your User ID and system generated password. The website will prompt you that you need to change your password. Change it immediately for security purposes.

    Create a strong password. Ensure that you select a complex passwords which is composed of numeric, alphabetic (uppercase and lowercase) characters in addition to special symbols and similar characters.

    Important Tips!

    Since I’ve already written a whole bunch of tutorials related to the My.SSS Online Account, Its best that I give you tips to experience hassle free My.SSS experience.

    My.SSS during off-peak hours

    Most of the time, I hear people complaining that they are unable to access SSS website. This is due to the volume of traffic simultaneously accessing the website. The server can’t handle huge request so to avoid this, I recommend accessing the website during off-peak hours.

    When I say “off-peak hours”, it means 7PM onwards. The later the better. During day time, most of the people accessing their accounts through mobile devices and desktops which makes the server overloads. Hence, the slow response of the website.

    But if you access it during peak hours, half of the usual visitors of the website is gone! No more traffic. It’s like driving in EDSA at around 3AM in the morning! 🙂

    SSS Online Inquiry Mobile App

    For the convenience of all SSS Members, the SSS released a mobile app. You can download this app in App Store for Apple Users or Google Play for Android Users.

    The SSS mobile app doesn’t have much extra features except the SSS Salary Loan Application and Maternity related notification.

    The SSS Mobile app can be used by all members who already have an SSS Online Inquiry account. If you don’t have one yet, then I recommend that you read up the tutorial above.

    Same user name and password (log in credentials from My.SSS website) will be used in mobile app so you don’t need to register again.

    Password Expiration Feature

    The My.SSS website asks its users to change their password every 90 days. If you fail to change your password after 90 days, you can still log in to your account but the website will force you to change it to a new one.

    SSS Online Account Registration in any SSS Branch

    SSS branches are equipped with a personal computer for the purpose of public use where members can access their online accounts for free.

    It’s also an avenue where you can register your own account with them. It’s also come in handy because you can easily ask the assistance of the SSS Officer designated to help the users while using the SSS Portal.

    Generate SSS PRN

    People are asking why they can’t generate their PRN on the new SSS Portal. That is because this function is not yet implemented in the new one.

    If you want to generate your PRN number, you must log in to the old website and do this task. you can refer to our article on how to get your SSS PRN Number here.

    Forgot User ID or Password?

    Unfortunately, many people forgot their Password or even their User IDs. Worry not! The website is equipped with the forgot UserID / Password feature.

    This features allows the member to retrieve their user id or password by just using their SSS Number or CRN number. The website will then send an email to the registered email address with a link to the SSS website where it will show your User ID and a nomination of a new password.

    This feature is very easy to use as long as you have an access to your email address.

    So there you have it, if you have any question related to your SSS Online Inquiry account, feel free to write it down in the comments section!

    Have a great day!


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      if you have prn payments in their need to sumbit R3 ?

    • Aileen Castro says:

      Gudeve po, verify ko lang po ung contribution simula 2012 to present kung magkanu na at kung updated yung hulog ko sa sss contribution. Tnx!..

    • Aveneser P. Ducalang says:

      thank you

    • Lhiza says:

      Panu ko po makikita yung actual contribution ko?

    • Dennis L. Franilla says:

      ..please response i want to verify my contribution

    • mariefe says:

      hello po, ang alam ko po eh yung RS 5 po eh para po sa mga nag declare na Self Employed Status sa SSS. Kung hindi na po kayo nakakapagbayad ng monthly contribution, malamang wala kayo nun. At sorry to say, hindi mo makikita at makakapag register ng account sa SSS. yun po ang alam ko at experience ko na din.

    • Cera Baril says:

      ask lang po for verification number .

    • mark kennedy lacsina says:

      i am a voluntary member and i cant proceed in registering online, it says that my otc/pay ref # is invalid.. how many digits should i type? thanks..

    • Chie Roldan says:


      i have already account in my SSS, the problem i encountered now is that when i already log in there is an advisory appears that stated ‘if the online inquiry page of this website display blank page. YOU ARE USING AN UNSUPPORTED BROWSER. and below that message there is a link ‘View Instructions’ that tells about changing the security settings temporarily. and when i click that link a failed pdf document will appear. can you give me or help me solving this concern of mine?

    • Remedios B. Basa says:

      San ko po makukuha yung 13 digits ss employer id?? Thanks


      Same problem. Naayos mo na ba sayo?

    • ryan ocan says:

      please answer po sir!i need a rply..thn u poh..

    • Willmann A. Teves says:

      Me too. It keeps directing me to employer login even though I’m clicking the member login. I badly need to print my contributions. I tried to went to SSS personally but they told me that they are not allowed to print my contribution list in there and I’m supposed to print it by registering online. But their system is down. OMG. What shoud I do?!!!

    • elsa dela cruz francisco says:

      pinapa check ng father ko kung magkano na ung total contribution niya sa sss. gusto ko sana siyang igawa ng my.sss para makita ko ung total contribution niya kaso sa registration page hinihingi ung ss number ng employer nya. Hindi na namin alam ung ss number ng mga naging employers nya. Having stated such, Is there any way pa ba para malaman namin ung total contribution?

    • quindy says:

      pano ko po makuha yong adjustment nang 1985 to 1985

    • christian mateo says:

      pwede na po ba ko mag loan?

    • alfe jean e. alison says:

      Since hinihingi ng new employer mo ung SSS Employment history mo, makikita nila. Andun ung details gaya ng Employer’s SSS number, Employer Name, Reporting date and Employment date. Once na makita nila un, understood na sa kanila na nagreremit ng contribution ung employer mo na hindi mo dineclare.

      Baket mo kelangang itago ung previous employer mo? Anyway, you don’t have to answer that, it’s not my business. Pero kung different person naman ang pagpapasahan mo ng SSS Documents, baka makalusot ka.

      By the way, ganito ung screenshot nung sinasabi ko. Eto yung nakita ko sa loob ng My.SSS account ko. Ang alam ko walang capability na makita ng mga Employer ung SSS Employment history ng mga employee nila. Ikaw lang or ung Employee lang ang kayang sumilip sa Employment History mo.

      We’ll sana magwork kung ano mang plans mo and goodluck.

    • Jheem vheek f.lerio says:


    • jamielyn dela cruz says:

      Just want to share some ideas i have regarding your questions i hope it can be help you. I came from mall yesterday evening and had seen a small booth infront of Al Fuad Exchange here in Dubai. 2 filipino’s from Philippine consulate are accomodating our kabayans regarding SSS and PAG-IBIG. I asked ‘KUYA’ how can i check my contributions and how can i continue my sss even im not in our country.. He gave me a form to fill up and he easily found out my contributions from my previous company. In that case he asked me to continue my contributions in any exchange company who are authorized by consulate to continue my contributions. Im able to loan also here in dubai but i will receive check not cash. I can in-cash only my loan in our country. For your case, you should visit the consulate of the Philippines and ask for the same.

    • Gesta says:

      can you please email my total contribution

    • Mercy Marquez says:

      how much my sss contribution

    • alona magalona pentinio says:

      I cant sign in

    • mikegilkim says:

      would like to know if my contribution paid in two SBR. My contribution for the month of May was overlooked by our accountant and was underpaid and on July she remitted another half. But it appears payment last July was not credited. SBR# 176028 dated 7/11/12 amounting to 800.00.

      Kindly update my record.


      Irine Acuzar

    • bernadatte anne pinto santos says:

      My problem is SS Number has already been registered when im register at Online Member User ID Registration?

      Pano po maka pag register ulit ng panibago forgot ko po ang aking User ID at password ?

      Please guide me thanks.

    • beberly padayao says:

      Good day, SSS # 03-9667143-1 , i wld like to know my total contribution, thks.

    • Love Fuentes says:

      check my sss balance inquiry

    • john marak ramos says:

      Could you pls. check my SSS contribution. Many thanks.

    • maira says:

      help nman need ko lng po tlg..thanks,

    • Maria Noemi Concepcion De Vera says:

      Good afternoon!

    • Dj Royo says:

      hi po
      ask q lng po .. need q po kc ng static info need po nila ang employer ss id? ano po ba ang kailangan qng gawin? matagal na po kc yung previous job q
      thanks po

    • jenneth nalayog nillo says:

      Good pm po mam/Sir,
      Gusto ko pong malaman Yong actual contribution ko sa sss. Thank you po..

    • angelito selim pardillo jr says:

      papanuh makikita if naipas na ng agency ko ung maternity ko s sss o anuh na ung status ng maternity ko. and panuh if temporary palang ung sss# ko ipro2cess ba nila ung maternity ko.

    • ic says:

      i need to check my atual contribution

    • Marie Ann says:

      verify ko lang po ung contribution ko saka i piprint out ko po

    • AJ Salcedo says:

      Good day mam and sir,
      I want to know my sss total contributions,i am willing to wait for your responce.Thank you!

    • neth agno says:

      Ang hirap maka pasok s online nyo.

    • katherine says:

      how do i check or inquire my sss acount?

    • Evangeline Castillo Pedrera says:

      total contribution

    • KingKnob says:

      try using Mozilla Firefox. zoom in your screen to see much clearer the ‘captcha’ or the shown code.

    • benjie dayondon says:

      Gsto ko png mlamn kng n ilang years po contribution ko sss#3316708501

    • Lorena Villafuerte says:

      Good day po mam ask ko lng po if PD ako mg loan (salary) NSA use po ako ngaun PD po ba ako mgloan knit hndi po ako uuwi ng pinas PD po ba in na e direct sa bank account ko ung amount na matatanggap ko po? Thanks

    • Lorna L. Dacanay says:

      sir pahelp nmn po plzzzz

    • lourdes selago says:

      Saan makikita ang maternity status?

    • Marlene G. Bantol says:

      pwedi po bang pakiDELETE ang housing loan na naka lagay sa ibaba ng aking form sana po kaagad ninyo pong maaksyonan..kc po kinokompirma pa po nila kaya hindi pa po naaproban 1st time ko lang po kasing kumuha ng salary loan maraming salamat po

    • Prin says:

      I want to verify my name please send me on my email .thanks n God bless

    • Zureta Warren says:

      check my sss remittance

    • juna vee says:

      gusto ko pong malaman kong mag kano na ang naihuhulog ng employer since 2007 to 2010 ako ng trabaho at ng nagtrabaho din ako bilang ofw since 2011 to 2014 at 2014 to 2016

    • Eric Genaro Arceo says:

      pwede ko po bng mkta ang mga company n naghu2log sa akn mula 2009..

    • Gabriel Parina Marty says:

      please check and i want to know my total contribution thank you

    • jerese irene r. acma says:


    • John michael bulahan says:

      Maano po dito mag inquire kung mgkano ung ma eloan ko

    • GLENDA V. OFICIAR says:

      Maam pwd poh pakisend na lng sa email q ung status ng contribution q!.thanks

    • wynard rapay says:

      This document you requested has moved temporarily.

    • Cristina valenzuela says:

      hi,same case here.. but try to open the site using internet explorer..

    • nathaniel Macapagal tan says:


    • Joseph E Santizas says:

      Thanks for sharing! Great tutorial indeed!

    • mary grace vizcayno says:

      I would like to know the status of my contribution

    • Velasco de Catiquista, Ana Maria y Seisa says:

      want to know my contribution if its activated and if endorsing my employee.

    • robilles ni√±o, alcantara says:

      Please send me a total summary of my sss contributions. This is my sss #. 0504785847

    • Ma. Lina Lagat says:

      how can i find my sss contribution status

    • Crestin says:

      I just want to know poh kung ilang months na poh ang nahuhulugan q and how much is my total contribution!tnx

    • christina vera says:

      ask ko lang po , kung magkano pa po ung balance ko sa salary loan ko kc hanggang ngaun ay naghuhulog pa po ako sa salary loan ko , ang hirap po kc makapasok sa online inquiry nio!???

    • kenney says:

      please send my summary of my contribution plsssssss!.

    • Lenilyn says:

      good day!please send my contribution..thank you

    • gervhy says:

      i want to know my total sss contribution.

    • niak says:

      I cannot register because the type of membership does not match, what will will i do?

    • Bryan Paul Nuesca says:

      i would to know my total actual contribution

    • Ivy says:

      How can i check or know my SSS contribution balance?

    • Ed says:

      I want to know my laon status and contribution.


    • JEANN C SAYO says:

      makikita ba dito kung nahologan ng employer ko ang sss contribution ko

    • Magnifico Pan Ivino says:


      hello po,gusto ko sanang humingi ng kopya ng aking mga hinuhulog sa sss ko para malaman ko po kung tama ang mga hinuhulog nila para sa akin at kung meron po sana akoy poy humihingi ng soft copy nito bilang patunay na akoy naghuhulog sa inyong sangay!

      At nais ko rin po sanang humingi ng guide kung paano po ako makakuha ng sss card.

      Maraming Salamat Po!..
      Hihintayin ko po ang inyong mensahe

    • carl anthony v. ventura says:

      Ask kolang poh!merong bang laman young account ko,,


      Gud day po tanung ko lng ang status ng sss retarment ng asawa ko Oct. 2013 pa nag file,until now wala pa,,, sss no. 0317060665 Delfin S De Castro Jr, 11/22/1951

    • ailene mulig says:

      Paano ko malaman kung magkano na nahihulog ko sa sss ko?tnx

    • BABYLIN UMBAG says:

      Hi Frog Prince, hindi po yun bug. as i’ve said on my previous comment

      ‘kaya po nagkakaganyan ung sa inyo dahil yata sa hindi nyo nagalay ng ilang minuto ung website ng SSS habang nakalog in kayo. magiging inactive kasi ung log in nyo. Wag din po nyo bubuksan ang account nyo sa SSS ng dalawang beses ng sabay. kunwari, sa isang window eh naglog in ka na tpos naglog in ka ulit sa ibang window. yan po ang ibig sabihin ng ‘you have an existing active session.please logout to avoid errors.’ Kelangan mo pong iclear ung RECENT HISTORY nyo kung gamit nyo eh Firefox. then iclose nyo po ung browser nyo after iclear ang history. Try nyo pong maglog in ulit then ok na un.’

    • mariel bagongahasa says:

      check contribution

    • Jean Pa√±oso says:

      tanung kulang po magkano yung maloloan ko nakahulug na po ako ng 1year and 3mths 6yrs na po naghuhulug?

    • carmelita de guzman says:

      pede na po ba akong mag loan?thank you

    • richard mondia escolta says:

      ma’am how could I recover my sss number I have forgotten it?

    • clauee c. says:

      Confirm ko lng poh kung lan na contribution ko sa sss

    • nicka reyes says:

      i want to nkow my contribution!?

    • Zaldy B. Gabiran Jr. says:

      sorry jayson, wala pa akong blog about dun. i’ve heard about it pero di ko pa natatry. anyway, try others nalang po. Sa mga forums po kayo maghanap kasi dun mo talaga malalaman ung tunay na sinasabi at experience ng mga taong nakakuha na.

    • Manuelito Langcauon says:

      Hi! Tanong ko lang kung bat di ako makapagregister sa Thanks in adsvance!

    • marites de torres perjes says:

      May tanong po ako maam, kung Pwede po malaman yong savings kung magkano n po at gusto ng tatay ko kunin yong savings niya kasi po matanda na po siya 65 years old na po nahulugan Niya 32 months na po magkano po ba ang makukuha ng tatay ko sa savings Niya pakitext na lng po ako sa # 09480593953 anak niya po ito thank you.

    • evan bolano says:

      good day. dati na po akong na ka registerd sa sss online requiry. kaya lang po sa ngayon hindi ko na po sya ma open .. pa no po ang gagawin ko to activate ulit

    • gerald jader solis says:

      can i apply for a calamity loan eventhough nahinto ng matagal ung contributions ko? at present, im working nman n!

    • Alvin M Bedes says:

      i want to know my sss contribution

    • Angela Leah C. Advincula says:


    • amor sala says:

      my sss # 08-0672723-1


      Thanks April for the compliment! 🙂

    • Rom Cumagun says:

      good pm I just want to ask bakit pa kailangan ng internet explorer v11 pag mag open online.hindi ko kasi maview yung contribution ko.ano po dapat kong gawin incompatible sa phone ko yuny ie11.sana masagot niyo.thanks

    • Kathleen Flores says:

      i forgot user id and my password in sss

    • angelo idian says:

      i just want to know how many month my contribution and my total loan balance. Thanks again.

    • April joy marayag says:

      Good day,,tanong q lang po bakit hanggang ngaun la p po ako natatanggap n pension as disability!salamat pi

    • Romeo G. Alvarez jr. says:

      can i check my monthly contribution

    • melanie andaya says:

      Please send to my email the list of my actual contribution I need the printout.thanks!

    • charito says:

      How much my monthly amortization

    • Elmer T. Espina says:

      Check ku nlng poh,kng pwd nba yaku mag loan sa sss

    • candy says:

      Tanong ko lang po kung ilan na naihuhulog ko sa contribution ko

    • Arbie May says:

      Gusto kong malaman kung nahulugan b ang sss ko

    • yeng says:

      pwede ko ba malama kung nilagyan ba ng amo ko ang sss ko


      To whom it may concern:

      Good day po, ask ko lng po yung situation ng tita ko about sa kanyang loan. More than 10 yrs. na po yung contribution niya at never pa siyang nag acquire nang loan. Pinapatanong niya lng po na if e process niya yung loan tulad dn po ba ito sa karaniwang nag first loan palamang yung igagarant na loanable amount sa kanya?

    • Karen Silagpo says:

      di na po ako ka pasok online , di ako maka sign in and sign up. check ko lang remittance ko if maka loan ako. thanx

    • caya aldrin belardo says:

      inquire about my m0.contribution list

    • laizel says:

      Hi! Your instructions were simple. However, I’m logged in with my.sss right now and I don’t see the Online Inquiry tab, so I can’t get to view the member info>> actual premiums as well. I believe they updated the site. I already played around but I really can’t find anything that routes me to the contribution list. 🙁

    • Quim says:

      How Months my contribution in sss

    • arman tamboong says:

      I want to avail my retirement pension next year. I need know my remaining balance and my expected monthly pension assuming I will continue paying may monthly premium at the same amount of my latest payment.

    • Mary says:

      i need to check my monthly contribution

    • pissedNBI says:

      Magkano na po contribution ko?pwd na po ba ano mag loloan?thanks po

    • Alex Alvarado says:

      Good Day po,
      magtatanong lang po kung bakit hanggang ngayon hindi na post ang sss payment ko for the period of January to June 2015,nagbayad ako last jan 3,2015 .

    • mary jane says:

      maam/sir pwede po bang malaman ang updated dates at total number contribution ko kasi po kailangan po ng print out sa philhealth eto ung no. ko 0340503940 pwede po ba ngayon na thanks po

    • wynn mark says:

      total contribution please

    • cherry leonardo says:

      ast ko lang po paano po ba ako makakapag loan sa sss kong wala na po ako sa trabaho ko . kakaindo ko lang po kc. pro matagal ko rin po syang nahuhuloogan . mula kc noon si pa po ako nakakapag loan . pra ngaun po my work po ako kasang bahay po,

    • Ni√±o Llamido says:

      Gusto ko po malaman kung nakailang buwan na ako magbayad ng sss ko? At saka kung pumasok ba ang mga nabayaran ko habang dito ako sa uae?

    • nilo m pasanting says:

      pano nmn po kun employed sv: If Employed/HouseHold
      Please provide any 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number where you worked for at least six months

      e di ko nmn alam SS employer id ko. saka resign nako.

    • knaTx says:

      ano ba yan sss site nio sira wala ng yayari pag kinclick ung submit sa member registration 1 week na ako nag rreg d ako mka register pinuntahan ko ung sss las pinas kaso sabi sken nid daw tlga oL register kaso pano mkka register eh ayaw nga mag register sa site, tpos sabi pa sken pag ayaw tlga mag reklamo nlng daw sa sss eh sya nga mismo ung sss eh pinag loloko ata ako ng tauhan ng sss

    • Kem-Argil says:

      Loan request

    • Joey randy says:

      hi sir ask ko lng po kung ano dapat kung gawin ko po d kxe hinuhulugan yung sss ko ng employer pngalan ng employer primepower manpower services

    • roda says:

      Paano ma check ang sss contribution online

    • Marisa Maurin says:

      I want to know my total SSS contribution

    • Merry Apple h. Villagantol says:

      wala nga binigay na password eh. ice yan

    • cyrus says:

      paano po kung nakalimutan po ang ID at password para po sa online iquiry.

    • Engelmayranderaarmada says:

      I have already have my account in sss but i forgot all information. My user ID, my password and my email. I put all my information on my cp but i lost it. i can;t check my SSS. I tried my email to get my user ID but when i enter my email they said that the email account doesnt exist. what will i do? can i make new account?

    • jessie reyes says:

      update my contribution

    • Jomarie says:

      Gud am!nid q poh print out ng sss contribution q..d nmn poh q mkpag register sa membership account..nag iinvalid ung Sss no.q..or already register nah dw!nu poh vah dpt gwin. ,?tnx poh!

    • lilian obina says:

      what if,the company did’nt want to give there employer sss number? what can i do?!..

    • Aslamia Kumpo says:

      gud day! pwd q poh ba mkita ang sss monthly contribution q!.

    • Ma Jullebe Casanares says:

      Tanong ko LNG pwd n akng mag loan at sung total n hulog ko


      bkit po kapag na reregister ako online laging invalid CRN / SS number??

    • ma.jenrose quitalig cadano says:

      same dilemma with Jhosan.

      can continue with full registration, because I don’t have my last employer’s ID, and SS number.

    • maryjean sanchez says:

      follow up may loan balance status

    • Gleann says:

      verify ko lang po sana kung nachange na po yung birthdate and month po ng birthday ko sa e1 form kc kumukuha po ako ng id dpa po ako makakuha dahil dun.

    • arlyn agner says:

      Sir pwd ko b mlaman ang actual contribution koh, with print out pu, pasend n lng pu s email add koh.

      thnks pu,

      Importante lng pu


      my sss#: 0419160544

    • aiza labao says:

      Click My.SSS on the upper left of the page. The Employee Information will appear. Point your mouse to the Member Info. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Actual Premiums to display your contributions.

    • alma par says:

      i cant access my account because i forgot my password,.,.and my email address is already deactivated,.,how can i use again my sss account online,.,.,?????,.,please help

    • Leo Benito says:

      Paano q mlaman ko malaman kung ilang buwan na ang post nila sa sss q.

    • rtan says:

      Sir gusto ko po sna makita ang lahat nga naihulog ko

    • cresjie cantones says:

      good day maam/sir

      pwd q po b malaman qng nhu2lugan ung sss no. q.

    • christopher e. laino says:

      Gusto ko sana makita at malaman kung nahuhulugan ng cooperative namin Ang aking sss at kung magkano Ang pd ko ng maloan? Anf problem nga lang ilang 2yrs. Ko ng d na nagagamit Ang aking username sa sss. At minsan sinubukan ko.. d na ako makapag log in . Paano ko ba pa-activate Ang aking username uli ? Ano ba Ang magandang gawin po?

    • jessa dadol says:

      Gusto ko lang po malaman kung magkanon po ang hulog ng aking sss.cmula nov.15,2010,hanggang ngaung oct.6,2016

    • elah says:

      Tanong ko lang paano ko malalaman kung mag kano lahat nng naihulog ko sa sss kc na stop din ako nng hulog

    • Anale Roybab says:

      Elow po mam sir tanung kolang po kung pwd kuna eloan ung sss ku

    • Marivel G. Farinas says:

      i want to check my sss contribution and loan balance, thank you

    • marlon remolleno says:

      Panu po malalaman yung total contribution ko..tnx po

    • Jing Omar Lacson says:

      Gud am.inquire ko lng sss no. Ng sister ko.nakalimutan na nia dalaga pa cia nug nagfile cia.ofw cia ngayon.gusto kc nia hulugan uli.thank you.

    • Jon Eric N. Espero says:

      san ko ba pwedeng mkita ang sss hotline???

    • ricardo b reyes says:

      Unfortunately, nung tinatry kong magsubmit at nung nagsend na si SSS sa email ko, hindi naman password yung binigay. It’s still notifying me to enter my employer Id. I thought this site would really help me.

    • dianna escobar says:

      till now wla p dn me n rereceive n message s email ko gling s sss pero n kpg reg nako online s sss s my east ave.

    • Milk says:

      please check my sss. contribution

    • Mica Kaye Pring says:

      hello? po gusto kong makita ang contribution ko sa sss ko po pwede po

    • LanceCalalis says:

      hi ! how will i know my RECEIPT NO./OTC ?? our house got burned. but i know my sss # . pls answer.thanks

    • May dantes says:

      Brad, ask mo po sa current employer mo kung Anong SSS Employer number nila. yun lang po yung way para po makaregister ka sa SSS Online Inquiry.

    • Mary Joy S. Terrania says:

      I want to check my total contributions.

    • Letecia Cadiente says:

      how to know the total amount of my sss contibution?



    • jason sales says:

      hellow pohh. pa update naman po aq kung may 36 months contribution na po aq,,,,!.salamat!tc

    • Ryan Paul B. Hojas says:

      this is not SSS website,this is a blog,teaches us how to make our own online account for us to know our contributions

    • Alona Mercado says:

      i am trying to see my 13-digit SS Employer ID. I know I need to register and create an account but to register I need to input the 13-digit SS Employer am I on dead end.

    • DIAN JOY SAABIA says:

      can you please unblock me because of my email ad i can not log on

    • hoailyn mae de vera says:

      I had a three different card no. in three agency, so in this unified i.d. there will be enough one card no. in all three agencies?

    • Jallan Ballori says:

      Hi ma’am sir. Ntugil po aq sa work q last year lng eh my calamity loan po aq pnu po ggwin q kc gsto q mtps un.

    • Ni√±a Grace Lastimado Tabianan says:

      i just wanna know my cotribution

    • Joey Tillermo Omay says:

      very helpful tutorial! big thanks!

    • romeo blanquisco says:

      paano ko po makukuha ung sss number ko po? meron na po ako sss number kso po nawala po

    • Lyka Perez says:

      sir /madam,paki check ko lang po yung total contributions ko ng SSS,kung ilang buwan pa,or kailangan ituloy tuloy ko lang po maghulog?.pls advice me kung ano ang dapat kong gawin po.thank you so much po.

    • Lim says:

      Tanong ko lang po kung 7 na naihuhulog ko sa contribution ko


      you can register an SSS online Inquiry account to verify your contributions.

    • shrek ced tango an says:

      Kindly eamil my actual and total contribution fr beginning.

    • Ma. Jessalyn C. Penecilla says:

      i want to know my sss contribution

    • Lopis Otoka says:


    • vrinda diaz says:

      i want to my contribution in sss

    • Jayson L. De Leon says:

      can i have my total number of months sss contributions. my sss no. is 09-03925334

    • Arlene Teves Francisco says:

      hello po,gusto ko sana makita contributions ko,para makita ko ng hulogan ba nila ng tama. ng online po ako kaso nka block po yong paswerd sa sss.Hindi na po ako pwdi mg log in uli kasi nka regitered na po yung sss number ko.paano yan?

    • Rey Shervin D. Maglapid says:

      My sss acount

    • Lucy says:

      gsto q po malaman kung mgkno nah contribution q sa sss

    • Ernan Samonte says:

      You have noted very interesting details ! ps decent web site .

    • mikko mejia says:

      i follow all those steps but sss reply is just a link and it needs the SSS employer ID number which i don’t know.

    • glenn says:

      good pm po..gusto ko po malaman kung etong sss number ko po b ay nk registered..sss no.04-1026226-3 !matagal n panahon ko n po etong hndi nhuhulugan, kaya gusto ko po snang malaman kung talagang na i register xa ng amo ko dati..dahil gusto ko po xang ko po..Lovenia Sabuito Eniega..thanks!

    • kristina says:


      I would just like to ask why in the Member’s Registration page, it asks for the 13-digit SS Employer ID. I checked my employer’s TIN # (on my latest 2316 Form) and it only consists of 12 digits. Because of this I could not register to MY.SSS. I would like to check the details of my salary loan online. I hope you could help me. Thanks in advance.

    • Beverly De Quiros Evangelista says:

      good day,how long my monthly rimmetance?

      061 658 9371

    • riza rose s alvarez says:

      Registerd na aq!pero dq pa natatanggap ang pasword from sss sa accnt q na ito. Panu b mag verify qng wala pa un?

    • NIKKI villarubin says:

      check ko lang po lahat ng contribution ko pano po ba..

    • abraham D rangan says:

      pls .,sss contribution

    • Bernie b. says:

      I want to inquire on my sss contribution. my sss no is 05-0422542-0.

    • Jaried says:

      can you please give me a copy of my sss contribution and tell me if i am qualified to avail a loan. my sss number is 09-2118425-4


      just to check my contribution

    • Maricris R. Evia says:

      gusto kung malaman kung ilan na ang actual contribution ko

    • Rea Rose Ingatan says:



      gusto q lang po mlaman kung magkano na ang aking contribution/

    • michael franco says:

      my sss contributions

    • shine canillo says:

      inquir contribution

    • Rica D. Gernale says:

      Sir, kelangan mo pong magregister sa My.SSS (SSS Online Inquiry) to check your SSS Contribution balance mo online. Makikita mo dun ung balanse ng SSS Contributions mo.

      Kung hindi ka nman makapag register, pumunta ka nalang sa pinakamalapit na SSS Branch.

    • Carmela Joy says:

      verified q lng total contribution q

    • Evangeline Ma√±alac says:

      I paid my contribution last jan.08 2014.but why is it that every time i log in this website,when i click the voluntary member it say’s that my SBR number did not match?i had my SS number,my sbr number,but its almost 2 weeks now that i been trying to log in and i can’t get in.any advice will be appreciated.than you

    • alex n, cunanan says:


    • Rosemarie Orpin says:

      may i know my sss number? i almost forgot it .. tnxs

    • Fernando A. Hagad says:

      May sss loan po aq nun 1988 ei nagsarado ang kumpanyang pinapasukan pwde q po bang malaman kung niremit ng company nmin un mga kinaltas saken s nkalipas n halos 2 taon ngsarado po kc company nmin ng 1991 gusto po sanang malaman kung utang aq n dpt bayaran at kungmagkano TY


      how can i check my contribution

    • cristina pamintuan says:

      bakit ganun po dko ma cheick ang sss dto sa wibsite.

    • Liliana A. Magalona says:

      I think the SSS website is not working. I was not able to check my contributions for the last 2 months.

    • jeremy moises says:

      please send me my total contribution cause i cant access to your log in site,,i forgot my password and user id


    • faida Sarip Ibrahim says:

      Magregister ka ng account sa SSS website pra makita mo ang SSS Contribution mo at maiprint mo na din. hindi po pwede yung gusto mong mangyari na isesend lang sa email mo.

      nasa blog post po na ito ang guides at tips kung paano ka makaka register ng SSS online inquiry account.

    • Cristina Vasquez Del Rosario says:

      Ilang months n po sss contributions q,pwde n po kya aq mgloan?

    • Noemi Rose says:

      pano koba makakakuha ng print out ng contribution ko

    • benjie dayondon says:


    • Bubbles says:

      hello po ma’am and sir!..gusto ko lang pong malaman ang total contribution ko ,,,,,at ilang taon na ang hulog ng sss ko .kung po pwd na po ba akong magloan!
      email nyo na lng po aq sa akin

    • melchor Reambonanza Salibay Jr. says:

      sir good pm. check ko lng yong rimitans.ko? thkz

    • Walter Cipres says:

      I lost my SSS ID, is there any way that I can get my SSS no. right away? bec. I needed it very badly for my work.

    • fraz says:

      pwede po malaman kung ilang months n po ung sss contribution ko

    • fidelisa sarol delima says:

      Tanong ko lang paano ko malalaman kung mag kano lahat nng naihulog ko sa sss kc na stop din ako nng hulog

    • krischan D. Espero says:

      nais ko pong malaman kung kaylan nahinto ang aking hulog sa sss at kung kaylan nahinto!!.

    • gerry romasanta says:

      hello po,
      nagsa sign up po ako pero ang lumalabas discrepancy daw ang name ko.ano po ang gagawin ko?

    • Abv26 says:

      Can I get the copy of my contribution I can’t open my file in your website

    • juliospillora says:

      Good Day!!
      awww,hindi po ako mkapag log in 🙁 klangan ko na po kc ung static info ko tom. eh,
      since last ako nagttry ..hndi ko tlaga maLog in ..plss need your help po thanks alot GodBlesss

    • hi says:

      verify ko lng po sana kung magkano na contributions ko at kung iang months na

    • Indaycare says:

      Good day po . pwede ku po bang malaman f mag kanu na contribution ku year 2016 below. thanks

    • Earl cabugao says:

      saan po makikita ang sss contributions

    • armin balatbat says:

      gusto ko po malaman kung ilang monhts na ung nahulog sa sss ko pakitee na lang po ako . reagan r panangui po name ko 09097008881

    • ELMER F. CABIGTING says:

      Panu po ba dpat qng gawin para mlman nmen ang ss number ng biyenan q na nmatay na nuon pa pong Aug 17, 2010. Ndi pa nmen nkuha ang knyang burial dhil po nalunod sa baha ang lhat ng knyang mga dokumento nung bagyong Undoy.

    • brix Ramos says:

      gusto ko pong malaman kung dati po ako nag work sa coca-colo in cdo.feb/06,2006,hangang july 06,2006.tanong ko lng po hindi po ba mg expirekc hindi ko n po naitoloy ang pg bayad hangang ngyayun?

    • Russel Platino says:

      Good day! We just like to inquire regarding my SSS remittance.
      Will you please send us the Total Actual Contribution of my SSS as soon as possible I do hope you will give a feed back my concern. Thanks!

    • peter jhun M. Honrubia II says:

      my total contribution

    • Kathleen Shane Calizo says:

      Pwd k b po mlaman kng nahulugan ung sss k

    • elizer jr enriquez says:

      hello poh gusto ko sanah mg inquire kung mgkano nah contribution ko sah sss poh,,thanks

    • mani says:

      can you just give me may sss number i actually apply sss last 2005

    • jennebeth prudenciano says:

      Hi. I am trying to access my own account to get my static information and employment history but i am not able to. Can you help? Online Inquiry is not useful with these error. Please. Thanks.

    • ces says:

      gud day maám, do i have the monthly contribution remitted from my employer?

    • redred fuentes says:

      ask ko lang po kung mag kanu nlang ang loan balance ko

    • dan arbozo says:

      Hello po magandang po sa sss,gusto ko LNG po malaman ifcmagkanu npo ung na contilribute ko sa ssa since august2013 up to feb2016. Thank you po and more power

    • Jovani S. Batlong says:

      magkano na po kaya ang pwede kung maloan?

    • Domingo Salomo says:

      Mga magkano po kaya ang magiging pension ko sa May 14, 2018 pag nag retire po ako gusto ko po malaman at ang edad ko po nyan at 60 y/o na po ako nyan maraming salamat po

    • Lyn says:

      Mam/sir i would like to verify my contribution..arnel d.baclayo!ss#339050324


    • Angel says:

      pano ko po ba maprint out ung latest SSS contribution ko need ko lang po for Requirements. thanks

    • joan amante says:


    • may zamora says:




      call your previous employer for their SSS number. that’s the easiest way.


      Ask lng my asawa ako piro d kami kasal may anak n isa at malapit nman sya manganak sa pangalawa nmin anak. Paano magamet ang sss ko para sa pag panganak nia kng pwidi paano

    • Hamilton, David says:

      Hi! good tutorial, however i followed all the steps, but my loan balance is not showing though. Thanks!

    • Queenie says:

      bakit di po ako makapasok?icheck ko po lng sana kung may hulog ba ang sss ko sa employer ko

    • jennifer r lasala says:


    • Rangie Andaya says:

      how to do my first loan

    • ROSE ANN V TIMAN says:

      I want to know how much my contribution?

    • RUSO C GUAVES says:

      paano ko po makikita ang history ng previous company ko po ?

    • celenie rose durano says:

      Your request is impossible. Only SSS branches and you are authorized to see your contributions for the past few years. As a resolution, register an account in SSS website. The tutorial on how to check your contribution is written above and it’s very easy to follow.

    • Cliff says:

      good pm.. walang password akong nareceive from sss. registration link lang eh d ko din macomplete ung registration dahil d ko alam ang employer id ng dati kong employer. ayaw nilang ibigay. meron pa bang ibang paraan para makaregister ako sa sss online? thanks in advance!

    • Jessie Cruz says:

      helo mam..have agood day!magtatanong lng po sana kung paano po vah makakakuha ng employment history?na block kasi yung account ko..tnx

    • junefer says:

      Hi.! Hindi po ako makapagregister san po ba nakukuha yung ss employer id

    • Marco Almarinez says:

      ayan din po problem ko..

    • jude says:


    • alex alcoran says:

      Eve po,household employee po aqu 2 years q n po hinuhulugan ung sss ko!.aqu po mismo personal n nagbabayad sa sss dahil bz parati amo ko !pero nang pina ve

      verify q po sv ng empleyado ng sss wala pa daw aqung hulog kaya nagtaka po aqu pinakita ko po lahat bg resibo ko na nahulugan ko po un..sabi po nila kailangan daw ng confirmation galing sa employer ko para ma post ung mga binayad ko sa name ko!kazi employer id po nya gnagamit ko x paghulog..ano po ba kailangan ko gawin pra mailipat x name ko ung mga nahulog ko na.tnx po.

    • Michael Delmonte A. says:

      Paano ko po malalaman anp sss number ko? Pwede ba dito on line?

    • raymond saberon says:

      kailangan ko lng po malaman kong nakapasok naba yong contribution ko noong last 2012 po.

    • Ederlyn C. Alcantara says:

      After signing-in I click on Online Inquiry in order to check my contribution. But what comes out after clicking on Online Inquiry is for Employer to log-in. Why??? I tried several times but the outcome still the same.

    • Marinel O. Goyal says:

      Ask ko lng po ung total contributions ko po.ty po heres my email

      Eto po sss#no. 33-8645483-0

    • mark aquino s aquino says:

      wla paring pinadala na sss passwrd kya nd ko maka inquire online sa sss status contri at sa loan ko!.pki up date naman po pls!

    • Reynald Adlaon says:

      gudam po mam, ask qoe lang po kung ilang bwan npo ang contribution ko sa sss?0506818233

    • reyson dizon says:

      pwd q pb malamn kung pwd nq mag loan

    • myzel says:

      pwede ko bang mlaman kng magkanu na ang sss contribution ko.

    • paolo says:

      hi po, tnong ko lng po.. can i authorized someone to get a copy of my sss contri to any branch???

    • natzumi18 says:

      Mam sir gusto ko lngbpo malaman kong ilang taon na po nahulogan ang sss ko at kong pwede na po akong mka pag loan

    • alfredo says:

      Inqurie q lng poh ung hulog q
      Sss qung kumpleto poh

    • jane hermocilla says:

      Pwd ko poh ba malamn ung contribution ko poh..?

    • eugene says:

      pano ko po malalaman kung magkano na ang nahulog ko.

    • Ivy says:

      verify my contribution

    • geralyn a. omila says:

      I actually don’t know the SS number of my employer. 😐

    • John says:

      my sss number is 01-1406240-0

    • kenneth says:

      Just open this page and about to try. It’s amazing how SSS-the government reach out for each clientelle to the max. Darlene

    • mhae rocaberte says:

      To what email add can i send my confirmation as a pensioner?

    • enrico bautista says:

      I want to know if my loan contribution is posted because i apply branch of las pinas they always says that is not posted yet i want to reloan i pass my form last august until know there is no answer about my loan so tired to follow d only answer they say to me not yet postef

    • says:

      nakakatulong ang sss dahil sa mga benipisyong binibigay nito sa mga empleyado mapa gobyerno at local

    • Shine says:

      i fill the online registration after i sumbit, my number says that CRN/ss number has been already registered.please help me po!

    • Stephanie Halilii says:

      punta k po branch. dala ka valid id at birth certificate. dun k po magpa assists.

    • mico asis says:


    • Jomar Cantimbuhan says:

      gusto kung malaman kung magkano ang nacontribute ko mola ompisa 1988 hanggang 2011 atsaka yong balance ko sa loan?

    • tcad says:

      ask ko lang po kung magkano po pwede ko maloan kung sakaling magloan ako?thanks po.

    • Reina Carla Jobelle D. Flores says:

      Gusto ko po malaman ung contribution ko.panu po? Eto po ung sss # 3406776067

    • Marvin levosada says:

      i want to inquire my contribution

    • issa danguilan says:

      I tried it and I don’t think its still available.

    • jhaipee echon says:

      check my sss balance inquiry

    • jbird says:

      I want to know my sss number

    • Dada Fernandez says:

      Total cotribution

    • lervin bathan says:

      Ma’am tanung ko LNG po pwedy na po ba akng mg laon tnx po

    • Jomark Lelis Florendo says:


    • marian jinky gabilan aljibe says:

      ask lang po please why I cannot go through with my registration online? it says ‘CRN / SS Number has already been registered.’ what other option do I have since I am doing now the 2nd registration coz the 1st one is invalid (email add) 🙁

    • renato catague says:

      kylangan ng sss

    • joy castro says:

      ndi po aq mkpgregister dhil sa name q.. ‘has discrepancy in first name’ nklgay. pno po ga2win? 3 words kc name q, tOo long wla na space.

    • Concepcion Sales Dayupay says:

      I can’t view my what should I do.

    • analiza a. dehido says:

      It will not work.. you need to enter your correct SSS Employer’s number.

    • era√±o comodo crohincial ponce says:

      it just gave me a link but not a password

    • jeremy a. anciano says:

      To the SSS Please kindly send me my total contribution because my company need for my loan application.thanks

    • MJ Torres says:

      I would like to know how much is my total contribution and when it start?

    • suhaib abanti says:

      ask ko lng po anung requirements ng maternity or mat1

      at papanu gawin?

    • Romeo V Pagtama says:

      Eve po,household employee po aqu 2 years q n po hinuhulugan ung sss ko!.aqu po mismo personal n nagbabayad sa sss dahil bz parati amo ko !pero nang pina varify q po sv ng empleyado ng sss wala pa daw aqung hulog kaya nagtaka po aqu pinakita ko po lahat bg resibo ko na nahulugan ko po un..sabi po nila kailangan daw ng confirmation galing sa employer ko para ma post ung mga binayad ko sa name ko!kazi employer id po nya gnagamit ko x paghulog..ano po ba kailangan ko gawin pra mailipat x name ko ung mga nahulog ko na.tnx po.

    • zenda says:

      pls help i cannot register again because my sss number or crn is already registered as per sss info after i filled up the needed information. as i remember, i think i had already register before but unfortunately my email ad maybe was block i forgot my password in my email.thats why i created new email add for this registration of sss onlie.but i may not be able to register due to no user id. and when i filled up again it repeatedly said that my sss no. was already register.pls help on what to do.thank you

    • rene miguel serrano says:

      Kung may uta.g pa.po ako sa dati kung loan ,

      Makaloan pa po b ako

    • Master Jericho says:

      what if mali ang sss number ng employee na nahuhulugan ng company,,, paano po kaya maaayos yun?

    • Racquel Dela Cruz says:


    • danilo d says:

      check my contribution

    • Queenie says:

      tnong ko lang po kung pwede npo ako mag loun sa ss ko po


      good po gusto ko lang po icheck ang aking actual contribution

    • may tafalla says:

      pls. be advised my total contribution.. thank you!

    • kualhitz says:

      good day! i forgot my userid and password, how can i retrieve it?

    • CESAR O. BOLIMA says:

      wla po akong na received na password at user id sa aking email. pano po makuha? kailangan ko po ngayon. pls. reply po . asap.thanks po!.

    • grecialyn says:

      ofw poh apply ko z contribution ko..guzto ko poh zana magbago ng salary braket ,,paano poh gagawin ko

    • Rosana Bangate says:

      Pls po pacheck nman mgkano na sss contribution q,mnths plang po aq ngbabayad thanx pls reply

    • Angelica Jabido says:

      hello! tanong ko lang po kung hindi umabot ng six mos. sa work. Hindi po b pwde un?

    • angelika says:

      Hi, I would like to ask a loan verification and a certification that I don’t have any contribution or any doc. that i can submit to my employer. I can’ start my job with out this doc. Please I need it now.

      Thank you

    • jheverlyn cena says:

      can i ask how many or how much my total contribution?

    • monx says:

      i registered just now, then sss send an email for SSS website email validation to continue for the registration, i clicked the link and this form is asking me for a RS5 receipt form. Do I have to go the SSS office to obtain that receipt? Thank you.

    • homer henson says:

      How can i check my contribution heres my. sss number 01-1819101-8

    • arlenec says:

      how long the validation of my account para magamit ko n ako makapglog in n po ko twice n po ko nagsubmit ng application? tnx

    • G says:

      Pa send naman po ng sss contribution at saka ung sa sss loan ..sss no. Q poh ay 0419978697!

    • joan gabo says:

      Hello po. Why can’t I open my account contribution in your SSS website by now? I am an online member since 2011 and been checking my contributions and loan balances online by then. But for now it seems that when I get into the site enter my user ID and password when getting into my profile I don’t see anything. It’s more of ADS (advertisement). How come you changed your site? It’s very inconvenient now, esp. for those members on an office base like me. I hope to hear any further replies from you. Thank you


    • mary jansen says:

      Pwede nyo po akong tulungan ng aking SSS, matagal na pong nahinto akong mag contribute dahil nawalaan ako ng trabaho, ngayon, gusto ko pong ipagpatuloy ngunit di ko na po makita ang SSS number ko.Sana matulungan nyo po ako at paki reply mo na lang po doon sa email address ko.Salamat

    • RG says:

      Sir/Mam, isa po akong OFW nais ko po ituloy ang contribution ko,natigil po ito ng mahabang panahon dyan sa pilipinas at nag karoon ako loan na hindi ko na nabayaran,at natigil narin ang pag hulog ko pwedi ko po ba malamn kung magkano na babayaran ko?

    • Elvin says:

      paano po pag ang nalabas ay invalid ss number pero po tama ang ss no. na inilagay.

    • gabrielle anne macaalay says:

      you have to have that rs5 number. para po yata yun sa mga self employed eh. proof na nagbabayad ka pa din at updated sa pagbbyad .

    • jaylord says:

      pa send naman po ako ng sss contribution ko po thank you god blesss

    • John Jermaine T. Arcillas says:

      panu ko poh malalaman kung magkno n lng poh balance ko!.

    • Manuelito galera rapsing says:

      still having a hard time with the registration process online!!! thought it’ll be easier but I was wrong !!! so much time has been wasted!tsk tsk

    • Vengie Pogoso says:

      gusto ko lng malaman kung na hulugan naba ang sss ko

    • jonathan yapoc says:

      How can i verify my


    • dandy S. estipona says:

      bakit di ako makapag access sa sss online inquiry , hndi rin ako mkpg register, ang sinasabi lang registered na daw ang CRN ko ,, ano pwde ko gawin

    • Mailyn Rom says:

      pano po mag check ng contributions?

    • jonathan alejandro says:


      gusto ko lang po malaman

      kung naka ilan months na po

      yung na ilog ko sa


    • Lucy says:

      ask ko lang po kung kailan ko makukuha ang ID ko sa sss, kumuha po ako sa branch niyo sa catbalogan samar dated february 10,2015.ang mailing address ko po ay sa Brgy. Cawayan, Catarman N. Samar!sabi nila na 2 to 3 mos. lang makukuha ko na..sad to say hanggang ngayon wala pa po..thank you..sana po malaman ko asap!

    • jude h. patani says:

      check my sss contribution

    • Nale says:

      hi good afternoon!!..may condonation po ba?!!..kung sakaling makapaghulog ako ng kalahati sa na loan q!.pwd na po ba aq magkaloan!.

    • Yasser says:

      hi po pwede ko po bang malaman at makita ang contribution ko sa sss. tnx po pls reply to my email.

    • Arleen Santos says:

      Inquiry sss salary

    • bhenjoerge says:

      p[ano po pag di makapagregister tapos invalid ss number yung lumabas? tama naman po ung nilagay kong number..

    • VERANILO B.DE VERA says:

      Same. I received an email with a link but without a password or etc. Did the procedure change? I tried clicking the link and fill up some other info. However, at the end, it requires us to enter the sss employer number.

    • conrad caballas ocampo says:

      pwedi po bang malalaman ko ang aking mga na sss contrbution mula noon hangang ngayun kasalukuyan. DIOSDADO E. DE VERA, SSSNO. 0910210171

    • Kaler says:

      paano po bang malaman kung elan ang contribution ko salamat!

    • Joan Esteban says:

      Ive been following the instructions patiently but ive got stocked in my email,,,,,

    • Eden Cervantes-Flores y Ariate says:

      pwede ko po bang malaman yung ilang mos. na contribution ko

    • jessica togonon inso says:

      i cant find access of my sss contribution summary

    • JOVENCIO U. GORRES, JR. says:

      To know the total amount of my contributions.

    • Ricci says:

      baket po ganun hindi po ako makapag log in sa my sss log in member

    • John says:

      ca i ask my if how much?

    • jovy says:

      Ma’am kelangan mo pong gamitin ang ‘Forgot Password’ ng website. andun din po un sa may log in page.

    • Sidney Fred Lamio says:

      panu po malalaman kong ilang taon na ung hulog sa sss please lang

    • michael melo says:

      hello po gud afternoon can i ask how much is my total contribution?

      Thiemelyn O. Obdamin sss # 1007764115

    • Raymund Y says:

      Please check my total contribution.thanks

    • rhea joy guillemer says:

      ma’am nakalimotan ko po yung user id at password ko eh mag-aplay sana ako ng online loan application..thank you..

    • Rodeza L. Bernardo says:

      pwede ko po bang malaman kung magkano na po ang contributions ko po sa sss?


      guys, this is a tutorial on how to check your SSS contributions, so you could check it by yourself. 🙂

      Ms./Mr. Author, it still needs the Employer SSS ID.. 🙁

    • Vanessa Besmonte says:

      check my contribute


      Good day. Just want to ask for my total sss contribution. Can you please send to my email address i cannot register because i need to put the receipt no. Of my last sss contribution from my last company.

      Thank you.

    • Richee says:

      gusto kopo makita mga hulog ko po sa sss

    • divino r. tabisaura says:

      Hi Reyva Mae,

      Hindi po ito SSS. Hindi ka po pwede mag followup ng status mo dito, ang maganda mong gawin eh sa branch ka po magpunta.

      Blog po ito. Ang maipapayo ko lang po eh pumunta ka ng sss branch talaga, sa ganon, mas makakapag reklamo ka at masasabi mo ang mga hinaing mo.

    • albert S. alejo says:

      gs2 q lng po! mlaman if ilan na po! ang contributions q! tanx

    • Joan chriseldaleine s. de leon says:

      Checking my sss contribution?

    • aprily c de leon says:

      helo po, pkverify po ung total contributions ni clariza llego engay. pwed po bng ituloy nya monthly cntrbutions nya?

    • Eva marie espada says:

      pwede po ba ako mag tanong kung na completo na po ba yng binabayaran kung SSS Loan.

    • rod says:

      Check kolang po sana kng nahuhulugan po ng company ko ang sss ko. Maari po bah ko mka hinge ng kopya ng contribution ko.? salamat poh

    • How to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your USB or Local Drive | NBI Clearance says:

      gusto ku lang malaman kung ilang taon kung nahulogan contrbution sss ko kasi gusto kung ipagpatuloy ang pag hulog ko

    • salvacion D.Nace says: is my SSS #3388814355

    • amie ajesta says:

      I want to check my sss contributions

    • jhenlitz says:

      How to check my contribution

    • SHELOU C. GAYLAWAN says:

      Check my monthly contribution pls.

    • Adekunle.adeoye says:

      Im already registered online but when I log in it says INVALID USERNAME..

    • ernesto castillo Bactad jr says:

      sss contribution

    • Judy ann D.Bondoc says:


    • julius enriquez tolentino says:


    • Arleen Lastimoso Babor says:

      good day pooh,pwd pooh malaman or makuha ng kopya lhat ng nacontribution ko sa sss from very beginning up to now?pati na rin sa sss loan.please pakisend pooh sa email ad ko pls..

    • carmelita de guzman says:

      Because on the application form requiring employer ID number.

    • jun says:

      checking contribution

    • Sadie Belisario says:

      i want to know my sss how much contribution now 2012

    • Precy says:

      hi maam sir i would like to ask how much my balance on my sss salary loan yhis is my sss #3415918836.i already have an account but it was locked when i try used it again because ive change my passsword.please hep me to know my balance thank you so much

    • Michelle Anne says:


    • Bryan Abana says:

      i just want to see my SSS contribution

    • jean rose cajipo says:

      Pano q ma open ang account q by online..???

    • jayrald golez says:

      Yes, of course you can do that! just register an account with SSS website then you can easily see your monthly contirbutions.

    • ninja says:

      Hi Mike, I’m sorry but you can’t just request this information here. You have to register an account in SSS Website to use their SSS Online Inquiry to verify your SSS Contribution.

    • charlien says:

      We’re ready now to fill up the online form: Fill the necessary details and be careful, enter the correct personal information. The form includes: Your SS Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, your valid Email Address and the random word written inside the box (Captcha).

    • christopher salazar cabias says:

      pwede ko.po.bang malaman if nahuhulogan po ang sss ko simula agosto.ito po sss nomber ko.34-0976174-3

    • roselyn nilmar says:

      i want to know my sss total contribution?

    • Tran Pham says:

      register a personal SSS Online Inquiry account in then use their SSS Online Inquiry website feature to verify all your contributions from the year you’ve started working.

    • Our Journey to Another Land: Post-ITA Document Checklist | New Tatay Adventures says:


    • mark nerviol says:

      Good day po! Magkano na po ang contribution ko po? Pwede na po ba ako magloan?

    • Vicenta Reuma says:

      Pwidi ko po bang malaman kong may utang pa po aq sa sss.?

    • RG says:

      Maam/sir, tanong ko lang po kung pwd b aq ung pansamantalang magholog ng sss contribution ng kaibigan ko. nasa probinsya po kc xa.. sa leyte po.. at medyo matagal n rin po nya d nahohologan yon.. nsa 2 yrs mahigit na siguro..

    • Alma Vera Florentin says:

      hirap po maka online sa website to know my total contributions.pwede po makihingi ng copy at paki email na lng po email add ko.salamat.

    • Alejandro says:

      your excel format for r3 form is protected, i need to adjust the spacing
      can you give me the password to unprotect the file

    • ABC says:

      happy noon po ask ko lang po kng pide naba ako maka avail ng loan ko?tank you po

    • Dodong says:

      register na po ako sa online inquiry pero matagal ko na hindi naopen ‘yon. Ngayon gusto ko makita yong contributions ko pero everytime mag log in ako sabi user ID is not valid. Nag register ako ulit sabi my sss# is registered already. Siguro password ko expire na. Pls help.thank you

    • BONIN L. FRANCISCO says:

      gusto ko pung malaman kung hinuhulugan ba ng employer ko yung sss. ty

    • liezel s.cred says:

      pwde ko bana mlaman kung ilan na ang monthly contribution ko?at pwde ko rin ba mlaman kung anong mga compny from previous to present employer?

    • RosAlie Guerrero says:

      magkano napo kaya ang na hulog nila sa sss ko

    • jasper bongar says:

      currently, under improvements ang website ng sss kaya d po sya magamit.

    • Charles R. Mingo says:

      Hi good day!! bakit di ko po ma access yung website nyo???

    • simplyred says:

      Gud day po gusto ko sana po malaman kung ilan n po total contribution ko as of 2016 salamat po

    • jared says:

      good morning po ask lang po till what month n po ang contribution ko sa SSS. and if possible can i file a maternity benefit?

    • Paquito Mandala says:

      sir san ko po makikita ung employer id ?
      tsaka papano?


    • dan ray sunido says:

      hi I filled my sss loan application form last Aug. 2015, still no reply from your office if what happen to my salary loan..kindly send to me my complete sss contribution to my email add, thank you very much.

    • kharla says:

      Gusto kung MaLaman kung magkanu na ang naihulog ko sa sss

    • elaine llave says:

      Good Day!! Sir/Madam, I would like to verify my total contribution ( as a months/as a year) and also my loan remaining balance. thank you!

    • joemel bania bechayda says:

      i need to know when my last contribution paid

    • Liza belonio alfeche says:

      loand bal.

    • Lito Mark Ryan Moreno says:

      kylangan ko lng mlaman kung ung sss ko ay hinuhulugan ng aking npasukan agency!.

    • alpha fernando says:

      how can i print my loan verification?

    • gigil nyo si ako says:

      I would like to verify my SSS monthly contribution and actual total savings deposite from 2004 until now 2014

    • Gemel rey sulit says:

      check ko po contribution ko if magkanu na po?

    • Cha says:

      pwede ko po malaman kung pwede na po mag loan yung senior citizen

      12 months pa lang na iulog nya sa SSS.

    • ezekiel abeliame says:

      kabanas naman sa SSS Capitolyo..di makalogin online kaya dun na lang pumunta..pagdating dun hihingi ng print ng contribution wala silang printer..ano ba naman yan!

    • alben says:

      i forgot my sss number? how can i get it? i have a copy but it lacks one number.. i need it asap.. pls..

    • Marlene G. Bantol says:

      Hindi po yun hinihingi ng basta basta kung kani kanino lang. Personal at confidential yung impormasyon tungkol sa SSS Contribution mo.

      Pwede kang makakuha ng kopya nun KUNG magreregister ka ng account sa website ng SSS. Mas madali un kesa sa magpunta ka sa branch nila. Nakasulat sa blog na ito kung paano. basahin nyo nalang po.

    • Melodia Bogol Detchos says:

      How we do i check my contributions?

    • april ann salvacion says:


    • mher says:

      sss contribution pls enquire kung merong hulog

    • 7 says:

      I’m already registered to sss but i cannot log in as a there any problem to your system?

    • sharona says:

      I would like to request my total actual contribution froma all my previous employer

    • Sher says:

      hi , ask ko langn po after 1st step ng registration hinihingan ako ng 13 digits employer id. i asked sa HR and 10 digits lang ang binibigay sakin! wrong sss # daw! any help?

    • TheMermaid says:

      Hi. Ask ko lang, kelan kaya ma-popost online or ma-acknowledge ang March 2012 contributions natin? I’m waiting kasi para sa 36th contribution ko, so I can apply for a salary loan na. Sabi kasi, as of Feb 2012, 35 pa lang contributions ko. Help please!

    • ABDUL QAHAR says:

      i would to know my contributions.. tnx

    • ritzdell cabachete says:

      inquire contribution balance

    • rodney bicas says:

      Gud day po tanung me lng po kung magkano pa ang balance ko sa sss loan salary ko.

    • Adone Reyes Pelaez says:

      Tanong k p Kung ung contribution ko ay voluntary Ba o SELF EMPLOYED KC PO NAKALIMUTAN KO N PO

    • Esmeralda B. Barnachea says:

      hindi po ako makapasok sa registration ng contribution para ma-view ko.thanks

    • nitnit weng calzo cababag says:

      sss contribution please

    • Fe Bacayo says:

      ilang beses na po akong nagttry magregister bakit po ayaw nya,kailangan ko po sa work ung list of contribution ko ung kasama po ung anong month at anong employer ko.tnx


      Good day.

      I wanted to know if we can see who are listed as beneficiaries in the SSS online account?

      Your response will be very helpful. Thanks

    • Ella Orfanel says:

      Please send me my total monthly contributions.


      Hi Ceria,

      I’m sorry pero hindi po yan hinihingi dito. Maregister ka ng account sa para magamit mo ang SSS Online Inquiry feature. Pag naka register ka na, makikita mo dun ang lahat ng naihulog ng employer mo sa SSS Contribution. Dun mo na din machecheck kung tama ba o kulang ang SSS Contribution mo sa pamamagitan ng SSS Online Inquiry.

      Pwede ka din makakuha ng soft copy dun sa SSS Online Inquiry feature. Kung di mo alam kung paano magkaron ng account sa SSS, basahin mo ung mga nakasulat sa itaas. Guide po yan kung paano magregister ng account sa SSS.

      Hihingin lang ng SSS Website ang mga personal na information mo gaya ng Complete Name, Address, SSS Number at ang pinaka importante ay ang Employer SSS Number. Kung wala ka nun, hindi ka makakapag register. Ang huling solusyon mo nalang ay magpunta sa branch mismo kasi hindi ka talaga makakaregister ng account pag wala ka nun. Dun ka na manghingi (KUNG) wala kang EMPLOYER SSS Number.

      Eto ang link kung paano ka makakakuha ng SSS ID. Pakibasa nalang po.

    • says:

      Hi po. parang hindi po pwede dito ung gusto nyong mangyari. Blog po ito at hindi SSS Branch. Kung gusto nyo po, magregister ka ng account mo sa SSS Online. Or pumunta sa branch. Wala pa po akong narinig na may nakakuha ng sss contribution nila sa comment.

      kahit po ang sss, hindi ineentertain ang email eh.

    • Mutya David says:

      Sss contribution

    • Corazon Mercy Caliva Tomas says:

      check q lang po kung magkano ung total contribution ko nahinto po kc paghuhulog ko, magkano lang po kaya nahulog ko, at gusto ko po sana uli ituloy.

    • arnulfo pascua valdoz says:

      minsan, nachachambahan ko ma open gamit ang internet explorer. try mo sir baka sakali.

    • Rommel Piano says:

      call this number SSS Hotline at telephone nos. 920-6446 up to 55. Mondays to Fridays.

    • How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online - NBI Clearance | NBI Clearance says:

      my acct was lock how to recover it

    • Eugine Lyn Rilebo Randa says:

      ngtry po akong mg log in sa website ng sss tingnan ko sana ang contributions ko ginawa ko na ang steps wala pong may dumating sa email ko ang nkalagay po registered na ako. ang hinihingi user id pano ko po maopen kung wala akong user id na minsan hindi nman ako ng online sa sss. ngaun lng.. please help me..

    • april ubas says:

      pls. check my sss loan and contribution!di ko ma check online, may problema ata site nyo.

    • maria cristina obejas says:

      pwde po b mlman yun sss.contribution ko po mula 2014 ‘ 2015 yun summary po papaprint ko lng po! ASP thanks

    • ZYNE1NE says:

      how can i find my contribution in sss..via internet?

    • clueless says:

      i want to know my contribution.

    • junel dela cruz says:

      panu po malalaman qng ilng taon n ung hulog sa sss

    • Arcile M. Bernabe says:

      i want to update my cotribution,


      employee static info


      kailangan ko ng actual contribution ko,,kasi nakalimutan ko ang user ID ko at email address!

    • Josephine ayaton says:

      i can’t log-in as a employee bakit ganito may problema ba ang system kailan pa nag start ito!lagi direct sa employers log-in!paki ayos namn po!kailan lng po ung emplyoment history

    • MARISSA says:

      We need the print out of our actual premium contributions but unfortunately your website is not working. How can we make access on your site?

    • YEL REYES says:

      Gusto kulang po itanong kong pwedi na po ako makapag loan?

    • jimuel espanola says:

      may i know my total contributions? plssss!!!!


      Sir, Gusto ko lang malaman kung pumasok na ung contribution for the Month of May 2015 to Dec, 2015 Dto kc ako naghuhulog sa KSA.


    • Cristine Joy J. dela Cruz says:

      Check sss contribution

    • Camilo Jose Ardiente Valenzona says:

      sss contribution

    • Arman Diocampo says:

      I want to check my sss contribution from may to october po.. please i need your assistance. Thank you!

    • Lorenzo Tameta Santos says:


    • Krizzle says:

      My SSS contribution remittance

    • shiela bermudez says:

      Gud day po ask ko lng po kung mgkano po ang madidiscount pg ngbyad po ako sa loan 54000 po ung utang ko and if ever open po b kyo ng sunday.ty po eto po sss no. No 33-5207021-9.ty po

    • Jude Ariel says:

      hindi pa ko nag ii-start magtrabaho, kailangan lang sa opisina ng print out ng loan status ko!
      sa registration ng sss ay wala yung box ng unemployed paano ko makakapag-log in sa on line registration


    • gener abelidas arcino says:

      i want to know my sss contribution

    • joel santos cruz says:

      Hi, I just want to ask, how to reset my sss online account. Diko na kasi maaccess yung yahoo mail ko. I have my new email address na . pero pag naglologin ako sa mysss ang palaging sabi ai registered na ung sss # ko under dun sa dati kong email add. What shall I do? Thanks.

    • juliet bagawe says:

      Hi Jay, you have to follow the steps before you can obtain your own password.

    • Maureen says:

      how can i check my sss contribution online.tanx

    • Jeniccaannesanchez says:

      Sir need pa mgfillup ulit ng formtpos kailangan ng. Employers sss id! Panu to di ko alam ung sss id nung pngtrabahuhan ko dati

    • jelbett says:

      check my actual contributions

    • levon abito says:

      Please help me have my actual contributions sent to my email please di dumadating ang email as confirmation kaya i cant log in as a member… Employer log in always appear when you click the log in… please help..

    • richard rosalina says:

      i dont know the sss employer id of my father, he’s working in HSBC, can you help me?

    • davao security agency says:

      to check my remaining balance and to verify my total contribution and also I need to continue my contribution


      mejo matagal po irelease ang ID. totoo lang, ung SSS ID ko din wala pa, December 2011 pa ako nagapply di pa din pinapadala.

    • Jennifer Sabianan says:

      ano po ang gagawin pag nakalagay sa last name pagnagreregister palang ako eh has discrepancy in last name

    • Ginalyn says:

      Pki update
      Ung status ko need na xa office tagal ko
      Ng na file un eh nong jan pa pls urgent talaga

    • yolanda l. carlos says:

      hi good day! your blog is very informative. Way back 2010 I register online to sss and now I forgot my password. I try to do forget password and put my email address. But my problem is I cannot open the email address I used before because its too old; and in yahoo when you don’t open your account it will expired and am having hard time to retrieved my email account. What I must going to do??.thank you

    • noynoy says:

      ako po c nestor regidor jr gosto kulang po malaman kung magkano n po ang utang ko sa sss kc nag loan po ako tas d ko pa nabayaran

    • criselda baumbad says:

      bakit po di ko makita ang employment history ko, saan ba dapat pumunta or i-click?

    • LOIE says:

      I filled up My SSS Registration Form last Friday, 30 Jan. 2015. Am still waiting for my password. When are they going to give me such?.

    • jhong says:

      please send to my email the total month of my sss contribution

    • rasta says:

      pano ko po ma check kung magkano na po na contribute ko sa sss.

    • ramon abuel raymundo says:

      i just want to ask if what User ID and password is talking about in the steps given??? and i didn’t receive any password to be use for me to log in! so i can’t check my sss account!

    • aljohn lorente, Maniclang says:

      pwede ko ba ho malaman ang full contribution ko as memeber.local employment and abroad.

    • donna says:

      need my contribution

    • Roy t. Estomo says:

      i try to access the new website but i cant find where to view my contribution its not like the old one that i only need to click the member info and actual premiums but now,its way too different,can you help me with this pls? thank you so much

    • alysllea says:

      PLEASE REPLY’> pinapa check ng father ko kung magkano na ung total contribution niya sa sss. gusto ko sana siyang igawa ng my.sss para makita ko ung total contribution niya kaso sa registration page hinihingi ung ss number ng employer nya. Hindi na namin alam ung ss number ng mga naging employers nya. Having stated such, Is there any way pa ba para malaman namin ung total contribution?

    • net says:

      ask ko lang po bakit di ako mka connect sa inquiry contribution gusto ko po sana makita lahat kung nahuhulugan..thanks po.
      SSS#: 0721212928

    • dianabantaya says:

      pls pa help po akona magkaroon ng id user, i follow ur instruction how to register but when they reply on my email it was blank i cannot continue for the nxt phase 2. waiting your responds thank you so much.GOD BLESS

    • sabellano otucan palomo jr, says:

      how many months po ang processing ng maternity reimbursement pg cs delivery,dec.13, 2012 po xa pinarecieved until nw wla p rin un sss maternity reimbursement q.

    • Aurora says:

      check total contributions

    • tessie says:

      Nakuu!nakuu!di ko alam kung matutuwa o maiinis sa mga taong nagtatanong ng kung ano ano tungkol sa kanilang SSS!blog po ito
      at hindi SSS website!tutorial lang po ito kung paano mapapadali pag access niyo ng inyong membership!kung hindi niyo makumpleto detalyeng hinihingi ng registration form ng SSS website talagang hindi masasagot mga tanong niyo!di na po problema ni kung di niyo makumpleto required field anik anik!anyway, thank you po sa tutorial!:)

    • mark kenneth manga says:

      Hello,ask ko lng po di na po ako maka open online to see my details of my sss loan since tagal ko na po kasi d nabubuksan pano ko po b ma retrieve un since gusto ko na po ma settle ung unpaid loan since d po kasi nahuhulogan ung loan ko lumipat kasi ako ng work ko 3 years ago nun lumipat ako sa new work ko d na po nkaltasan kya lumaki ng lumaki till now wla pa po byad gusto ko sna ma settle eto but hindi ko po mabuksan ung sa online ko.

      Sana matulongan nio po ako sa bagay naeto.


    • jona rabino says:

      kindly check my ssscontribution, thanks.

    • Aquilino Macabidang says:

      Then they create the Dietary Pointers for Individuals

      to make suggestions for the well being of people all through the country.

    • lemuel says:

      elang bowan na po ang hlog q sa sss ko pwdi na ba aq mka loan

    • Make Money By Posting Photos On Instagram says:


      Thank you for sharing this tutorial. Nakapagregister na ako s My.SSS last December 2011 pero until now wala parin ako narereceived na email from SSS regarding my Username and Password. Normally ba gaano katagal from the date na nagregister bago ako makareceived ng email regarding username and password. Meron ba hotline ang sss to follow up it up. I will appreciate any response. Thank you.

    • jeffree jay tan says:

      pls tell me how much my contribution.

    • April joy marayag says:

      For setting of new password for online reporting

    • mary rose garcia says:

      Can i get th employment history of Mrs. Gloria T. Corcino

    • marlon P alita says:

      I need to know my total contribution

    • Cyress Flor C. Juban says:


    • coy says:

      contribution sss?

    • gemma ansano says:

      Helo po pwd na din ba aq mka pag salary emergency po kc loan?

    • Anthony Gloria says:

      i would to know if my full name is matches in my SSS number 33-8595210-0 and here is my SSS number I’m waiting your reply,Thank You!..

    • renan floren agcan says:



      i want to know my account?

    • NO NAME says:

      hello!i just want to know how i can continue my sss contributions through online!

    • Ronaldo Maniago Romero says:

      gusto ko lang po makakuha ng copy ng nag start na nahulugan ung sss ko at ung last na nahulugan ko po.paano po ba makikita un?

    • Jasper M. Fetalvero says:

      ask ko lang po maam/sir kung magkano na po ang contribution ko? salamat po.

    • quillerqueen says:

      I need to know my actual SSS contribution

    • Rica says:

      the link that the sss sent to me in my email is not like this. when i click the link, i proceed to the member registration. they didn’t send me a a default password. i don’t know the employers id so i can’t finish my registration. can you help me?

    • OLIVER P. HARA says:

      pwedi n poh ba ako mag loan?pwedi po malaman kung lang months n contributions ko?

    • zaldy R. Mando says:

      paki send nman po kung may hulog nung last year asap po

    • Cherry lyn says:

      paano po ba gagawin kapag indi na ma open ang account dahil nakalimutan na ang i.d name, email address at password na pina registered last 4years ago na po..gusto ko po sana ma cheack ang contributions at loan s ko po

    • Maikee L. Crisostomo says:

      ER # 03 9114731 3 ANU PO UNG SALAREY LOAN KO ???

    • Budots says:

      pwede po ba mlman ang status sss nmber

    • Vimer Balmaceda says:

      try mo pong magregister ulit ng bago. ganon din po ang status ko, naghihintay ng password. ewan ko ba kung baket ganon. sa email mo (Yahoo or Gmail) try mo ding icheck ang SPAM FOLDER, baka nandun un. Minsan dun napasok un eh.

    • jessa marie b.bon says:

      May I know my total actual contribution?

    • bettie moreno says:


      pwede mag tanong kano na lahat hulog nang sss ko at

      pwede na ba mag loan thanks you po

      wait for your responses?

    • Alan Botacion Apura says:

      have registered several times already but still did not received any mail from sss for my password log in.

    • Katherine Jimenez says:

      i just want to know how much the total of my contribution

    • Leonora Aberin Gayatineap says:

      I can’t complete my registration because i don’t know my employer’s id #. What should i do?

    • Marvic Qui√±ones says:

      I want to know my sss total contribution,,,,and actual premium

      ngpunta aqoh ng sss,, tinanong qoh kung bkit ganun ung nangyayari,,,, hay hindi rin dw nila alam,,,, pano yan kung kailangan nah kailangan nah,,,, d vah,,,,

    • Plaridel says:

      gud p.m po! pwede po bang mag request contribution ko on my email. thanks po! Mr: GEORGE CARTAS FLORENTINO JR.

    • jane lindo says:

      pls help me how to view my actual contributions on it’s updated website..di na kasi ma view..unlike nung dati ang dali lng e view..since they updated their website i can’t view my contributions anymore..thanks!

    • bm young says:

      Good day to your good office,,will you pls,,give me the latest details of my contribution..,,tnx!

    • Roland Diaz says:

      please ‘please’ send me a copy of my total sss contribution \ static\ through my email address. Thank you,,,,,

    • faith says:

      I have already retired last Dec, 2015 and already receiving my pension. I am a member since March 1979 until I retire last Dec. 2015 with a total of 440 months contribution. May I know how my monthly pension is computed because i doubt my monthly pension is no correct. thank you very much

    • avon says:

      gusto ko lng po malaman kung nakailng months na po yung hulog ko sa ssss

    • reynante t. jison says:

      San q po makikita ang list ng mga employer na naghulog s SSS q at ung total contribution ko. At ska qng magkano p ang utang q s loan q. tnx.

    • Jovilyn Patentes says:


    • kristel says:

      Kindly send me the total of my monthly contribution. I had been registered already but my user name and password wasn’t remember anymore! it shown the SSS number was already registered and I cant access also on my yahoo account where I use during my registration in SSS. So I made my new acct. shown above. Thank you so much!

    • Ricardo Perillo says:

      mabini homesite villa luz subd. cabanatuan city

    • Mary Jane I. Dulnuan says:

      hi good afternnon!may condonation na po ba?! kung sakaling makapghulog aq ng kalahati sa na loan q pwd na po ba aq magloan!.

    • Jennie Lou Riano says:

      If Employed/HouseHold
      Please provide any 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number where you worked for at least six months!what does it mean i already input my sss but it was invalid

    • UrgentQuestion says:

      magkano na po ang total contributions ko sa sss?

    • jade cernal says:

      I want to know about my contribution.thank you

    • joy dacalcap says:

      I want to know my sss total contribution from 2013 to 2015

    • tessie tepoc butohan says:

      can i ask how many or how much my total contribution?

    • Jackie Catubay says:

      gusto ko sna malaman yung cobtribution ko sa sss?

    • emilano labini says:

      What happened with the Online inquiry the settings has been changed and yet I can’t access it? Who ever made this idiot idea is a total stupid and your program was useless, I did everything but still the web can’t take me to the main portion which is my total contribution, you are fooling the people! The previous setting was Ok I can easily access my SSS contribution every time I inquire it online, this past few months is was totally changed and I can’t make any inquiry though it says ‘SSS Online Inquiry’ Blah! Blah! Blah!!!

      What happened to your website SSS in the Philippines? I’m here in abroad and online is the only way I can get in touch with my contribution could you please fix this problem? I CANT ACCESS WITH MY SSS EVERY TIME I’D LIKE TO INQUIRE MY TOTAL CONTRIBUTION. Please do something!!!

    • Plaridel says:

      pano po ba makakuha ng sss contirbutions

    • Jeralmas S. Herry says:

      panu po kumuha ng receipt no?need po kasi sa registration..thanks

    • Nelbert sister japay says:

      gusto q po mlaman kung kelan matpos loan q?


      no mail coming from SSS from my email account regarding userid and password after i fill up the reg form so i cannot log in

    • Rolando Graciani says:

      Hi there,

      I think the best way to answer your question is you have to read the blog on about SSS online Inquiry.

      I think the best way to answer your question is you have to read the blog on about SSS online Inquiry.

      The important details are written above on how to know your SSS Contribution.

      No one can provide you what you’re asking for because you need to register personally in for your My.SSS account. Once you’ve register, you can easily check your SSS Contribution.

    • Karla Santiago says:

      pde q po bng makita ang contribution list ng sss q

    • Mary Jane Ronquillo says:

      i need to check my atual contribution

    • maryjoy ramirez says:

      why i cant open my sss after i update my password help me to update my new ym too i cant open my old ym thats y hard to detect my sss . thank plss responce

    • April Sioco says:

      Gandang araw po sa inyo pwed ko po ba malaman kung magkano na ang naihulog ko at kung pwed pa rin itulog ang hulog natigil kase ang pag huhulog komay 2yrs na po ako di nakakapaghulog!sana po mabigyan nyo nang oras itong katanungan ko sa inyo!salamat po ng marami! sa fb ko hihintayin ang inyong sagot paki message na lang!

    • Lenny C. Jacobo says:

      how can i get my total contribution

    • GGES8348 says:

      pwd ko po ba mlmn kong mgkno na po ung hulog ko s sss

    • Agent 007 says:


    • JOEPEY BIO says:


    • russel says:

      ask ko po bakit di parin mabuksan ang sss account ko ,until now ba di parin tapos ang problema ninyo sa internet?

    • Paul Anthony Empenado says:

      papano po b malalaman mga naihulog ko

    • butch says:

      how can i get my sss print out if i don’t have a receipt and sss number from my previous employer. i need sss print out asap because that is the requirements of my company..

    • maria victoria solon says:

      i have been logging for the last 3 week. I want to check the total contribution so that I will be able to submit in order for me to claim my sss sickness notification.

    • vironica m.florentino says:


    • err says:

      kailangan po talaga ang SSS number ng current employer mo. Kung wala kang trabaho ngayon, pwedeng ung preivous employer. Un na talaga ang requirement ng SSS website.

    • Theresa gipit says:

      bakit hindi nakalagay yung contribution ko sa 2016?

      walang column for 2016..

      hanggang 2015 lang. ganun ba talaga? thnx

    • rizzie says:

      uu nga pa.ulit2x lng.. may bug ang website ng SSS.
      Please fix it. thanks.

    • michaella says:

      pa verfiy po kung my hulog po yung sss ko po e2 po yung no . 34-2223102-7

    • Joseph J. Dinglasan says:

      Hi. Good Day!
      Tanong lang po kung updated ba yung Online SSS sa contributions.
      Kasi po until now, wala pa po kaming contributions for the month of Oct to December 2016.

      Please reply ! thank you. God Bless

    • ricky Corpuz nacional says:

      Paki check naman po kung nahulugan ng agency ko yong SSS ko thanks!.

    • Clyde says:

      Dear Ma’am/Sir,

      I can’t Log in so I am requesting to please send updated Total Actual Contribution I am paying my SSS contribution here in abroad abu dhabi (OFW member) here is my SSS # 03-68669565
      DOB- May 25, 1959. I high appreciated your response and immediate action.

      Best Regards,

    • MARINA says:


    • genaro margarito galang says:

      Maipapahabol ko p kaya sa employer q n puro pangako ang contribution ko?di nila nahuhulog kpagod n mag follow up since 2012 to present employed ako sa knila at totaly deducted nman. Last verify ko 8 months hulog nila since May 2012..shooters security agency po employer ko.salamat

    • edgardo argente says:

      i want to inquire my total contribution this my sss no.3370080582

    • Normalyn Angel says:

      verify kuh lng po sana kung mgkano n po ung contribution kuh!.

    • Cris B. Abaluyan says:

      i want to know how much my sss contribution..

    • Elisa C. Fercol says:

      How can i get my SSS no. back?

    • janesa says:

      i want my contributions printed out but i cant sign up just because of invalid crn/ss number..why maam/sir..

    • wtf says:

      pwd ko pong malaman kung hinohogan yong sss ko ng company ko maraming salamat po..

    • aynaku says:

      I am a new member of SSS . I just want to know if my employer are paying for my contribution.Can you please check it? This is my mobile # 09104616844. thanks Guys!

    • richard marcaida says:


    • vanessa amor says:

      Maam/sir. tanong ko lang po kung ilan na po ang naihulog ko?

    • Alberto C. Bocobo II says:

      inquire about my contribution

    • Hya_chyn says:

      my sss contributions


      hindi ko mabuksan ung user i.d ko kakagawa kolang pano po gagawin ko? ayaw maretrive?

    • lapuz says:

      how can i get print out of my sss contribution ?,if i tried many times 2 registered but paulit ulit lng process!they say my email n ko nreciv s email add ko but pg open ko nmn eadd ko eh wla nmn!.8 say in a few easy step but d truth is,,,its so really really hard!.,

    • agatha cristie fuentes says:

      hello po! gusto ko sanang malaman kong magkano na po ang nai contribute ko gusto ko sanang mag loan para sa pag repair ng bahay..

    • Mark Anthony Malana Lopez says:

      hello po gusto ko pong malaman kang may hulog n yung sss no. ko..please sent to my email address po.. thanks

    • Janet Talaba says:

      bakit po walang laman ung link n binuksan q s email ko?kaya hindi po ako maka proceed sa phase 2..

    • Arson Climaco Agoo says:

      pano po malalaman yung receipt number? 2008 pa po ako kumuha SSS.

    • Doven says:

      dude, it’s best to update the shared info. doesn’t work this way no more. can’t register without receipt/otc or employer id number. assuming that you do not know or you have not contributed within the last 6 or more months, what happens? tnx

    • ryan lapuz ceniza says:

      i want to update my contributions.

    • edsocariza says: malalaman ang .contributions

    • maira says:

      Need to know the update my contribution

    • saidah bongaros mansor says:

      i dont know my employer id. cnt finish membership registration!=( can somebody help me

    • ghie says:

      Gud am po.gusto ko po sna ipaverify ang account q.king mgkno n. At kung mgkno po b hulog At san pwede mghulog? isa p po ippa E4 q nrin po Sna.


      i need to know my total sss contribution

    • Michael Jan Ruaboro Abuan says:

      check my last loan payment and total of sss contribution

    • Miggy says:

      how can i have a RECEIPT NO of SSS

    • Dana Agulto says:

      how many years or contributions before one can file retyrment benefit from sss, am confused

    • Loreta says:

      sir/mam ask q lng po ang yung sickness q hanggang ngayon wla p rin po!.last wk pa po ng august!..

    • andrew andres says:

      Gusto ko pong malaman yung utang ko sa sss kung malakina po ba ang intirest?

    • Deeji says:

      pwede pakisend sa email ko kung ilang months na ang sss contributions ko,salamat

    • neil says:

      my sss total contribution

    • Halle Amerol says:

      gusto ko pong malaman kung na remit na ang aking naihulog kasi ngayon lang po uli ako nakapaghulog sa aking sss dati po self employed po nagchange status po ako bilang ofw ito po ang aking sss no. 02-1517829-3

    • Rosana Bangate says:

      call this number SSS Hotline at telephone nos. 920-6446 up to 55. Mondays to Fridays.

    • ailene mulig says:

      Kung mbayaran ko po ang 50% percent salary loan pwede na ba mka reloan.

    • seigfred says:

      i would like to know my statics and contribution tnx!

    • joy dacalcap says:

      matagal na nilang cnasabi na they’re updating the sss website..since july pa.. and today is what? september?? my god!! d rn nman nla inaaupdate un mga contribution, last check ko d pa rn updated un contribution ng august, til july tumawag ka nman sa hotline nila ewan ko lng kng my sumagot sa tawag mu..bilisan nyo nman pag update nyo ng website kc npakatagal na!!!o kya nman sna ur setting the right expectation with all those ppol na paulit2 nglolog in sa website nyo!! mgbigay kau ng date kung kelan maaus yn!!

    • Nelson F. Ausa says:

      bkit po ang liit ng naluha kung maternity halos mag tataylong taon n me nagwowork tapos cs pa ako kulang pa ung naluha ko sa pang byad sa ospital bakit po ganun

    • jhony tuando says:

      Hi sir/mam.,

      I forgot my user I.d. how can I opened my account?

    • rodolfo a. bantog says:

      how i recovered my father sss number? he lost many years ago. he did not remember that?

    • Jocelyn S. Zuasola says:

      Please send my total actual contributions and my salary loan payment. Thanks.

    • daren ignacio says:

      helu pwede po ba pakisend po ng sss no. ko kasi nwala po yong copya ng sss no. ko GENALYN D. SON ang pangalan pkisend nlang sa genalynsonnicanor@ at yong nacontribute ko po na amount

    • ramil arbozo says:

      pano ba malalaman kung magkano na ang tubo ng utang ko?

    • jonel fabila says:

      3 Easy Steps to Checking Your SSS Contributions Online:
      1. Log in to
      2. Click on EServices Inquiry.
      3. Stare at the blank page! (rant pa more!)
      Ive been doing this for a couple of days now..

    • Lorena says:

      gusto ko pong ituloy ang aking sss contribution na natigil nung 1989. nakalimutan ko na rin ang sss# ko pero meron po ako TIN # ‘ 166 ‘ 954 ‘ 121.

      Please help me what to do to contineou my sss contrbution.

      Salamat po.

    • Lexa says:

      Ttnung q lng poh qng pwd n q mgloan?,.slmt

    • lerma ferrer penafiel says:

      gud am,Sir/Ma’am

      asked ko lng po kng mgkano n ang contribution ko s sss?tnx

    • Oliver Q. Manalo says:

      maari q poh bng mlman kng ilang month n poh aq nkka hulog?pwede n poh b aq mg loan?

    • Yvette Rosula Regalado , Tapawan says:

      Update ng total contribution q? Loan status po tnx

    • simounette s. ulang says:

      hello p.ask ko lag po kong magkano na po ang loan balace ko sa sss kc matagal ko na pong di nahulugan ang loan ko.pls send nyo po sa email acct.thanks

    • Paul n Karen says:

      good pm ma’am/sir:

      i just want to know what is the total amount of monthly pension at the age of 60 years old if i stop paying my voluntary membership as of this time? thank you and God bless.

    • john -John P. Tolbe says:

      My last sss contribution payment was June 2010.
      Now, I want to continue my contribution. How can I continue and how much per month?

    • Arnel M.Ballaran says:

      i cant access my account always answered already registered every time i registered and the email i type not response also

    • Herman Abisan Sr says:

      contribution inquiry.

    • joseph kent cortes says:

      Gsto k po makita ung summary Ng contribution kng pnpasok po Ng bpi bank, quaterly po ako ngbabayad, ok LNG ung kc pataas Ng pataas ang hulog k po as voluntary!thnx po

    • mel galima says:

      ..sir/maam,,ask ko lang po kung nakapost na yung hulog ko nung october 2 december 2012 na hulog ko po sa SSS???

    • angelo paulo E. guavez says:


    • Abelia R.Avila says:

      pwedi po ba tingnan kung ilang months na ang contribution ko..?salamat

    • cj says:

      tanong q lang po kung magkano napo ang contribution q at kung ilang buwan napo?

    • alyssa jane says:

      Maam,i want to virify my monthly contributions. This is my sss number 3386345224. Thanks

    • radz says: me my total contributions and how can i have a loan salary..thanks,

    • resistar hermias mojado says:

      how to check my sss data if my company we contripute my sss contribution?

    • samuel gonzalez says:

      I want required for a job report

    • Marc anthony agas says:

      Good evening!I want to check my SSS contribution online that’s why I filled up the SSS membership registration but until now I haven’t receive any password or log-in details from the SSS website. If they will not send any details on my email then how could I access my SSS account?You can also email me in

    • roderic says:

      Gusto ko Lang po malaman ang total contribution ko eto ang SSS # no.


    • vanessa rodriguez says:


    • Kulas says:

      want to know my total contributions

    • saime says:

      Hi po good day i would like to know about my contributions.

    • Louise L. Samaniego says:

      how to verify sss contributions? and may i have contact numbers thanks

    • carl lester benedicto says:

      bkit pag ako po nag lolog in sa sss d q mkita members info!ang nakalagay membership lang kaya hindi po ako makakuha ng contributions

    • florian ibarra says:

      E1 number 34-1297965-8

    • Ronnabel Gonzales says:

      pls update my sss contribution at kng pwede n pb ako mag loan!.ty

    • Glaiza Victorioso says:

      Bket nd qoh mhnap yong sss account qoh

    • Karen A. Fernandez says:

      i need to know the contribution of my uncle

    • Sheryl Mojica Fernando says:

      Dito nyo po i-access:
      Nakapag-apply ng loan asawa ko online gamit yang URL na yan 🙂

    • Arlene M. Magno says:

      Gusto ko lang malaman Kong magkano na ang sss contributions ko

    • onad says:

      Sir/ Maam, good day. I want to know my total number of months in my sss contribution? This is my sss #:0421157574

    • riza sedillo says:

      hndi ko po ma-process ang sa akin kasi di ko po alam ang previous employeers sss id #.. wla namn pong site na mai id list..

    • Ruben M Sadiwa jr. says:

      panu po mkita at mlaman ung loan balance po kc wla nmn nkalagay dun sa loan status?tnx

    • ron ron galero jimenez says:

      in my first name theres a discrepancy .. help me how to make it register in this site ..

    • rogelio balais california jr. says:


    • jhun jhun says:

      Total ng sss contribution q po, gusto q lng po malaman kung ilang months po nahulugan at kung magkano po ang total n naihulog ng pinasukan q n trbho.

    • SUSAN DAMASCO says:

      paano po b kumuha ng sss history po

    • Reynaldo C. Acapulco Jr. says:

      pls. response asap.

    • Antonio D. Doria Jr. says:

      Try mo po tumawag sa SSS Hotline. Matutulungan ka nilang maretrieve ung password and username. OR ireset lahat para sayo.

      I never tried it, honestly. Pero an officemate of mine already did.

    • Donnalyn Lopez Alarcon says:

      mam gud day po tanong po sana ko ung mga naihulo po ng agency nmn kung ilng buwan n po strt at june 2015

    • jeffrey baruela says:

      Sss contribution and sss loan?

    • jonathan c. lagradilla says:

      i forgot my sss number.pls help

    • Fe Ayuman says:

      to check my sss contibution ,how many years more to complete 10 years of my contribution

    • Edlyn geromo says:

      to check my sss contribution

    • Divina Rose G. Caday says:

      culianan zamboanga city

    • Savilla Ednaliza says:

      gOOD DAY eh bkit ganun d me makapg log in..laging sira ung portal nila..

    • Rodolfo G. Estrella jr. says:

      Pls can you sent to my account at FB thank you very much

    • Aldrich Placio Simpao says:

      want to know my total contribution

    • edsil agustin del mar says:

      i forgot my user id and may pasword how cant i recover my user id and pasword i ned to check my contribution pls healp me

    • Antonio l. Jao says:

      Jan 15 2013 pa ako nag file ng change of status ko until now d pa rin na update!!!kailangan ko natalaga un babalik na ako from maternity liv ko d pa rin ako tpos xa requirements ko kasi d pa din na update status ko..plz namn paki update nu na po urgent na talaga sobrang bagal nu.need ko na action nu

    • camille jayne faustino says:

      pwde ko poh malaman king ilang buwan ang remittance ko

    • GRACIE says:

      h! mam/sir good morning im ms aileen deleon mangubat. my sss. no. is 3361143522. may i know my sss salary loan when finish..thank you very much.

    • Crissa says:

      this site helped me a lot as a new member in sss. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • Rizalyn R. Babiano says:

      Hi!..Please tell me what should I do to know my’s been 15yrs since I’ve got my SSS#(was 18 when I got it) and lost my pink slip after a typhoon/flood occured to my hometown.It is only now that I realized that I need to have it..and do the contribution myself since I’m planning to have my own business.Hope to hear from you soon as I’ve tried to access the SSS website but to no avail. Thank you.

    • aivee khaye says:

      how long will it take for the log in to be mail back ? ive been waiting for 48 hrs !!!!

    • lervin bathan says:

      mam/sir, gusto ko sanang malaman ang cotribution ko pati po ung sa loan.pwedi po bang mkapagfile ng maternity kahit hnd pa ako nkabayad sa loan ko.tsaka nagstop po akong magwork nitong april kasi buntis po ako.anu po bang dapat kong gawin para makapagfile na maternity.maraming salamat po.


      May I know my SSS contributions?

    • jessa mambulao says:

      sss total acual contributions

    • marvin macawili says:

      how can i chk my total contribution

    • froilan p. vivas says:

      bakit d ako makapagcheck sa aking loan balance e nakakuha naman ako dati ng print out?

    • generoso belando says:

      I think sa printer nyo po ung may problem, nagtry po ako ngayon na magprint and OK naman ung left and right margin. pwede mong maadjust ang margins sa page layout tab ng excel.

    • Rom Cumagun says:

      Nag register na po ako pero wala pong dumadating na email sa akin galing po sa sss website email validation,,ano po kaya ang mali sa ginawa ko at hindi ko din po alam ang username q

    • karwin gariando says:

      tanong ko lng lng po kung magkano n po ang naiihulog ko po sa akling sss.

    • Rizza Daza says:

      How to virify my contribution

    • agnes says:

      I’m sorry but you cannot further continue with your SSS online Inquiry registration unless you provide your Employer’s SSS number.

    • amado avila jr says:

      i forgot my user name and password.. wat will i do to access my account again? pls help me.. i need a print out of employee static information..

    • maka albarn morales says:

      Pwedi poh b malaman kung ilang buwan na ung contribution ko

      At pwedi pba mag loan ngaun buwan ng dec 🙂

    • Priscilla Fernandez says:

      I would like to follow-up status of my SSS salary loan application which was filed on October 7, 2015.

    • karren says:

      i don’t think this’ll works. i just tried it and they just emailed me confirmation of my registration and then they let me signed another form, like the first one you shown. and then my problem is that i could not complete the registration because they are asking for my employer’s sss id which i don’t know! i just resigned and i just wanna know how much is my contribution to sss! =(

    • Rolly Sumalinog Real says:

      Mam,48 months na po aq nkahulog sa sss q.pero nwla po ung sss number q mag kanu na po ba pwd q i loan,at mag kanu na po ba ang kabouan..mtagal q na po kc biniveryfi pero wla po smsgot!pwd po ba pkisagot pls

    • wilma bechayda says:

      You can call their SSS Hotline to retrieve your email and password. If I am not mistaken, they will reset this for you.

    • Rosary Avila says:

      i want to know my actual contribution and i wish that i can print it out

    • A.K. says:

      pa check lang po yung months,kung nakailan na po siyang hulog sa inyo

    • Aldous Rolan Cabual says:

      I have been paying my salary loan in the 70’s to my employer Sarmiento Industries Inc. I have been told by friends that said company did not remit salary deductions. Thus, I want to know if I have an outstanding salary loan unpaid as of this date 04-05-2013. My SSS no. is 09-03925334.

    • danilo mendez says:

      pwede ko ba malama kung nilagyan ba ng company ang sss ko, salamat.

    • rona odron says:


      Ask ko lang po kung panu po kumuha ng contribution through online kasi hindi ko po alm pra mkapasok dun nkakuha n po ako ng employment history then static info bale un nlng po ang kulang ko i hope n matulungan nyo po ako n mkakuha ng contribution ko!thanks

    • catherine gandia says:

      but i don’t have RECEIPT NO./OTC and EMPLOYER ID now i have difficulty to register please help

    • mhelda says:

      I dont understand the system.. I can no longer access my account. It says username & password did not match. I cant access my email too, i got the same error. I never changed my username & password since i created my account. I dont think the problem is in our end. How else will I be able to access my account?

    • cradle says:

      Good day maam and sir tanung ku lng po sna kung anung araw pwdeng mag byad ng maternity loan .at mgknu po ang monthly at ung s contribution po mag self employed po aku magbyad.

      E2 po ung ss# 34 -144489 0-9.

    • harold c. mallillin says:

      mam sir papa check po ako ng actual contribution kopo sa sss ko kung hinuhulugan poba ng boss ko slyn laminero emaill add:nysl giha orinemal

    • Aliah says:

      i want see my contribution sss number 0615730985 tnx.

    • Jose Marie Cuyos says:

      p ki check po ng contribution koh ss #3421378761 thanks a lot.. i nid it n kc.. wla poh kc reply ang sss sa aplication koh for registration! pki email n lng po skin thanks po

    • kemberly morales says:

      i was stuck at the same step as you!but found the answer in a different forum!just call the SSS hotline listed in the verification email you received. The operator will assist you in completing the process. Also the operator will ask you personal questions just to verify your identity.

    • HIT THE LIGHTS says:

      My ngtetext po skin about sa contributions ko sa sss mkukuha ko po ba un.. tska pnu po ung sss peso fund.. tnx poh.

    • ABIE says:

      contribution print out

    • felgin says:

      gud pm.. sir/ma’am, hindi po tlga ako maregister sa online.. pakicheck nga po yun sss number ko kung nahulog po yun contribution ko this month e2 po yun SSS Number ko..0224475518.pkisend nlang po sa email ko yun status ng contribution ko salamat po..

    • princess clarisse lamoste says:

      how do I access the beneficiary page for changes

    • Regina S. Requillas says:


    • jess araneta says:

      i want to check my total actual contributions in SSS

    • Jack Catubay says:

      po malalaman kung ilang taon kana nka member sa sss, at kung paano mag register sa sss.

    • Ma. Rowena M. Gaspan says:

      how to inquire my sss contribution?

    • jun Javillonar says:

      Please register an account in
      to use their SSS Online Inquiry system for your SSS Contributions and other concerns.

    • marie joy fundano says:

      this is my sss number 33-2233706-3 iwant to know if open or i want to virefi my sss number if online alredy

    • joseph dela cruz says:

      just to check my contribution

    • shenna lacerna delos angeles says:

      my sss contribution,

    • archiebansag says:

      bakit hndi ako maka on line thru

    • haidi macansantos sakilan says:

      i want to know my total contribution my sss # 336309972-6

    • maria consuelo pateno says:

      Ask klang po kng kompleto ang hulog ng sss ko po!

    • sha says:

      pwd ko po ba mlmn kong mgkno na po ung hulog ko s sss

    • gracielle says:

      hi . pano po ba maopen ulet ung account q sa sss ? hnd na kc maopen .. nakalimutan q na kc ung password at email sa sss .. kailangan q po kc un .. help naman .

    • Sheryll Pe says:

      i would like to know my total contributions in SSS

    • rosielie Magluyan Ibarra says:

      The site is not like this anymore. i cannot view my total contributions and loan status anymore like I used to do before! How can i view my infos in this new site? Tnx! My name is ERNAN SAMONTE

    • marianita celario says:

      i want to check kung magkano na po ang contribution ko. thank you

    • Riena Fe Macalisang says:

      Service error ang members log in,Y?


      I want to know my total SSS contribution!my last payment july-sept 2014,,thank you!

    • joseph n.obniala says:

      I would like to ask if i can avail my first loan?

    • Cherryl Peras says:

      printout of contribution

    • Wilbert O. Pintal says:

      pano po ba malalaman ang emploter ID

    • larry I. Bautista Jr. says:

      i would like to know my contribution, but i forgot already my sss number.

    • sonja says:

      I want to know my contribution

    • cris mark mulawin says:

      kelangan ko po ng sss contribution

    • Girlie Cruz says:

      Chiking my contribution?

    • ghi says:

      hello,we are going to get my fathers DDRF Claim?..but it says we need to correct of contributions of date of coverage because SSS says my fathers employer was contributed in his first contribution was in June 1991,earlier than Date of Coverage and it is July 1991? what will we do!.why did the SSS asking all receipts? please reply..thanks so much

    • Gorby says:

      I tried calling their SSS Hotline but the person on the other line says, maghintay lang daw. Minsan daw talaga nagloloko ang system nila sa dami ng nagreregister. Nababadtrip na nga ako kakahintay eh. October 2011 pa ung akin.

    • lea rose alvarez says:

      Sir’maam nakalimutan ko po sss no. Saka yong papel na binigay sakin nawala eh.

      Pwd ko po bang malaman ung # q.para ma check ko narin po.tnx

    • Emelia Abuan Collado says:

      i need to know my contributions and loan balance..thank you very much..

    • marizel says:

      Jenepher baculio abejo

    • Geovani taborite says:

      Loan status

    • Arnold G. Chavez says:

      Check qo po mga hulog qo?

    • Diana Rose Aguil Mojor says:

      My contribution from 1998 to 2014

    • jeniffer de juan says:

      follow up my loan balance status . SSS # ‘ 08-0768367-05

    • jean gabrillo says:

      i want to know my total SSS contributions starting January 14’13 up to present

    • Reese says:

      i just want to know my contributio starting june 2011 to june 2012 my sss# IS3379136495

    • Joywin Romero says:

      panu po ba ma acces uli ung account ko nakalimutan q kasi ung password saka ung id ko??

    • Mary Grace G. TY says:

      Hi i tried opening the official website of sss but its always down

    • Thelma S. Divino says:

      Grabe ang tagal ng posting ng monthly loan amortization.. Di tuloy aq mka re-loan.

    • meme fulay says:

      please help my friend to register in your online member ID registration. His name is silvino manese, jr. and his email add is every time he type his last name its always appears’has discrepancy in last name and also in his email add. Please leave me a reply so that I will guide him according to your suggestion. Thank you very much and God bless.

    • Roxanne Capagalabn Soliven says:

      maam pano mag inquire if pila na ang nahulog sa ako sss?

    • FELIZARDO UTIC says:

      gusto Kong malaman kung nahuhulugan ba ngayon in SS ko

    • romeo borbe jr says:

      i’m giving all the right information as required to register but to no avail, i can’t still log-in WHY?this kind of service is useless!

    • emmanuel lagos says:

      try logging in here:

      if it still not working, you may try again after an hour or two.

    • MAHINAY says:

      wala na pong ibang way. Requirement na po talaga ang Employer SSS Number.

    • Josephine S. Duyaguit says:

      i want to inquire my sss contribution

    • Rivs says:

      bkit po kea gnon d aq mkpasok s registration online, ive try so many times pero It didnt work..

    • camille lucas isip says:

      how to verify my sss contribution

    • adrian pagapulan says:

      ibig sabihin po,iba ang inilagay mong apilyedo ngaun sa application mo kaysa sa apilyedong gnamit mo sa pagkuha mo ng sss(e1 number,the pink one)..kailangan po kung ano ung mga information na nkalagay noong ngfill up ka sa sss yan dn poh ang information na i pfill up mo jan..i hope it helps you:-)

    • SUS RODEL ENAJE says:

      tanong q lang po kung magkano napo ang contribution q at kung ilang buwan napo

    • vergily Mae cadao says:

      Just want to find out how long does it takes to process for the retiement applications ? Thank you

      • Kai says:

        Hi vergily khairil palimin to classmate mo 2 garnet snhs remember me ??? Hanapin mo ko sa Facebook Kai hasidin wait ko response mo 😊

    • vergily Mae cadao says:

      mam paano ko ma check ung data ko sa sss kung nahulog ba talaga ng agency ko ung monthly na kaltas daw nila sa sss..pano koba malaman mam?

    • Marie Jean Cheryl Arce√±o says:

      hi ser mam pd mlman mag kno na po lahat ng sss total contribution ko start year 2000 hanggang ngaun poh

    • monica says:

      i check my contribution?

    • carmela escoto says:

      ask ko lang po yun total contributions ko mula 2005 up to present..

    • jared angeles says:

      i need to view my sss contribution?

    • SPO1000 PulPolNBI says:

      magkano po ung monthly payment k?ilang months po ul8 bago ul8 ak pwedeng mag loan??

    • liad jennilyn says:

      i need my sss static information

    • john paul b. furigay says:


    • Clara Sharif says:

      I need to know my total actual contribution

    • Jay Mark Pamatian says:

      Tanong ko po kung ilan taon na nkkahulog ang tatay para mapunuan ang 10 years at mgkno ung kulang ať bbayaran ko poh thanks

    • nelson r. soriso says:

      I really need my static information. Please send me the link where to open it. I tried many times but I wasn’t given a reply on my email the link on how to open it. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • lizel says:

      twice po magfill up ng application po ok n po validiation n lng po para sa email ko ilang araw po b yun bago ko magamit? kelangan ko n po ksi makapagprint ng sss loan balance ko tnx

    • AIDAN says:

      i cannot inquire my sss contribution ,can you help me how to do?

    • alexander omambac says:


    • Esperanza B. Bulawan says:

      Gusto KO malaman yung SSS Contribution KO tsaka loan status.

    • Paul n Karen says:

      Gud pm mam and sir i request a check my sss contribution thank you and godbless.

    • jhared says:

      i cannot proceed cause they are looking for an EMPLOYER ID. pano yan?

    • Elena Camposano says:

      how many years to expired the reimbursement process in abroad? in may case im in abroad and then i encounter a company accident. end of my contract on sept. 2016 can i file when im go home or no? i ask about my contribution, i lapsed almost 4 yrs in my sss contribution, and then this year i continue, can i file a reimbursement or not?

    • theheirs says:

      ask ko lng po kng pano ako makakapasok sa my sss, nag register na po kc ako d2 dati, nakalimutan ko na ung user name ko at password ko. ngaun po hindi na ako makapag member registration. ano po gagawin ko para makapag register ako sa my sss, kc pag nag try ako mag reg. ang lumalabas sa sss # ko SS Number has already been registered.

      thank you,,,

    • phoebe grace c. gonzales says:

      pls. i want to check my total contribution and i want to continue my payment.I am now currently working as OFW.tnx and hope for your reply

    • Balajonda adrian says:

      Pls. help me how to view my actual contributions on it’s updated website..di na kasi ma view!.thanks!

    • bernardo ereno cuerda jr says:

      Bkit gnn ang sss ng file aq last aug06 para s benefit qn maternity until now wla prn.tpos ung mga ng loan n nauna p q ng file ee sila p ang nauna..dhil b s cl mgbbyad at ung mga benefit ndi unfair:( kainis kau

    • Andrei Rodis says:

      what if i dont have a employer id? how can i register? in ur website.

    • Vicente A. Hobayan says:

      since I left philippines in 1982 I just now planning to get my pension since I am already 65 yrs. old . I was single before and I am married How can I get sss ID when my last name is now different what they recorded? also I found out that 4 of my employers were listed on my employment history but no records shown of my contributions , I was wondering since the company I worked with was a big company Investment and bank companies. Please help how to get my records back. thank you.

    • Jeheel Culano says:

      loan status

    • Jun Efren Sotto says:

      gusto ko lang po inquire ung sss ko po

    • Joey Tillermo Omay says:

      Tanung ko lng po kung ilang months na po ung hulog sa sss. Ko po