SSS Online Inquiry: How To Register an Account (Ultimate Guide)

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  • SSS Online Inquiry – The Social Security System (SSS) is an independent agency authorised by the Philippine Government that facilitates the Social Security issued to all Filipinos.

    A social insurance program consisting of Sickness, Maternity, Retirement, Disability, Death & Funeral, and SSS Loans.

    To qualify for these benefits, most Filipino workers pay Social Security contribution through Compensation Income or Income derived from Self Employment. The future benefits are based on the employees’ contributions.

    Being a member of SSS, awareness should be practiced to make sure that our precious contribution is directly credited to our individual accounts. There are  lots of cases wherein an Employer skips,  intentionally or otherwise, the employee’s contribution to SSS.

    To prevent this from happening, everyone is advised to verify their contributions.

    To do this, SSS opened it s service to the masses by providing us My.SSS. It is a self service portal provided to every SSS member to exclusively access their contribution and membership records.

    A good friend of mine asked me how to use this, I said, “…just google it”. He replied to me, “I can’t find a decent tutorial for this, kid”.

    To cut the story short, here I am, making a more “decent and comprehensive” tutorial on how to verify/check your total actual contribution in SSS and other matters that, I think, is useful inside the SSS Website.

    If you know how to use Facebook, SSS Online is just like commenting on a senseless post.

    First Things First!

    Before we start, you need few things first. I need you to have the following:

    • Your SSS Number – you can get it in your machine-validated SSS E1 Form (usually in pink colored paper with few machine-validated numbers and inked stamped as well as your thumb marks.) Without this, forget about this tutorial. I’m sorry to say that you can’t continue your SSS online registration.
    • A Valid Email Address – SSS.Gov.PH will send an email for the confirmation to activate your account. The same email will also be used when you use the Forgot Password feature.

    SSS Online Inquiry Website

    The SSS Online Inquiry website also known as My.SSS is provided by SSS to all members where everyone can access the Member’s Records including the SSS Contributions, SSS Salary, Loan balance and the SSS Static Information.

    As of August 2018, there are two (2) existing website. Members can use both website whichever they prefer. Though as of this writing, we still prefer/recommend to use the old portal because it can perform more functionalities compared to the newer one.

    Who needs to register at My.SSS?

    SSS encourages everyone to register an account with My.SSS but who are they?

    Members, Business and Household employers are allowed to have an account and register using their SSS Numbers as long as they meet the requirement.

    SSS Members

    All employees in private sectors, self employed, voluntary, non working spouse members as well as OFW are encouraged to register an ccount as long as they meet the minimum criteria listed below:

    • At least one (1) month contribution
    • Valid and Permanent SSS Number
    • SSS Date of Coverage – it is the month and year when the first contribution is paid as self employed, non working spouse or as an OFW member. For employed member, this is the month and year the Employer has reported the member as employed by the business.

    Business Employers

    All companies in private sectors can register their Employer Account in SSS Online Inquiry website. Non profit organizations are also allowed to have their own account.

    Household Employers

    Household Employers can also register their My.SSS online account. These are the people who employs household help or kasambahay as they as they meet the minimum requirement;

    • SSS Number
    • reported coverage as an employed, self employed, voluntary, non working spouse or an OFW Member
    • at least one (1) month posted contribution. This means the contribution is acknowledged and entered in the system/database of SSS.

    Why do you need to register at My.SSS?

    The SSS Online Inquiry website was develop for the convenience to all related party especially the members.

    An online account brings convenience to the members who wants to perform simple transactions such as inquiry on total Contribution, SSS Salary Loan application or update on Member’s data or information.

    Having an SSS Online Account enables users to perform these transactions at the comforts of their home using their mobile devices or computers as long as there is an internet connect.

    Members no longer to go to the nearest SSS Branch to do these task while waiting in a long queue line just to be accommodated with their inquiries.

    How to register an account with SSS Online Inquiry Website

    We’re done with the introduction and I’m sure you have everything that we need but before we start, I just need to inform you that there are two existing website for SSS Online Application. We will discuss each process and go through each site and show you how to do it. So let’s go!

    For the first tutorial, we will discuss the old website. Later on, we’ll proceed with the new website.

    I need you to type in your browser SSS.Gov.PH.

    When you arrive at the website, you’ll see a log in fields where you need to input your User ID and Password. Unfortunately, you don’t have one yet.

    To register an account in SSS Online Inquiry, find the text that says “Not yet registered in My.SSS?” then below that, click the “Click Here” button.

    SSS Online Inquiry Log In

    Online Member User ID Registration

    The previous button you have clicked will direct you to this page. You will be presented five (5) options to choose from.

    Online Member User ID Registration

    From the selection, you can choose anything that you have:

    • Savings Account number / Citibank Cash Card / UBP Quick Card / UMID – ATM Savings Account Number Registered in Social Security System
    • Mobile Number Registered in SSS
    • UMID Card
    • Employer ID Number / Household Employer ID Number
    • Payment Reference Number / SBR No. / Payment Receipt Transaction Number

    For the purpose of this tutorial, I am selecting UMID Card. If you don’t have, I suggest you choose any of the four (4) choices.

    Online Account Application Form

    After selecting the UMID Card from the previous screen, you will be asked to fill up the My.SSS Application form.

    My.SSS Account Application Form

    Correctly enter all the personal information needed. Enter the captcha or code shown in the image located at the bottom of the form. Lastly, tick the “I accept the Terms of Service” check box and click the submit button to finalize your application.

    SSS Online Email Confirmation

    After submitting the online application form. Open your email account and look for the email from It usually have a subject of “SSS Website Email Validation”.

    The email looks like the screenshot below.

    SSS Online Email Confirmation

    In the email, a confirmation link will be provided. Click this link to validate or confirm your My.SSS registration.

    The link will redirect you to the same website ( confirming that your registration with SSS Website is successful and activated.

    You can now log in to your account using your nominated user id and password. Congratulations!

    Register an account in new My.SSS Portal

    Go to to access the new SSS Portal.

    New SSS Portal

    Below the log in credentials fields, click the text that says “Not Registered?“.

    SSS Portal Member Registration

    It will redirect you to the application form where you need to fill up with your personal information.

    The following information must be provided correctly.

    CRN/SSS Number

    Also know as the Common Reference Number found on your UMID card. If you don’t have your UMID ID yet, you may enter your 10 digit SSS Number found in your SSS E-1 form (Personal Record form).

    Email Address

    Input a working, valid and active email address. As mentioned earlier, SSS website will send you a confirmation link to activate your account. This email is also will be used when you use the Forgot Password feature of the website.

    User ID

    Select a unique User ID that you can easily remember. The general rule is to have at least 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters.

    Information reported to SSS

    The following are the choices from the dropdown menu where you can select one to be used in your registration. Feel free to choose any information that is available.

    • Savings Account Number – the bank account number from your bank account you use to receive your SSS pension for retired members. For employed members, it is also the bank account issued to you to receive your Salary Loan. This may be your Citibank cash card, UnionBank SSS Quick Card or UMID-ATM.
    • Mobile Number – obviously, this is your mobile number you have written in your SSS E-1 form when you signed up for an SSS Number.
    • UMID Card – all UMID Card comes with PIN Code which you can get when you activated your card in any SSS Information Terminal located at any SSS Branch.
    • Employer ID – can be obtained from your previous or current employer. You can easily ask your HR for their SSS Employer’s Number . Just tell them that you’re going to use it for you SSS Online Inquiry account registration.
    • Household Employer ID – same as the previous item above but only applies to household help or kasambahay.
    • Payment Reference Number – can be obtained and issued by SSS Branch where the voluntary, self employed, non working spouse or OFW member pays his or her monthly contribution.
    • SBR/Payment Receipt Number – also related to the voluntary, self employed, non working spouse or OFW members. This number can be found after the payment of monthly contribution.

    Click on the drop-down menu next to “Please select one” to reveal the different types of information you’ve reported to the SSS. Click on the option (one that you already have on hand) and then enter the required information on the next field.

    • SBR/Payment Receipt Number – Provide any receipt number found on the special bank receipt or the Contributions Payment Return (Form RS-5) paid within the past six months.

    Complete name & Date of Birth Date

    Do I need to explain this part?

    Local Mailing Address

    Enter you current address correctly and accurately. If any fields is not applicable to you, you may leave it as blank and move forward. As for the district, you can select from four choices.

    • First District – Manila
    • Second District – Mandaluyong, Marikina, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan
    • Third District – Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela
    • Fourth District – Las Piñas, Makati, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Pasay, Taguig

    This is the last part of your registration of your account in SSS Website, review it and make sure that all the information you have written is correct and accurate.

    Click the “Register” button to submit your application.

    Complete Account Registration

    You will be directed to “Complete Account Registration Page” where it will confirm that your application is already submitted.

    All you need to do now is to confirm your account registration through their activation email sent.

    Complete Account Registration

    SSS Web Registration Email

    An email will be sent by SSS website so make sure that you have access to your email address you have used from the previous registration.

    Log in to you email address and look for the same email shown in the image down below.

    The email contains the activation link, all you have to do is click it and it will bring you again to SSS Website.

    If your account registration is successful, the website will say that you have successfully registered you account with SSS.

    SSS Web Registration Email

    You may now create your unique password. Make sure that it comply with the standard and secure password.

    After this, you may now access your SSS Online account by logging in using your credentials.

    You now have to freedom to familiarize yourself in SSS Online Inquiry website. You can now easily view your monthly contributions, static information and other membership information.

    How to Register an SSS Account Online as an Employer

    This tutorial is focused on the online registration of all employers, you may skip this part if you’re not an Employer. If you are an SSS Member as an Employed, Self-employed, Voluntary, Non working spouse or an OFW, I highly advise you to read the tutorial above.

    Here are the quick few steps in SSS Online Inquiry Account Registration for Employer.

    Registration Form for Employers

    Before we begin, I need you to identify yourself what kind of Employer are you? Are you the type of Employer who owns a business or just a Household employers? If you got that, I want you to click the proper application form provided in the link down below.

    Fill up the application form correctly and accurately. Make sure that all information with an asterisk are filled up because these are required information.

    To help you with your application, we’ll tackle few items from the application form for clearer view.

    Employer ID this is the SSS Employer Number issued to you by the SSS when you registered as an Employer. You can easily get this from your Employer Registration Plate or SSS Certificate of Registration.

    Employer Branch Code this field is already filled up with three (3) zeroes. Change this if your last three digit of your Employer ID is not “000”. If not, then you don’t have to do anything about it.

    Date of Coverage the month and year when you hired your very first employee(s). You can refer to your SSS Registration Plate or Form R-1. Use the drop down menu to fill up this field.

    Company Email Address If you are a Household employer, you may use any email address that is not registered as Employed, Self-employed, Voluntary, Non working spouse or an OFW member. If you are a business or corporate employer, you may use your official company email address.

    Preferred User ID must be unique and must have at least 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters. Preferably a combination of alphabets and number. Example: “JuanDelaCruz213” or “TheXYZCompany”

    Email Activation

    Once you submitted your online registration as an Employer, go to your assigned email address and check for the email sent by the SSS Website.

    The email contains an activation link for your My.SSS Account. Click this and it will take you to a page where you need to enter the SSS Number and other contact information of the authorized signatory of the Company. These information are the following:

    • SSS number of the Authorized Person
    • Full Name
    • and email address

    If you are a Household Employer, obviously, you are the authorized signatory/person. Your information must be entered in the fields provided.

    If you are registering for a single proprietor, then the authorized signatory is also you since you own the business.

    If you are a corporation, you may enter the details of your Human Resources Department head or any person who oversee the Company’s employees payroll and benefits. You may ask around your office who’s that person. It’s usually the HR Head.

    The page requires you to tick the checkbox that says “I accept the Terms and Conditions”. Click the Submit button to finalize your application.

    Another email will also be sent for the validation of your application for the account. It will also be shown in the same page where you filled up the personal information of your Authorized person.

    The validation process will take at least 24 to 48 hours, sometimes longer so be patient. 🙂

    Your SSS servicing branch will do the verification and validation of your application including the information you have entered especially your authorized person / signatory.

    Right after your application is approved by SSS, a final email will be sent notifying you that your application is approved. The email also contains the company user id (the one you assigned) and the system generated password.

    For the first time, log in to your My.SSS Employer’s account using your User ID and system generated password. The website will prompt you that you need to change your password. Change it immediately for security purposes.

    Create a strong password. Ensure that you select a complex passwords which is composed of numeric, alphabetic (uppercase and lowercase) characters in addition to special symbols and similar characters.

    Important Tips!

    Since I’ve already written a whole bunch of tutorials related to the My.SSS Online Account, Its best that I give you tips to experience hassle free My.SSS experience.

    My.SSS during off-peak hours

    Most of the time, I hear people complaining that they are unable to access SSS website. This is due to the volume of traffic simultaneously accessing the website. The server can’t handle huge request so to avoid this, I recommend accessing the website during off-peak hours.

    When I say “off-peak hours”, it means 7PM onwards. The later the better. During day time, most of the people accessing their accounts through mobile devices and desktops which makes the server overloads. Hence, the slow response of the website.

    But if you access it during peak hours, half of the usual visitors of the website is gone! No more traffic. It’s like driving in EDSA at around 3AM in the morning! 🙂

    SSS Online Inquiry Mobile App

    For the convenience of all SSS Members, the SSS released a mobile app. You can download this app in App Store for Apple Users or Google Play for Android Users.

    The SSS mobile app doesn’t have much extra features except the SSS Salary Loan Application and Maternity related notification.

    The SSS Mobile app can be used by all members who already have an SSS Online Inquiry account. If you don’t have one yet, then I recommend that you read up the tutorial above.

    Same user name and password (log in credentials from My.SSS website) will be used in mobile app so you don’t need to register again.

    Password Expiration Feature

    The My.SSS website asks its users to change their password every 90 days. If you fail to change your password after 90 days, you can still log in to your account but the website will force you to change it to a new one.

    SSS Online Account Registration in any SSS Branch

    SSS branches are equipped with a personal computer for the purpose of public use where members can access their online accounts for free.

    It’s also an avenue where you can register your own account with them. It’s also come in handy because you can easily ask the assistance of the SSS Officer designated to help the users while using the SSS Portal.

    Generate SSS PRN

    People are asking why they can’t generate their PRN on the new SSS Portal. That is because this function is not yet implemented in the new one.

    If you want to generate your PRN number, you must log in to the old website and do this task. you can refer to our article on how to get your SSS PRN Number here.

    Forgot User ID or Password?

    Unfortunately, many people forgot their Password or even their User IDs. Worry not! The website is equipped with the forgot UserID / Password feature.

    This features allows the member to retrieve their user id or password by just using their SSS Number or CRN number. The website will then send an email to the registered email address with a link to the SSS website where it will show your User ID and a nomination of a new password.

    This feature is very easy to use as long as you have an access to your email address.

    So there you have it, if you have any question related to your SSS Online Inquiry account, feel free to write it down in the comments section!

    Have a great day!


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      Dear SSS,

      I’m currently living/working here at Malaysia as OFW!my concerns are(1) To know my Total SSS contributions(2) how can i pay previous months contribution to SSS and onwards contribution to proceed.
      (3) I need to know,Loan Process even if im here at Malaysia.Need your advice for this can also email me to this address or txt me thru this number +60124628538..I hope that i can get prompt response from SSS management..Thank you very much..

    • Arnel D. Pasigan says:

      is the employee static information,/’actual premuim’ and loan status and loan eligibility are the statement of account?

    • Jhariz says:

      i was checking my actual premiums on my sss,

    • Rebecca perez says:

      Gud day po ma’am/sir BERNALOU SANCHEZ VILLARUBIA po, ask ko lng po kng nahulogan po ba yung sss account ko po,thanks

    • rosalie martinez rivera viray says:

      I tried following the steps you wrote here but i was having trouble in filling up the registration form with regards to the rs5 receipt form of my payment for the last 6 months, i made my payment here in canada in one of the remittance centre iremit, i used the number on the receipt but it was not working, so my registration online was not successful at all. I am hoping for your help on this matter. thank you.


    • Annie Storey says:

      hi poh pa send naman ng contribution ko oh pls lang !. sayang naman baka pwedi na akong mag loan para may pakinabang naman

    • lara mae says:

      magkakaron ka ng problem kasi ang alam ko eh 1 account per SSS number. Unfortunately hindi ka na makakaregister ulit. Try mo magpatulong sa SSS mismo..

    • reynaldo diamante brioso says:

      ilan n poang total contribution ko?

    • Grace H. Ferrater says:

      Hi there! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the great information you could have right
      here on this post.

    • charie says:

      i just want know my total contribution in sss.and i want to continue my contribution but i forgot my number cause so many years i never been contributed.thank u

    • glenda parrocha says:

      sir,paano po to nkalimutan ko lahat ang user name at ang password ko.pls teach me kung ano ang gagawin ko?

    • marj marquez says:

      hi good day,im Marievic A. Gan, gustokopong sanang malaman kung pwede na ako mag loan since long timena ako di nakapag contribute pero may contribution na po ako before.

      its good hope it will help me, to know if i can make a loan .

      thank you po.

    • Maricar Paquit Bendanillo says:

      hindi po ako makapagregister online. tama naman po ung sss number and other info.

    • Gold says:

      My SSS online account is blocked. How can I reactivate my account?

    • edmun alpos says:

      to check my sss contribution

    • JENELYN says:

      i want to know my contribution

    • MD says:

      i would like to know my contributions

    • nathan camarig says:

      i want to know total contribution

    • Francis de Guzman says:

      inquire for my sss contribution

    • Arianne Mae Balano says:

      my contribution

    • loy says:

      Gusto ko sana malaman kong updated po ba ang pag huhulog ng agency namin sa sss at kong magkano na ang contribution ko,yong total na po lahat

    • jenny-ann asara bani says:

      pwede ko ba malaman ang contributions simula ng maghulog ako.

    • Atty Ferdinand Aguirre says:

      Hi,. can you please send me a copy of my total sss contribution through my email address. heres 34-0934653-7, Thank you

    • steph says:

      po malalaman kung ilang taon kana nka member sa sss, at kung paano mag register sa sss.

    • imelda montano says:

      i already did they same procedure but why is it i cant access?they send a mail with nonsense email, not useful, i heard some area in lapu-lapu city cebu can access sss, online when u get print out in there store u have to pay for them 60 pessos,omg i felt mad..for this we are so many attempt to register in sss online but always failed

    • Dearly Castillon Candawan says:

      Hindi ka na po pwede magregister ng panibago. Ang kelangan mo pong gawin eh tawagan ang Hotline ng SSS pra makuha mo po ung username at password mo. Matutulungan ka nila dun.

    • Elsa de leon says:

      pa check ko po contributon at loan balance ko.

    • de leon says:

      Good Pm. This is with regards po sa sss maternity benefit ko. Found out i was 5 weeks pregnant last Jan.29, expected delivery date ko po is sa Sept. but then i had a miscarriage last feb 22. Nakapagfile na po ako ng maternity notification and submitted it sa HR namin 2nd week of Feb., then a few days back HR called me and ask if may contribution ako for the month of May 2012 ( i was hired by them last June 2012) upon checking online wala po akong hulog for the month of May since nagresign po ako sa previous company ko April 2012. Now ang main concern po ni HR namin is pano ba gagawin if may laktaw akong 1 month. They were tring to contact sa sss para maginquire but no luck sobrang busy ang line. I checked online if eligible ba ko for the mat benefit and i guess i am, ang may concern yata ni HR is pano computation ang gagawin if may laktaw or if i’m really eligible sa benefit.
      I wish you could help me with this concerns

    • jim delos santos says:

      i can’t continue with the registration, its asking for employer ID..nagresign na po kc ako sa work ko and hindo ko alam employer id ng infosys. is there other way to register? thanks

    • Giovanna Ricketts says:

      I have registered my sss number before but I forgot my username, email add. how will i retrieve my account so I can enjoy SSS online inquiry

    • erwin baino says:


    • lean says:

      pano po malalaman sss contribution ko? ty.

    • Mary Grace Dimaano says:

      magkano na poba ung hulog ko sa sss. ko..

    • Maricris R. Evia says:

      register an account in SSS Website by following the steps written above

    • heaven says:

      SSS contribution ko po kong ilang taon na akongnaghuhulog kc pa putol putol po yong pasok ko dati since 1997 until 2014

    • pam G says:

      After I filled-out all the information asked. A confirmation was sent to me via e-mail. However, in the e-mail sent, the password you are talking to was not included in the mail, only code of verification that i clicked. I do not know my employer’s I.D that was why I cannot complete all the information and my sign up cannot be completed. What should I do? Thank you very much!

    • DANRENALA says:

      ang alam ko It takes 3 months or one quarter before mapost ang contributions mo. Pero sa situation mo parang iba. I dont know what happen. sa akin kasi ganon.

    • jessmar m aguirre says:

      Gd day Sir !

      i registered in MySSS to inquire my contribution online yet SSS didn’t reply in my email for password. I tried again yet to no avail! what should I do?

    • dhyne says:

      I want to know my contribution I couldn’t find it through my

    • Jennifer Sabianan says:

      un n lng kasi yung kailangan ko s registration kung ano pa yung nsa pinkababa hndi p ako mka proceed.salamat

    • Iana Mariz says:

      good day maam may i ask lng po maam kung pano ko maretreive ung acc.ko dito sa SSS kasi ko I forgot my password thnxs and more power

    • myrn'z says:

      My name is jenepher from danao jasaan abejo i for get my sss no. Can i ask my sss no.

    • Vicente Emmanuel Paterno says:

      how to verify my sss contributio

    • Leo dela Cruz says:

      to check my sss contribution

    • izy says:

      pa reply naman po


      I want to know my total contributions

    • Rodolfo c Pineda jr says:

      hi ..Im trying to register my mothers accounts..voluntary member..after so many tries of register an error found like ‘ SBR no, not ni SSS records’..I understand I have to fill in the last 6 digits number of the validated receipt ..but it still not work..Validation is like this SSS CON T#3621ZODL VM SS#!what should i fill in for this alpha numeric validation..please help.. tnx

    • Valerie says:

      busit na sss website na yan walang kwenta!!!di maka-access!!.

    • Ejay says:

      I want to know my latest contribution

    • miranda says:

      I just wanted to knowif i have a debt in my sss loan .thankyou please reply

    • Alex diono nadales says:

      i want to know my sss# and total contribution



    • rea says:

      sss contributions

    • michelle s. jaylo says:

      Hi Sir Fernando,

      you need to register first in SSS Website and napaka dali lang po. gamit lang po ang mga personal informations mo, sss number and employer sss number ang requirement.

      sinulat ko po sa itaas kung paano.

    • loko says:

      hi! sss, please update my sss contribution payment last january 10,2016 those are JANUARY UP TO MAY 2016. THANKYOU VERY MUCH.

    • edwin p. semillano says:

      pwede ko po ba malaman kung ilang months nalang po yung kulang bago ako makapag loan?

    • Romram says:


    • maritess mendoza balatbat says:

      hi good day..pls help me naman.di ako maka registere kc di ko alam status ko now sa sss kc natigil po ang payment ko dahil nag ofw po ako.pano po ako maka inquire online.wala po ako bago receit, verify ko po sana un id ko kc di pa po nadating till now Dec.2011 pa po un at gusto ko malaman contribution ko salamat me po salamat

    • cristian says:

      ma’am tanong ko lang po kung nasa maximum na ang pagbayad na nila sss ko!kasi maximum na kaltas sahod ko

    • Simon Tejedor says:

      Sir, kelangan nyo pong magregister ng account sa sss website para magamit ang SSS Online Inquiry para po maverify at masagot nyo mismo ung mga tanong nyo about sa SSS Contributions nyo. Salamat po.

    • ramon macalinao says:

      pano ko po ba maprint out ung latest SSS contribution ko need ko lang po for Requirements. thanks

    • Goe Harris Ellsworth says:

      goodmorning ma’am/sir ask ko lng po ung total Contributon ko. Raymart Dacasin. email nyo nlang po ako ito po account ko salamat Godblessd.


      Hi hindi ko na mabuksan ang account ko sa sss online dahil nakalimutan ko ang password ko. The worst part is nablock na ng tuluyan, hindi ko machange ang email na ginamit ko kasi email add sa dati kong employer ang ginamit ko noon. Please let me know panu ko mapapalitan ang email add ko.

    • ert says:

      sir good day i want to know my total number of months in my sss contribution? here is my sss #:0812564378..

    • pedro dela cruz says:

      how can i print my sss premuim and hestory

    • doly de La fuente says:

      Bakit denisgn ang website ng sss na di maaccess or makapag register ang mga currently walang emplyer. Pano nila machecheck ang status ng kanilang SSS contributions or loans?
      Yan ang laging problema. Di Ma access kung walang employer number.
      I hope SSS can do something to address this problem. It’s not user friendly to those who did not have an employer

    • Virgilio A. Dandin says:

      Ask ko lang po kung na hulogan po yong sss ko dati.

    • francisco bangi says:


    • Jerickson Rubio says:

      gud am!gusto ko pong malaman if ilang year na ang na i contribute ko sa sss..thanks & god bless

    • vincent joseph T ordas says:


    • resistar hermias mojado says:

      mam sir need ko po malaman kung ilang buwan na po na hulog ko sa sss kung pwedi na po ako makapag loan

    • arlene tagaro ancheta says:

      can i get my sss contribution

    • Nina says:

      sir. i would like to know my total contributions w/ sss#3300855363

    • Erwin Goze says:

      tanong q lng poh qng hinuhulugan sss q?

    • henry jurlabar says:

      paano po kumuha o magApply ng SSS I.D. , meron na po akong E1 form kung san nakalagay ang SSS number ko??? please sana matulungan nyo ako ..

    • Michael john C. Acosta says:

      Inquire ko lang po kong magkano nalang balance ko sa sss loan ko.

    • DEXTER L. CABRERA says:

      lintik na website. hindi maka register!

    • Mochi says:

      The verification email provided a link to a page with more fields to answer, and at the bottom, it asked for this: ‘Please provide any 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number where you worked for at least six months’
      My concern with this is that I was only at my previous (and first) job for 3 months. I can’t submit the form without answering this field, so I’m pretty much tempted to just type a lot of zeros.
      Can anyone help?

    • john belandres says:

      I was not able to register my SSS memebership on line.I need to check my contribution.

    • darryl a. francisco says:

      verify total sss contribution

    • Jhon Robin G. Ope√±a says:

      hi sss gusto ko po malaman kung pwede na akong mag laon


      Have a good day po,

      Gusto q po malaman yung contribution ko, sakali po ba n hindi n hulogan ung year 2015 ko pwede ko pa po ba ma hulogan un ngaung year 2016? Salamat po.

    • edna cea says:

      see my total contribution

    • Benita ilagan says:

      ‘Having stated such, Is there any way pa ba para malaman namin ung total contribution?’

      Pwede syang magpalit ng status from Employed to self employed. then maghulog sya ng contribution para magkaron sya ng SBR number. Ung SBR number kasi ay requirement sa My.SSS registration para sa mga self employed eh. At dahil sa pagkakaintindi ko ay ‘hindi nyo alam ang employer SSS number’ ng tatay mo. NAg assume nalang ako na retired na o wala ng trabaho ang tatay mo. Yan ang basehan ng sagot ko. Maaring ung ibang readers, may alam na ibang way na mas madali.

      Pwede ka din nman pumunta sa mga SSS Branch na malapit sa inyo, at least pag ganon, hindi mo na kelangan magregister. Mas pabor din ako na pumunta nlng kayo sa SSS Branch.

    • joseph pelingon jr. says:

      hinpi po aq mkapagsubmit ng registration.. d q alam kung anong kulang..

    • francisMejarito says:

      Mam, Sir, nais ko pong malaman kung ilan na po ang aking monthly contributon,

    • Christian Dela Cruz says:

      for my total amount contribution And total months

    • Christian Capistrano says:

      Total contribution please

    • ricky pantoja says:

      ako po ay sss voluntary member ask ko lng po kung may maternity bennifit po ba me matatanggap khit po nag stop na po me maghulog last 2011.

    • myracelle OBIERNA says:

      total amount my contribution

    • michelle tengco says:

      my total contributions

    • Rizalde Cuevas Pedarse says:

      gusto ko lang malaman kng magkanu na lahat na contribute ko

    • sherlyn says:

      bakt pabalik balik lang yung member log in..?

    • LendL James Evangelista says:

      panu ko po makukuha ung statement of account ng SSS print out poh!


    • SUS RODEL ENAJE says:

      Paano po ba mag inquire online,, Tnx

    • barbie says:

      Please reply using my email address how to access my contribution and maturity of benefits.

    • Adrian Apayart says:

      ok na po pala. I already read the comments below. Thanks!

    • rolando romanillos tapanan says:

      sir/madam, just want to know the status of my retirement claim, thanks & God bless! SSS # 33-3912096-2, kindly send it to my email add

    • Esmeril Guerzo says:

      The SSS contribution is based on monthly compensation, what comprises the monthly compensation? Is overtime pay, holiday pay and night differential are considered monthly compensation?

    • Marilyn D. Erguiza says:

      What if di mo alam ung sss no. ng employer mo??

    • tricia babiera says:

      Monthlt contribution from july 2013 to may 2014

    • arvic liwag says:

      I want to know my contribution

    • Student says:

      i cant find access of my sss contribution summary and online account is blocked

    • josie says:

      i forgot my pass word in my user name can you help me

    • Mae Major says:

      i dont know how to see may contribution and ti search also can you give a good idea how to search may sss contribution

    • Joemar R. Bongalon says:

      how to register again because my account in sss is blocked thank you

    • Veeno says:

      gud pm..ask ko lang po kung nahulog ba yun sa account ko ngbayad ako sa metrobank pero hindi nlagay yun name ko sa name of payor at hindi rin nilagay yun account number ko sa applicable month lang nilgay yun date wala rin yun amount na bnyad ko..pero my special bank receipt ako hindi rin nklalagy yun name ng metro bank sa collecting iinquired ako sa online ng sss ndi nmn ako makaregister para malaman ko yun contribution ko kung pumasok b oh ndi..

    • sarah jane says:

      hello Good afternoon.. can i ask your assistance. because i forgot my user Id as well as my password.. hindi po kasi makapag log in please send me an email here!

    • Mario Juayang says:


      Just want to ask lang po.. what will i do i forgot my username po kasi online and di po inaaccept yung email address ko.. paano po kaya un?? di na po ako kasi makapag sign-up again. gusto ko po sana makapag check on-line ng contribution ko.

      thanks and god bless!

    • Adonis Evasco says:

      Sir please help me about my account

    • Ricky belardo tenoria says:

      haven’t received an automated password when i registered, instead received a link, but i don’t have my employers id number so i can’t get through. can you help me please?

    • Lawrence Keith DITTMAN says:

      Good day!

      I just want to know the total of my SSS contribution.

      Thank you,

    • ma.lizaolivar says:

      Ask lang po, how long does contributions usually post? I checked my sss contributions online and last contribution posted is January pa, pero prompt naman ang employer ko sa payments. So I’m wondering, inaabot ba ng ilang months before magpost ang contributions, or may problem lang sa site nila so di pa na-update? thanks much!

    • franc says:

      Your portal sucks!i cnt check on my contributions!whats the problem with your member log in page!fix ur member login portal.

    • angeline maximo says:

      Hndi po ako mkpg proceed kc hinhnp yun employer id..

    • Anne says:

      i want to inquire my sss contributions my sss no.0722109836

    • alf f. somoso says:

      Sir..need q po ng printout sss contribution.di poh aq makaregister..kc poh nagiinvalid un sss number q..alrefy reguster ndw huling tanda q poh ung husband q an nagregister kaso employer poh an nafillupan nya imbes n member..panu poh kaya un..pls poh need q poh tlga un

    • Ana de Dios says:

      gd day im joan ask ko lng kc nag registered naku pero lumalabas xi na SS number has already been registered,,panu k malamn un eh wala namn ako nareceive na reply nila sa mail ko!pls help thanks!

    • jeonard v. diciembre says:

      GOOD am po nag check po ako ng contribution ko online pero d kopo na kikita eto lng po ang nilalabas. 302 Moved Temporarily

    • Erwin Descartin says:

      I want to inquire if i have balance in sss loan

    • michael arellano says:


    • Erwin JArdin says:

      i need to know my actual contribtion thank you

    • jasmin llagas says:

      Pano q po mlalaman kung my naihulog po ang company q dati sa sss q.tnx

    • kessa marie patic says:

      ,good pm,
      ask ko lang po kung paano ko malalaman kung hinuhulugan po yung sss ko ito po yung No. 04-2205139-4

    • Reina says:

      gusto po malaman kn kn n hulogan ang sss noong 2010 ho!! maraming slamat!

    • laila mae santiago says:

      Hi maam sir healthy day,i just want to know how to check my contribution right away,thank u very much

    • Ester Aranez Samla says:

      i will inquire sss no.

    • yuu says:

      good am!i just want to ask, how can i reset my sss account?i want to re.register my account because my email address got blocked!thank you

    • christopher alejo novesteras says:

      My sss contribution

    • Cha Robin Recamara says:

      get a premium print out

    • solano bellen jr says:

      Hi ma’am/ sir. Magkano na po ba total contribution no as sss ko tanx..

    • mendoza marilyn M. says:

      Hi I appreciate your effort in creating this page but I think the instruction here is quite wrong and misleading. After you filled-up the online form with your name, email address and other pertinent personal details it is not a password that is sent in the email provided but an instruction to continue with the registration process which requires a user to fill-up the form again but this time with other personal information needed like address and parent’s name and the likes. In this current step I come into a deadlock since I’m asked with the information that I didn’t know and was asking in the first place, the 13 digit employer id..

    • Melay says:

      I can’t open your website , how can i fill up the form, my SSS no. 0630879177

    • RAY PE√ëARANDA says:

      regarding my contribution in sss, just want to ask..thanks

    • john lloyd says:

      my contribution

    • rhayan furuya says:

      maam /si

      panu po mauupin yung sss online

    • Jeric Arvin U. Magayanes says:

      i want to know my account?

    • share says:


      Where can I find the 13 digit employer ID??


    • Macapagal Maricar says:

      Maaari nyo po ba akong padalhan ng kopya ng contributions ng non-working spouse?
      Maraming salamat!

    • Virgie V. Barbolino says:

      thank you for sharing your knowledge, Luke. I’ve tried it and it worked for me!

    • Juniper Policarpio says:

      the new format is complicated now i just tried i cannot even see the contribution button in the my.sss part

    • regie ocop says:

      may i know my latest sss contribution.

    • triple a says:

      Nais ko po lang malaman kung naghuhulog po ang aking agency tuwing akoy onboard sa barko.

    • Jesusaries Mariano says:

      nawala po kc ang aking SSS no, hindi ko pa nahulugan yon, paano ko makuha yng sss no ko, pls pk email na lng po sa email ad ng tita ko. mag start na po ako maghulog eh.Tnx for your help

    • E.j. says:

      can i get my contribution? or can i know my contribution, ?

    • Jondee says:

      Salary loan contribution

    • tariq mahsud says:

      i just want to know my total contribution?

    • agapito ayag says:


    • cris daro says:

      sir/maam pwd pa po bang i claim yung sa tiyuhin kong matagal ng namatay!..ang name nya po!..pablito opon espanto pinanganak noong nov.25,1944!he died last july 19,1992!

    • ronald cortez says:

      Hi Miranda,

      Regarding sa concern mo, way back 2009, nung nagregister po ako ay hindi required ang Employer number. Then biglang binago ng SSS. Hindi ko din po alam kung baket pero (i think and i might be wrong) security measures po iyon. Yun lang ang nakikita kong dahilan baket nila nilagyan ng ganon.

      Pwede pa naman macheck nung mga SSS Members ung mga loan status at contribution nila pero kailangan nga lang nila pumunta sa SSS Branches. Or kung hindi sila employed, dapat eh nagpalit na sila ng SSS Membership status to Self employed o Voluntary Member.

      Yung sa Employer number po, ang tanging nakakaalam lang talaga nun eh mismong ung Employer ninyo. Pwede nyong itanong sa kanila. Ibibigay naman yun, sabihin nyo lang ang reason na SSS Registration.

      Maraming salamat po sa pagbisita 🙂

    • ramiel maranga macanit says:

      i want to check my father’s contribution but he had no longer an employer now and he did’t know the sss # of his empoler what should i do.ds coming august 17 is his 60th brthday he wants to get his pension.tnx

    • sonja says:

      To inquire my sss contribution

    • michael latuna says:

      how can i get verification slip for my sss contribution?

    • Margie P. Lusande says:

      check my sss rimmitance

    • Blayzen kaimanacordy says:

      gsto ko po sana malaman kong mgkanu n ang laman ng sss ko,,,,

      SSS# 3430746012

      Birthday:APRIL 23 1991

    • Alexia Arrabal says:

      Hi! I want to know how many months my sss contributions including my last contribution last March 10, 2013. This is my sss No. 0616868160

    • Noel Bautista says:

      cannot access online inquiry..seems website is not working well

    • robbie says:

      SSS total payments

    • Norvie Cruz Linantud says:

      check ko lang po kung nahuhulugan po yung sss ko,
      kc bka hindi hinuhulugan ng company namin ehhh.

    • jaiezel f. paranal says:


    • peter jhun M. Honrubia II says:

      Good day,,tanong q lang po bakit hanggang ngaun la p po ako natatanggap n pension as disability!salamat po

    • marygrace galope says:

      pwede ko po bang malaman kung magkanu na po ung na contribute ko sa sss

    • Roland Rolusta says:

      How do we tell the server admin of SSS Online to increase the number of sockets on the server configuration so that we do not have to for so long to get connected to the server?


      paano po malalaman online ang monthly contribution ko thanks po!


      actual contribution from july to december

    • alian says:

      i want to see my contribution..tnx..

    • Brian Raymond says:

      my contributions

    • RJVM says:

      Mam/Sir pls.send my contribution total inquiry in my email!.

      This is my sss#33-0402706-1;thank & more power!Gbu

    • Budots pa! says:


    • nerickson says:

      what if i don’t have an employer id? will i be able to register an account?

    • Faye Begino says:

      my total contribution in SSS for required for loan

    • fely sanduico says:

      ask lng po ako ng aking total na nacontribute since ngstart ako ng sss.tnx

    • Andro Quitorio says:

      hinigingi pa rin naman ung 13 digit SS number ng employer.wala namang sinend na password sa email


      ilang months napo contri ko ngaun ?? pwde naba ko mag loan ?? En how much po ?

    • Maria.Emma Erandio Yacap says:

      gusto ko sna makita yung cobtribution ko

    • bryan roco says:

      where can i get ss number or crn ?

    • fernan buan says:

      papa reset ko po ung password ko sa sss kasi naka block po pwede po mag request ng bagong password

    • jeremy moises says:

      Paki send po ng contribution list ni mr hergie reonal rempillio s email n toh pally thank u po

    • jerwien says:

      gusto ko lng po makita kung magkano nah nabayad ko. salamat po

    • MIshi Adrielle says:

      Gud day. I am Beltra Diaz from Cebu City. May problema ako sa aking pangalan na ginagamit sa SSS name ko. Naging member ako sa SSS nang dalaga pa ako ang pangalan ko ginagamit ay Vilma Villamor tapos nung nag-asawa na ako at ikinakasal na ang NSO name ko ay Beltra Villamor. So nang ako ay ikinasal na ang aking name ay BELTRA DIAZ na. Hindi ko pa nabago ito ano ang tana kong gagawin para machange na ang pangalan ko. Sana matulungan nyo ako. ang aking SSS # ay 06-1831385-9. Salamat.

    • Crisanta De Francisca says:

      sss no. 06-1394551-0

    • Jasper M. Fetalvero says:

      i want to know how many contributions i have to sss.

    • Jane Villaflor says:

      Good day! Gusto ko lang po sanang Magtanong kung ano po yung need n gawin ng parents q para makpagcontribute po sila Wala p din po kasi silang sss since then. Ano po b yung 1st step at requirements para makapghulog cla? Thank you po.

    • jerson m bonita says:

      Gusto ko lang poh na malaman ang SSS # ko kasi since i applied nawala kasi yong duplicate ko. and they said the SSS card will be sent directly to my address, but d ko na naabotan kasi paalis na akong ng ibang bansa so kailangan ko poh malaman kong ano SSS # ko para maitutuloy ko ang paghulog.

    • ARANIA says:

      This is not a step by step thing, you missed something, after you validate through email it still requires to fill up some information. Most of them are having a hard time to get their employer’s SSS number, i suggest you should mention that not like the one you posted because it still leaves a question mark on their mind.

    • Jolapuz says:

      hi pwede po bang mag request ng contribution k on my email. Thank po
      Mrs kerr-French

    • noraida a macasimbar says:

      gd pm pwd magtanong kong ilang years nah ang sss koh,kong pwd nah ako mka loan!

    • Mark Anthony C. Nilo says:


    • john dave m pocsidio says:

      Read the tutorial on how to check your SSS Contribution written above.

    • darl says:

      can i have my SSS contributions copy?

    • Antonio Puyot says:

      Mam, Sir,

      puede po bang i follow up ang loan ko last November 12 pa po un.

      thnk u and can i have a copy of my contributions thanx God bless you

    • evelyn Catalan says:

      I want to check my total contribution .how to do ? any other option ?? i cant see it even i open online to check it ,but it seems like my gmail cant connect to sss .Thank you!

    • Arlene Gelilio Mercado says:

      pls. e-mail to me ur reply!! thank u!!
      God Bless!pwede ko po bang malaman kung mgkano na po ang remittance ko? ndi po kc ako maka pag submit kc wla na man po akong emplyer Id..

    • Randy Y. Tusalem says:

      I have not yet received my password coming from you.

    • jaiezel f. paranal says:

      kailangan ko po ng print out ng contribution ko po..

    • rather verzola c says:

      thank you for the link, was able to check my sss account online 🙂

    • gulfam says:

      gud day po tanung q lng poh kung pwede q poh byaran ung dati qng loan. kc poh d poh aq nkalatasan ng emplyer q. pwede poh b yun tpuz mgloan ulet aq. 1 year n poh d aq nkalkaltsan sa loan. pero diretso poh ung contribution q.

    • reina sarausos says:

      Good day po.. sa bagong online SSS website san po makikita yung list ng contributions??? di ko po kasi mahanap.. thanks po.

    • MAUREEN CARPIO says:

      Sir, where can I get the 13 digit employer Id? Thanks!

    • Aileen Aquini says:

      kailan po magkakaron ng amnesty?


      Gud morning ask ko LNG po kung how can I check kung may lman ung sss acount q qho

    • Azil says:

      Tanong ko lang po kasi 2014 ,ang contributions ko po ay 605.00 at nagloan po ako kya dipako nagbayad kasi dko alam kong ilan na po ba contributions ko ngayon.pls.po pra makapag pay ako gusto ko pong malaman kong tumaas po ba.?

    • geraldine morales says:

      2011 TO 2014

    • Noemar Carriaga says:

      Good day, i want to know the total actual contribution ko. ty po.

    • Isay says:

      Good morning SSS sir,mdam can i know my total contribution? Thanks and god bless:-)

    • TITA L. BARQUIN says:

      Hi po,

      bago po magloan, kelangan po muna mameet ang mga criteria na ito:

      1.You must be employed Member with 36 months posted contributions for one-month loan or 72 months posted contributions for two-month loan. You can also be an employed member currently paying self-employed or voluntary member who already contributed 6 monthly contributions for the last 12 months prior to the month of filing of application.
      2.The Member should be updated with regards to his contributions and loan remittances including Pag Ibig Loan. This also applies to your Employer.
      3.A member who’s granted their Final Benefit pay (Total Permanent Disability, Retirement and Death) is not eligible to apply for the Short Term Loan.
      4.The Member has not been disqualified due to committed against the SSS

      May trabaho po ba sya? kung wala po, disqualified na sya agad. Kung meron at never pa syang nakakapag loan, pwede syang makapag loan. ang proseso po ay gaya din ng mga first timer applicants ng loan.

      Heto po ang guide para sa pagaapply ng SSS Short Term Loan.

      Paki basa nalang po. Maraming salamat!

    • alvin.alas says:

      Maam nawala ang sss no ko ako po c jenepher baculio abejo

    • Andro Quitorio says:

      server not found naman po.ang lumalabas pag kiniclick ung web site ng sss!..

    • CHRIS ANN TAMAYO says:

      I want to know my contribution

    • Ayalyn T. Bensurto says:

      I forgot my userid.. how can i retrieve may account?

    • Errol Jay Boitizon says:

      ask ko lang po kung mag kanu nlang ang loan balance ko 09070792134 yan po yung no ko

    • Maria jessica Mhae Cenon says:

      Pki check po yun sss number ng father ko Narciso Pretista Gabion!ty po

    • Mary Ann Languido says:

      Total contribution please!

    • Rizza Daza says:

      gusto ko po malaman kung ilang monts na hulog q sa sss

    • Harold Alfonso says:

      You can ask them to register, to get their own SSS Contribution Print outs. There are some informations that are quite confidential and only for the eyes of the employees. You’re not allowed to do that since you’ll be looking at their personal informations.

      Instead, you can just register YOUR OWN SSS Number.

    • vic says:

      cge po. register ka lang po ng account sa sss website pra magamit mo po ang SSS online Inquiry nila. dun mo po malalaman lahat ng detalye sa SSS Contributions mo At kung ano ano pa na tungkol sa SSS.

    • Sadie Belisario says:

      Kelangan mo pong magregister ng account sa para makita mo ang mga naihulog or Contribution mo sa SSS.

      Nakasulat sa blog na ito kung paano. Basahin mo nalang.

    • ruby jane says:

      panu ku pu mababayaran ang utang ku sa calamity fund kasi gusto ku nang mahulugan or ipagpatuloy ang contribution ku sa SSS.??

    • jane melo says:

      Hi mam and sir..paano po ba uli makikita ung sss account ng tatay ko.kc po nakalimutan nya na.pwd po ba uli un mabuksan at mka loan?salamat po..

    • Roseller lanaja says:

      ask k lng po ang total ng contribution ng sss k?

    • Jeffrey c. Dela serna says:

      i want to change my contribution online from employed to voluntary.. Is that possible to happen without processing to the sss office?

    • Mary ann G. Labajo says:

      Chek my monthly contribution and create my own sss acuant

    • onad says:

      you are making this thing complicated, i’m confused i don’t know where to find my actual SSS contribution.

    • benedict bautista herrera says:

      Great article. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

    • Dino says:

      Dalawa ang pwede mong gawin. Una, pwede mong kunin sa dati mong employer ang SSS Number nila at subukan mong magregister ulit. Ang problema lang dito eh kung matagal k ng nagresign at matagal ng wala sa previous employer mo, malamang inalis k n nila sa listahan ng empleyado sa SSS. Baka di na gumana ang SSS Number nila pag isinubmit mo pag nagregister ka. Hindi lang ako sigurado dito. Pero itry mo pa din, baka gumana.

      Kung hindi mo magagawa ang una, eto ang pangalawa, kelangan mo na talaga pumunta sa pinakamalapit na SSS Branch. Dun ka humingi ng kopya ng loan status mo.

    • newbie says:

      Ask ko lng po, kong ilang month na ako nkapaghulog at kong magkano ang monthly contribution ko.

    • matt saballe sumaya says:

      how and where do i get my sss total contribution records since June 1979 up to present. how much do i get from my retirement if i retire this year. thank you.

    • Yvette Rosula Regalado , Tapawan says:

      I followed all the steps correctly and i successfully registered my sss account numbe. I am able to view my sss contribution online now. Thank you for the very comprehesive tutorial.


      I want to know my SSS contribution.pls help me..Olivia k medel 04-0550286-0..can’t access pH 61

    • Fidel Alatan says:

      Good pm po
      tanong ko lang po kung ano ba ang requarment kung magloan po ang bulintay sa sss

    • charlene says:

      Hi Gryzhie, Good day! I dont think that employer ID is required to register your SSS Number online. The website asked me about my complete name, email address, SSS number and date of birth.

    • Nicole Rosales says:

      i hate it! aq din gnyan! antagal na eh!

    • aMIRR ESPINOSA says:

      pwede bang malaman kung completo na ang naihulog ko para makapos ako dun sa pensyon at kung hindi pa ilann hulog pa ang kailangan kong ibigay?

      ito ang no ng sss ko 04-07038335-8

    • Astoria says:

      hello po, paano po malalaman yung loan balance ko po? nakastart na po kasi ako magbayad sa loan ko mga 7months na din kaso lumabas po ako ng bansa to work as an OFW. before ako na clear sa previous company ko dineduct nila sa akin remaining payment ko dapat for my loan and they said they will pay in my behalf. sabi nila natapos ko raw at nabayad na nila. how to check if what they are saying is true?

    • Isidoro E. Curioso Jr. says:

      I followed ur instructions but no password was sent to my e-mail as you said in your instructions. why is this so? I’ve tried it several times.

    • yato says:

      I want to know my total sss contribution

    • Dominador lacasandile Villanueva Jr. says:

      It seems that they have changed it. :/
      The new interface does not have an option to check your number of contribution. Or am I just blind to see it. Please help.

    • annabell says:

      pano po mkita actual contribution ko kasi mg 3yrs na ako sa work di naman updated hulog ng agency ko

    • Ronalyn Raynada says:

      ask ko lng po ipapabklat ko po ung sss q kc poh nwala po ung sss ID ko po eh ndi ko poh kc alam n ung number q s sss mkikita prin po b ung sss q khit pangalan q lng po ang ipapahanap ko?

    • daniel torres gallego says:

      sss total contributions

    • Seph says:

      sorry. no one can give your SSS number because every one is busy here. try visiting the nearest sss branch to ask your SSS number.

    • Analyn Ayuman says:

      you can click forgot password and username in the log in page and have it forwarded on your e-mail

    • Cherald says:

      bakit poh ganun ung account ko kapag nag login ako and then press ko submit bumabalik ulit sa login.

    • gina bontigao says:


    • grant says:

      Hi ako po si Liezel sauro ..

      Gusto ko po kcng malaman ang tungkol sa naging contribution ko mula nong mag simula akng maghulog . Ive-verify ko lng po!.

    • Rodsol Jusi says:

      malalaman po ba online if valid yung sss # ? or kung kanina naka issue?

    • carabana junhell gilarman says:

      sir /maam i want to inquire my latest sss contribution ang

    • MARIAN says:

      ask ko lang ilang months na po aking nahulog? salamat po

    • Domingo Salomo says:

      may i know how many months my sss contribution

    • gino louie pena says:

      Need to know my contribution mam/sir kc mag papalit po ng agency ung company namin !thank you

    • Margie P. Lusande says:

      gusto ko ma check kong benabayaran ba . ng campony ko ang sss ko , 1 years na kpin ako .

    • Pamela Hernandez says:

      sir/mam check q lang kong pwede na q mag 2ndloan, at ask q lang kong may balance pa ba q?


      Thanks for sharing..Very informative..:)

    • ni√±o medina says:

      idol pa check nmn ng contribution ko ss# 3418601085, pa email n lang po, salamat idol!

    • enan says:

      can i have ny atatement of account.. Thank you

    • Elino Eric N. Reyes Jr. says:

      good pm. po! ask ko lang po if paano mag-loan! i think naka 4years na po ako nghuhulog sa SSS! pero sa bago kung work po kasi is 4months palang ako.. pwede na po ba yun?!

    • nomar calisura salvador says:

      Bakit crn/ss number yung nalabas? tapos hindi nya tinatanggap yung sss number na nilagay ko

    • Ronnie ampler baysa says:

      i need to know my SSS number

    • Killian John Guatlo Carpio says:

      how much my salary loan balance


      i want to know my contribution.thank you

    • Marivic Aaron says:

      see my monthly contibution


      I would like to check my sss account becouse ever since i could not pay it so i wanna check how can i pay my sss

    • silverio greganda jr. says:

      Inquire q lng po ung total contribution q. Sna need q pa po ba mg fill up ng merging or transfer form after q mg change status?

    • oliver c. bedana says:

      gusto ko lng po malaman kng completo ung contribution ko po.

    • janno naval says:

      Cant log inn in sss online inquiry tnx pls help me

    • Irine supat says:

      san pu makukuha ung password wla pu kasi sa e-mail ko pati na pu yung user ID kaylangan ko po ngayon pa reply naman po plll ASAP po thank you

    • Jennilyn B. Gayanes says:

      Mam tnung q lng po kng tapos n po b aq mgbyad sa aking sss loan?

    • carje says:

      thanks for the tutorial!. it’s a big help for every SSS member, I bet!

    • Rhenheart M Gallegos says:

      mahirap na iaccess yung new website, hindi ko na din makita yung contributions ko!. plss help thanks..


      Sss contribution

    • Jamjam says:

      bakit poh ganon all most 4years n akong my sss sabi nila sa sss hindi na ka regester

      ang sss ko eh active nmn po sya

      at na huhulogan ng agency nmin nakaka disapointed lng kase umaasa kami sa wala

    • Onor says:

      magkano na po ang ma loloan ko?

    • mac18 says:

      good day po, pwede po paki check kung nahulugan po ng dati kung employer ang sss ko, thanks po

    • Jet medina says:

      I can’t open your website! please help!

    • Eric says:

      I would like to know my total contribution w/ sss# 33-2418818-4

    • (Ralph) says:

      Im just curious qngnahulugan ba tlga ng latest employer q ang distribution q sa sss cuz my case kami na lahat ng benefits namin ndi pa nahulugan so im just checking out pro ndi q mkita ung link pra mkapagregister online na lang sana

    • shin052409 says:

      i want to know how much my contribution.

    • RODOLFO says:

      ask ko po kung anong month yung unang hulog ng sa akin ng employer ko and kung na pa update na po ? thanks

    • Shaira Mae N. Alferez says:

      my email add. ur reply now.

    • charlie portugaliza says:

      how to check my contributions

    • Anabell Asilo Goyal says:

      ako po si ray oasnon tanong ko lng po kung pwede n po b ako mag loan kc 2009 to 2012 po ako nanapos kailangan ko rin po ang print out ng salary loan at contributions

    • Jayme de Porcento Mendaros says:

      may i know my actual contribution on sss


      Pwede po ba malaman ang contribution ko sa sss

    • Margie Albios says:

      sss total contributions

    • Cherrmaine Cadiang says:

      my sss contribution

    • Michael G bangayan says:

      i would like to ask my contribution 08-1726111-3

    • marlon lajom says:

      i want to know how much my contribution


      i will inquire
      my sss no.


    • Holidays in May says:

      Nkakaasar kasi ngreregister aq pro hindi ng pupush through..i tried it 5times..stil wlang pasword wakang user id lahat wala..lokohan ba to?

    • Divina says:

      i am working at UAE,Abu Dhabi,and i am paying my SSS contribution as self employed OFW,but why i cannot open the SSS web site,there is a msg that the web site is not available.So how i will know or how i can have the link to inquire online about my SSS?

    • Laly says:

      request for my contribution

    • Winona Rose Ferrer Dojinog says:


    • mariel joy says:

      hello po good day! ask lang po sana kasi nalimutan ko po yong sss number ko how to verify my sss number thank you melesa s arnado po

    • ALMIRA ESTEVA says:

      plz po ..gusto q lng mlaman ang actual contribution q .. kung pdw nba po aq makaloan !plzzz pakicheck po !sir/maam

    • charlie gabunas says:

      pede po malaman kung naipasa na ng employer ko ang aking loan application?thankssss po and god blessss.

    • Ariz says:

      Tnong koh lng poh kung mag kno n poh ung contribution ko

    • John D. says:

      I want to know my total contributions and my remaining balance of loan.

    • RODELIA S.ISNEC says:

      i forgot my user name and password po.. can you pls help me to retrieve my account!thanks

    • Joseph Elmer D. Bandoy III says:

      i can’t continue my sss registration coz still asking for the employer sss ID which i don’t know anymore. What would I do.

      Thanks waiting for reply

    • joemarie c. dingcong says:

      i need to view my sss contribution..

    • Jeremy Selga says:

      Hi po maam/sir pwedi po bang malaman f ilang buwan na ung nahulog sa sss q.

    • katherine ferando says:

      I’d like to know my SSS contribution, the steps in inquiring SSS contribution is to too slow and not responding. while other queries automatically replied. why like this?

    • jesyl jane signar says:

      I would like to know my Total Contribution and this is my SSS number 33-3190070-8

    • Jasmine Santos says:

      my total contributions please

    • jenilyn magno says:

      pwede ko po ba malaman kung completo na po ba yung binabayaran kung Loan.maraming salamat po.

    • marlou pan says:

      i want to check kung magkano na po ang contribution ko!thank you.

    • Arlene Teves Francisco says:

      I want to know my total contribution.

    • angie caparanga says:

      i wanted to know my contribution

    • william dagayloan says:

      Inquiring SSS monthly contribution

    • Sheena Arnoco says:

      check ko lng po kung updated ang sss ko or status ng sss ko

    • Kennedy sicat says:

      Pwde po mlaman ilang buwan n ang na contributions ko.many thanks

    • Malou Esguerra says:

      I stop paying my sss 3years ago. Now that I got a job I continue it paying again. I started it the 20th of July 2012 I just wan’t to know how to access in to my account if my contribution is bieng paid monthly.
      Many thanks

      By. Mrs Kerr-French

    • mario m. ombrog says:

      Baka pwede nyo ako matulungan dahil nag register na po ako two years ago dahil hindi ko nabuksan sa panahon na yon ngayon po ay sa twing mag register ako ang sabi ay this number is already registered. Kahit bago na ang email add pero dahil nga po yun pa din ang sss number ay di po ako makapag verify online. Nag send na po ako ng email sa sss relations mismo pero walang tugon. Umaasapo ako sa inyong tulong. Maraming salamat po

    • cam says:

      good day, I want to know my sss total contributions. thanks.

    • maria luisa rosal madrigal says:

      Magkanu po maya ang total ng contributions ko kc do po ako naaupdate ng sss eh..nghuhulog nmn po..thanks po..

    • edwin penaflor says:

      good day, i would like to know the status of my sss ID application which I filed May 18, 2012 at SSS main, Diliman. I haven’t received yet my ID until today.

      thank you

    • Cris Angelo Ines says:

      Please help me po hnd kp nhuhulugan ang sss ko cmula ng kumuha ako blak ko po sn hulugan pano po ggwin ko

    • vincent,feca says:

      May I know my total actual contribution. Thank you.

    • Urbano T.Cortez says:

      sinabi mo pa!

    • johnver says:

      pano po ba makikita yung hulog ko sa sss. ko ng company na pinapasukan ko baka po kasi di ako hinuhulugan kinakaltasan naman ako kada sahod ko.

    • jeremy moises says:

      paki check naman po kung na huhulugan ng agency ko yung sss ko, start up to august 2014 up to june 2015.

      angency: AZ Contacting


    • marie lucas says:

      May I know my total contributions from June 1979 up to present to include my voluntary and self-employed contributions..

      Thank you po!

    • September says:

      Gsto Ko po sana malaman hulog ko kaya lng nawala po yung sss id kaya po di ko alam SSS no. Ko

    • donnny capitan says:


    • ge says:

      e di maghulog ka..para magka RS5 ka..

    • Fe Ayuman says:

      My aunt cannot log in to her sss account even though the user id and the password were emailed to her by SSS the moment she registered. Why couldn’t she logged in? She wanted to know her employment history that’s why she decided to create an online account.By the way she used my niece’s email add when she registered because she told me she didn’t have one. Pls.reply asap.

    • melissa29 says:

      Total amount po

    • pedrito h. dorado says:

      gusto ko lng po malaman kung magkno npo ang contribution ko sa sss?

    • leoneil v. san diego says:

      i want to check my SSS contributions

    • Angelica C. Awog says:

      i loss my sss id how cant i avail again my sss no!!..


      my contribution

    • ROGEL P. ESPIRITU says:

      I tried to fill up the on line form but still cannot access on SSS contribution & Loan Balance inquiry. I would like to re-activate my SSS membership. My SSS # 33-0465261-4. I would appreciate if you can send me all details through my email address.

      Thank you so much!


      ask ko lang po if how much na yung contribution ko sa sss, asap..

    • edmundo tobias jr says:

      just to check my contribution!

    • jonathan garcia barrameda says:

      i want to know my total contribution.

    • Dion says:

      sss contribution inquiry

    • angelie mosqueda says:

      thanks for the tutorial!. it’s a big help for every SSS member, I bet!

    • Joahnne Marie Rejoso says:

      my sss contributions updates

    • Maria Shelamie Q. Camu says:

      mg check lang ng contribution

    • mey says:

      tanong ko LNG po kung pwede n ako mag loan at kung HND p magkano p ang kulang PRA mkpagloan n ako.tnx

    • jhonnel eniosa says:

      can i get my static information/

    • susana costimiano says:

      monthly contributions

    • uldarico oliveros peloton says:

      gud day po< ask ko lang po total actual contributions ko kung ilang buwan na lahat premiums ko as of this date po.. thks

    • Jenny Bee H. Rivera says:

      Tanong ko lng po Kung pwede na po ako magloan at kung magkanu po ang pwedeng iloan.thank you po

    • kentot says:

      can i get a printout of my sss contribution

    • Ashley says:

      Paano ko malalaman kung magkano na nahulog ko sa sss ko.tnx

    • Mark baker says:

      patulong lang po aq kung panu malaman yung share ko sa sss

    • marinel paderes says:

      i want to know how much my contribution.

    • Jay Christ Engarcial says:

      I need updated list of my SSS contribution SSS#07-1062390-0

    • regie cabahug says:

      i just want to know my contribution and can i loan.

    • lanz says:

      ask q lang po kun nakailang hulog na po aq

    • Emiliano Regino Jr. says:

      the website is down. i need my static printout to be submitted tomorrow. need help please. i cant access the site.

    • Cherry Ann C.Novida says:

      Hi ! i cant register po.. lagi po lumalabas na ‘invalid CRN/SS number’ pro yun na yung number sa E1 ko.. please help.. thnx


      Hi. I find this post concise but I also see that the steps are already obsolete because now the site asks for your employer’s sss number for the past 6 mos. to be able to register. So it’s either you give your HR a call for it or personally go to them for this info. Problem is, if the inquirer hasn’t been employed for more than 6mos, there are no other options to proceed on the registration.

    • JAYSON DULATRE says:

      verify ko lng po ung sa static employe kailangan lang po namen sa trabaho ko ung records ng contribution. slamat po!

    • yengharun says:

      kailan po kaya nahinto ung huling hulog ng huling com. na pinasukan ko thanks

    • ROSE ANN V TIMAN says:

      i follow the steps but still need pa rin ng employer sss id number which i don’t know yet.kaya d p rin aq mkapag inquire online. kla q khit wla yun mkkopen aq ng acct.ko.thanks

    • Ivory V. Mendoza says:

      just wanted to check my account and it so cool to know that i can check upon it online ..thanx

    • Elmar Rondina Bulan says:

      I want to know my SSS contribution ,

    • Antonia says:

      pls verify the total actual contributions of my husband, menandro japos pesquira, who was employed at the Rural bank of San Miguel & Alicia from 1989 to 1993.

    • Shiela marie castro says:

      3430507510 yan po ang ss number ko.

    • wilma samaritra says:

      SSS contribution

    • Joel A. Torres says:

      Gsto ko pong i updaye ang sss ko last ko po kasing nakita last 13 years ago

    • anghelo says:

      Hello. I hope you would be able to reply to my inquiry here. Under the member’s inquiry, contributions’actual premiums section, is the Employees’ Compensation (EC) included in the posted amounts in the table?

      Thank you in advance.

    • Mihara says:

      Please see my total contribution

    • TGGJr says:

      i can’t check my contributions

    • Hiori says:

      i want to check my sss static information

    • randy g cabanayan says:

      sss contribution

    • Rod Anthony Arriola says:

      try mo pong magregister ulit ng bago. ganon din po ang status ko, naghihintay ng password. ewan ko ba kung baket ganon. sa email mo (Yahoo or Gmail) try mo ding icheck ang SPAM FOLDER, baka nandun un. Minsan dun napasok un eh.

    • penelope says:

      My contribution

    • Manuelito galera rapsing says:

      if you can’t register, you can simply ask your employer or your previous employer..

    • Rufina Umandap Caraan says:

      Hi po,

      kaya po nagkakaganyan ung sa inyo dahil yata sa hindi nyo nagalay ng ilang minuto ung website ng SSS habang nakalog in kayo. magiging inactive kasi ung log in nyo. Wag din po nyo bubuksan ang account nyo sa SSS ng dalawang beses ng sabay. kunwari, sa isang window eh naglog in ka na tpos naglog in ka ulit sa ibang window. yan po ang ibig sabihin ng ‘you have an existing active session.please logout to avoid errors.’ Kelangan mo pong iclear ung RECENT HISTORY nyo kung gamit nyo eh Firefox. then iclose nyo po ung browser nyo after iclear ang history. Try nyo pong maglog in ulit then ok na un.

    • michael edward g galang says:

      sss remittance inquiry

    • gerb says:

      i want to see my contributions

    • Marie Belle R. Pe√±a says:

      I have submitted and filled the required field, how long will it take to receive my password from SSS. Been checking but there’s none, thanks

    • antonio t. tan says:

      I want to verify my totalSss contribution.

    • rosemarie romero adajar says:

      Sss contributions

    • Jusarrell says:

      nakapag register nga but hindi nman makapag log in bkit ganon??

    • james tuguinay says:

      hingi po ako ng tulong, pwede po ba na send nyo sa email ko po, yung sss premuim and hestory. t.y po

    • RICHARD D. ABA√ëO says:

      hi.. ask ko lng po pano kung naka register na po ako dati pero nkalimutan ko na ung password at user name ko. pwede ba ako gumawa ng panibago?

    • AL says:

      Good day po gusto q pong mlaman kung ilang months npo ang contribution qpo at kung magkano npo ang interest ng loan q po! salamat po!

    • maria veronica b.enero says:

      can u show me my recent sss contribution?

    • yota garcia says:

      Ok lng po ba yung sa middle name ko na initial lng?kc un dn ang nsa birth certificate ko..illegitimate kc ako..ano po ba dpat?

    • kristine niu says:

      pwede mong tingnan ang SSS E1 form mo, andun yun. kung nawawala din, punta ka na lang sa SSS Office.


      Thank you for this very comprehensive tutorial on How to check my SSS Contribution Online!

    • muska mercado says:

      Hi. I followed the instructions you’ve written, but sad to say, I still need to supply my employer sss id/number right after clicking the link sent to my email. I got here because I want to inquire re my static contributions and print it out without my sss employer number because I haven’t gotten it from my previous employer. what should I do? I mean I only have my email and SSS number to check!


      I would like to inquire if what is the total contributions do I have. Also if I am now qualified for SSS benefits? Did I meet the minimum requirements of contributions? Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

    • Dada Fernandez says:

      hello po pwedi po ba mag tanung,,kung may hulog ba sa company ang sss ko?thank you

    • jeffry tibalan says:

      Anu ba ung server ng sss 1 wik ng sira nkaka disappointed d mkpag print ng static information klan nyo ba balak ayusin yan?

    • NBI Clearance | » Ask Someone To Claim Your NBI Clearance Using the Authorization Letter says:

      Kindly check my SSS contribution til 2016.

    • xblare88 says:

      how to update my contribution

    • daniel tianio says:

      Checking my sss contribution.

    • Chona Abegonia Talagtag says:

      Gusto ko po mag inquire kung pwde po ako mag loan

      Into po SDS num ko 333368600-4


      hello! ask ko lng po kung naipasok na po yung contribution ko Yr. 2006 month of Oct-Dec. tnx!.

    • cherel baroma says:

      can i print my sss contribution

    • Loremar jalog himor says:

      hi. can i get my sss loan balance please? thank u!

    • mark louie manlangit says:

      Gud pm po!nag apply po kmi ng asawa q ng 1st loan,pero n nreject po,ang nkalagay po LOAD ELIGIBILTY,ang total po ng contribution ng asawa q 42,tpos may nkalagay p po n *employer delinquent in payment of LOAN 07-01-2004,Total amount of Delinquencies:9

      ,503,103 ano po b ang ibig svihin,nloanan n po un sss ng asawa q,o kulang p un hulog ng agency,umaasa po aq n ma2gunan niu po agad ang aking tnong,

    • edelferio c. awitanon jr. says:

      ask lang po ako for verification online .

    • rhon says:

      diko po mahanap un info kung how much nlng un balance ko sa SSS Salary Loan ko. Registered nako online, I already checked each tabs pero wala yung info na kailangan ko, which is how much pa un remaining balance ng loan ko.. please help!

    • Monette W Julian says:

      how much my contribution

    • jeremeh says:

      can you please send me my sss id to my permanent address, cabangahan tayak siaton negros oriental..thanks..

    • marianne salonga says:

      check my contribution since Im member


      Gud pm sir! SSS#03-2552090-6. I wld like to know my total contributions. I have filed my retirement claim since July when i turn 65 yrs. when can i have it? Thank u sir!

    • Reymond G. Abarra says:

      nive to have online sss ty for servicing our needs

    • Yeoj says:

      Please send me a form as a link for me to inquire my total contribution of my SSS.

    • maria agnes zarzoso yang says:

      pwede ko po bng mkta ang mga company n naghu2log sa akn mula 2009..

    • Myla caparanga says:

      hi there!

      just wanna ask!
      i applied for an SSS loan then dun lang nalaman na my SSN is temporary na process na ng HR dept namen they asked me to fill up and sign a simple correction form regarding that.just wanna know sana if matatagalan ba yun? how long will it take? para maging ok na and i can proceed with my loan application.
      reply highly appreciated!.pls email me
      thanks a lot! 🙂

    • philip says:

      pwedevpo bang malaman kong my laman na ba ang sss ko. pwede ba mag inquir dito?

    • Jean Dela Torre says:

      gud afternun sir/madaam ilang months po ba ang expiration ng password kc po ung account ko ndi ko na po xa na oopen tnx

    • maria luisa rosal madrigal says:

      mgkanu nalang po ang balance ko po sa SSS Loan ko tnx.

    • Vincent Tabiolo Yares says:

      gusto ko pong malaman kung sino gumawa ng programmed ng SSS! hahaha! napaka pangit,,, hindi mo macheck mga contribution unlike before madali maka access!since nung binago yung dataBASE haNGGANG ngayon hindi ko pa rin sya macheck!SSS! pls do check your online inquiry hindi makatulong sa amin

    • Eizzy Kyelle says:

      hi,how many months before I can loan for salary?

    • Rosalie Gubot Salvacion says:

      tanong ko lang po kung magkano na ang kontrbusyon ko sa sss ko kasi po start may 25-july1 po nahuhulugan ung sss ko!gusto ko po sanang makuha ang statistc report nito,pwede po bang paki fax na lang po sa number na ito.4416391

    • Roger Magsilang Longalong says:

      im asking how much is my sss contribution now?

    • Rodel Blando Binaday says:

      I want to check my sss contribution

    • Loreman Fabular says:

      Hindi po ako makapagregister kahit sinusundan ko po yung process.


      I want to know my total contribution .

    • Ricardo Domingo says:

      di ko maopen accnt ko sa sss!im using the password that was given to me!pano pong gagawin?i tried it many times na!


      Why the system is not working?????? try to spent more time in upgrading it because its very stressful and it seems we are not paying you guys???????????????????????????????????

    • Darlene Pretal says:

      Dave, i think the website requires the Employer number now. If you don’t know your SSS employer number, ask them. Just explain to them that you need it because you need to register in SSS Online Inquiry.

      I think the SSS website works like this:
      For employed individuals. ‘SSS Employer Number, No registration’

    • liezl tollo says:

      can i get my total contribution in my sss account

    • JHETRHINE says:

      panu ko po makukuha ung statement of account ng SSS print out poh!

    • reizel rosales says:

      mam and sir ask kolang poh kong my holog nbha yng sss ko, tanx

    • lyzette april says:

      try to open it using internet explorer instead of chrome or mozilla

    • Maan says:

      check my contribution.

    • lyks says:

      i forgot my email and paswword,how can i retrieve?

    • cvtenio says:

      Pwede ba mka reloan kahit 8th months pa ang nbayaran ko sa salary loan

    • vivian m. says:

      total actual contributions

    • merry grace says:

      its not working. . there’s a problem with your website. . i can’t see my contributions. . pay attention to this. .

    • Crisdel Alzate Balleno says:


    • beng says:

      di po aq makapag regester para mka log in please can u help me. im ofw now, na stop po ung sss ko di ko na po nabayaran since 2008 po. i want to update my sss and contribution as an ofw. what should i do please thanks your reply its a big help!

    • antonio t. tan says:

      gusto Kung malaman Kung magkano ng ang aking nahulog salamat po

    • Neslyn Pajes Castillo says:

      Try mo pong basahin ‘tong blog na to:

      Find Out How Much Is Your SSS Salary Loan Balance

      anjan po kung paano mo malalaman ang SSS Salary loan balance mo.

    • enrico marasigan says:

      my id and password was blocked how can i reactivate my registration, do u assist me?

    • Mark angelo g. quimbo says:


    • Lucille says:

      sir tanong kulang po kung ilang months na ung hulog ng ss ko?

    • jenelyn llurag says:

      Hello po pwd ba malaman months of contributions ko George ampoloquio-

    • Erwin Descartin says:

      ok n po ba ang loan k s sss?

    • Reynante Sobredo says:

      sir?mam ;pwede ko puh ba malaman ang contrubution ng mister ko phu,

      here puh ang sss no. poh ng mister ko 03-5602260-6 thanks poh

    • lito a lape says:


    • KevinCecil says:

      check ko lng po kung magkano po ung utang ko po sa SSS

    • louie pete g. rinoza says:

      With the new sss website, how to check my actual contribution?

    • dinbert says:

      pwd po malaman kung ilang months na ang nahulugan ko?

    • Grace M.Nono says:

      Go to the SSS Head Office (I think it’s in QC) then look for their IT Manager or anyone from the IT department with high rank. File a formal complaint. Tell them your concern and your possible solution.

      Because a simple call in their hotline number is not enough.

    • nimar alba says:

      gusto ko po mkita ung ilan na ung contribution ko sa sss.

    • batman says:

      Gusto kulang po malaman kung magkano na po nahulog ko!at kung pwede na po ako mag loan!

    • Jimson fernandez says:

      sss online inquiry, @ total contributions.

    • Hwong says:

      Check q lng po un ss

    • ruben alemania says:

      hello! maam & sir. virify kolang po ang total nang aking sss contribution. thanks po.

    • soulful says:

      i need to check my monhtly contribution

    • Rachel C. Velasco says:

      Gusto ko po sana malaman yung contribute ko kia lang po d na aq mkapag register ulit sa member ng o po alam kung bqt plz pa help naman po tnx

    • maria cristina miles says:

      my sss contribution i would to know

    • Charissa says:

      gd afternoon mamm/sir pwd po malaman ung status nang SSS contribution q

    • joel apayat says:

      verify ko lang po ung total contribution ko sa sss?

    • Brian Ighan says:

      I want to know my savings

    • jenny salvacion says:

      Hi ,I have actually followed your instructions it works .However my contribution did not appear .Just the information about me and my company .and below there is a ‘print page’
      what does it mean?

    • jose taladua jr c. says:

      Where can I see your reply

    • Daven M. Pascual says:

      Ive tried this. and its not working. I still need to get my Employer I.D. 🙁

    • Rona Hipolito says:

      latetes contribution

    • lenyl abetria says:

      I filled up the SSS member registration that they sent me in my email but it asked the receipt number of my payment for the last 6 months. I entered it but it says ‘SBR number not in SSS records’.
      Please do reply, I don’t know what is the problem.

    • Rain Mendoza says:

      Sss # 3419975105!May i know my sss loan balance??

    • ericson ryan says:

      Hi Im not really sure why those 18 contribution is missing. But consider the following: SSS website is not updated, if this is the case, if you really need to know how much is your contribution you need to verify it personally in the nearest SSS Office. Your previous employer did not remit your contribution. If this is the case, you can ask your previous employer and also report them to the Authorities.

    • marife b. says:

      Hi, may I ask why can’t I access my sss account on Samsung android phone?


      Good day,sir. The problem is cant access sss website. Tried this for almost a month now. Frustrated! My company issued me certificate of contribution complete reciept numbers and dates. Remittance per cert. from july 2012 to december 2013. Verified twice with sss and it showed last posted nov. 2013. Before i worked my total contribution was 18 months. Granting my company remitten per certificate which was 18 months then my contributin should be 36 months and i should be qualified to avail for a lian. But sss told me i got 31 months as of march 03, 2014. How can i reconcile my contributions? Pls. Help me what yo do. Thanks and God bless!

    • Rusty says:

      i need to know my contributions maam/sir.and can i ask po if pwede na po ako magloan?

    • Casiano Jay Z. Gamotin III says:

      Mam, Sir, nais kong malaman kung ilan na po ang aking monthly contribution.

    • Mhelai says:

      Hi! I tried your instructions. And the SSS emailed me the Link and then I clicked it, then it shows this, ‘ LOG-OUT ] For your protection, please logout before closing your browser.’ You said that the SSS will email me the password but there’s no password. I’m hoping that you can help me about this matter. Thank you so much.

    • crissa mae fonacier says:

      i want to know my total sss contribution

    • Kristine Claire Oabel Arriola says:

      ! wala namn po kase ako emploer ID kaya hindi ako mkpagsubmit

    • camille lucas isip says:

      see the contributions sss

    • nhe says:

      inquiring for my sss contribution?

    • Maria Arlene Rodrigo Amancio says:

      maam/sir paano po malalaman yung static information kasi po hindi ako makaregister online ..
      salamat po sa tugon

    • Jessie M. Gaddi says:

      I cannot see my actual contributions when I login to my SSS online unlike before. How can we possibly check it? Is there a way for me to find out if my previous employer paid the balance of my previous loan (around 5k++)? reply needed ASAP, need to apply educational loan or renew personal loan for my kids school expenses. thanks, and God bless!

    • ronelyn espayos says:

      Need to check my monthly contribution and what is my CRN.

    • blah! says:

      how many months left before i acquire my lan

      some in sss?

    • michael villarin says:


    • Louise Tandoc says:

      magkano na po ang total actual contributions ko po sa sss

    • jean benavidez llabres says:

      Is it ok to access my SSS in internet?
      Mas maganda po ba kung pupunta kame sa tanggapan ng SSS?

    • ALBERT ARADA says:

      Pano ko po makikita ang kabuoan ng contribution. Salamat po

    • Janet bueno says:


    • maeco says:


    • Razel Cezar says:

      pa send naman po ako ng sss contribution ko po thank you god bless

    • nicanor Dela Cruz, Bolinao says:

      Wag nmn po sana ganun!kaya may online for convenience pro phirapan pa..khit mgregister phirapan din..pkiayos nmn po ng system nyo sss

    • joss says:


    • David Cornelio jr says:

      May contribution ako na hindi naipasok sa monthly contibution, ano po ang gagawin ko kc nawala na yong mga resebo sa bayad ko dito sa KSA.

    • Jovie suarez says:

      Ask kolang poh!merong bang laman young account ko,,

      Ask kolang poh..merong bang laman young accountnko,,

    • Ms. Frustrated says:

      hi ben daggers.panu ko ma tsk ang empoyment history ko???txnz bro in advnz!!!hopin for your reply soon!

    • penelope says:

      gd am po..i already filled up the form for registering my sss no. on sss website online..they sent me link but when i click on it, only blanck page will pasword & user name given..please po help me how 🙁

    • Diosalyn Bragado says:

      i need to view my sss contribution asap.tnx

    • Henry C. Enema Sr says:

      paano po bah macheck kung maylaman po ba yung SSS contribution ko? baka po kac hindi nahulugan nung agency ko eh

    • Grace H. Ferrater says:

      paano mag ss.web inquiry na ma print out!.kailangan kasi sa pag-ibig loan ko..

    • jane rose alimpoos says:

      Quick browse

    • Lita Dulay Carrera says:

      What is the use of this site without if there is no response coming from the admin? We needed help but no one is responding. >.<

    • Ernesto Go says:

      Gusto ko po inquir Kung active ang hulog ng employer q Sa aking sss acount

    • tikz16 says:

      may i know my total contribution.thanks.

    • ramielyn cindy rayco says:

      good day madam and sir ako po si laureno i. monatao sr. ako po ay nag folllow up sa pensyon ko sa sss noong may 27,2014 , january 15,2015 and feb. 6,2015 at nag inquire po ulit ako noong sept 29,2015 hindi parin lumalabas ang resulta kaya nag mensahe po ako sa inyo dahil may malaki po akong problema sa hospital hindi pa kasi ako nakakabayad ngayon.
      ang inaasahan ko lang po sana na maka pensyon na po ako para sa ganon mabayaran ko po yung utang ko, kasi palaki nang palaki . yan lang po yung inaasahn ko na sana makapensyon na po ako. tatlong taon na kasi akong nag follow up hanggang ngayon wala parin resulta. sana po maawa kayo sa akin at matulungan ninyo po ako sa aking problema .

    • gladys tumaob del pilar says:

      Yes! They do have the SSS Loan Condonation Program. For more information, please visit about the interest, you should visit the nearest SSS Branch to you so that they can discuss that to you.

    • Rita says:

      it is not working. i badly needed a print out of sss contributions for my mat2. is there any work around? when this website will be fixed?

    • Shiela marie castro says:

      hi everyone, ask ko lang kasi yung email na sinend sakin after 1st step ng registration hinihingan ako ng 13 digits employer id. i asked sa HR and 10 digits lang ang binibigay sakin!! i need to print out my sss actual contribution. THANKSSSSSSSSS

    • siree valiente socito says:

      SSS Online Inquiry Total Actual Contributions

    • meynard says:

      Pwede nyo pong masagot ang sarili nyong tanong about you SSS Contributions sa pamamagitan ng SSS Online Inquiry sa SSS Website. Magregister lng po kayo ng account, napakadali lang po nun and magagamit nyo na din agad ang SSS online Inquiry. Makikita nyo po kung magkano ang mga naihulog nyo simula nung nagwork kayo.

    • junnelcasinginan says:

      Guys, attention, if your asking about your employer number? this is not the place, this should be provided by your employer.

    • JAMELLAH Macauyag MACABUAT says:

      ..gud eve po inquire lang po sa contribution ko.tagal npo ksi hindi nahulugan eh..thanks & more power..

    • binary options demo account says:

      hi ben, i just want to ask kung makikita ba sa sss employment history ung details ng employer mo (like name, or sss #, etc) na nagreremit ng contribution?

      d ko kasi dneclare ung last company ko e hninhingi ng new employer ung sss employment history. ang concern ko lng, baka msilip ung last employer.

      please reply on my email. thanks

    • annie martinez says:

      Pls paki send naman po sakin sss number ko hindi ko po makita na. Salamat po.


      I want to check my total contribution .Thank you

    • dan nool says:

      sss is immidietly responce to web

    • RODELIA S.ISNEC says:

      every time i open my account in sss it always back to enter your username that’t why i can’t check my contribution. it’s there an error to your system? because the last i try it again they also ask the username and the password of my employer although i always make sure that i click the member log in..can you please check it out!.tnx

    • ryan nervar says:

      try to open it using internet explorer instead of chrome or mozilla


      Gud Eve Gusto kung Malaman kung magkano ang balance sa Salary Loan ko

    • fanie s. abarquez says:

      Gusto po malaman kung magkano na hulog sa sss ko 2 taon ko na kasi di na inquire salamat

    • ren says:

      I think that’s different. Employee static information is the sss number and personal informations and others. Statement of accounts is related to loan, (i guess) not really sure with that.

    • richard agres says:

      why i cant open my sss after i update my password help me to update my new ym too coz i cant open my old ym thats y hard to detect my sss . thank plss responce

    • Caryl Joy Sumagang says:

      I want to check my sss contributions.

    • richard regala says:

      check my contributions since im member

    • Thomas coles says:

      pwede bang malaman kung completo na ang naihulog ko para makapos ako dun sa pensyon at kung hindi pa ilann hulog pa ang kailangan kong ibigay?

    • jheyar ochavez says:

      mam inquire lang kon sa akong sss kong nahulog ba or wala

    • Concerned lang me says:

      Sir/ma’am paki send po sa email ko ung monthly contribution ko thanks.

    • Rita Tagam Torlao says:

      Can i ask my total contribution and how many months more to pay before i claim my benefits

    • jomari villanueva maravilla says:

      Sir\maam pwede ko pro malaman contribution ko

      As sss

    • Alvinjames C.Sumanqui says:

      I would like to ask my salary loan and contribution

    • reJina says:

      Can i ask for my sss number po? Nawala ko po kase ang kopya ko, kailangan po kase sa bago kung trabaho, salamat po.

    • rene santiago says:

      to check my SSS Contribution

    • Enriquez Darwin says:

      when to recieve my sss id

    • lizel says:

      eto ang SSS# 3421698988

    • jonelle says:

      inquire lang po

    • Iyah merced says:

      Puwede ba akoang mka hingi ng kopya ng total ng aking contribution

    • eiva says:

      Balance inquire LNG po AQ.. Salamat

    • leonie medina says:

      elang bowan na po ang hlog q sa sss ko

    • fedelyn bayani molina says:

      Hello, sir and madam.

      ask lang po ako sa payment ko if pwde na ako maka loan, at yong ID ko pwde kna din mkuha dito kc nka fill up na ako sa kuwait.


    • Reymond B. Alagao says:


    • Christine Garcia says:

      mam matanong ko lang kung anong lugar ang nabigyan ng calamity loan

    • Marry Rose L. Naje says:

      i want to see if my sss number is online or open

    • Ajlein Montero says:

      panu kapag new member lang ng SSS wala pang payment na nagawa. Edi hindi ako makakapag register dito? nahingi kasi ung 1st employer ko ng Verification Slip.

    • Camilo Jose Ardiente Valenzona says:

      Hi good day!


      I woud like to find out the complete list of my beneficiary for my sss kindly send it to my email add

      Hoping for you immediate responae

      God bless you all.

      Thank you very much

    • PEDRO A. DIOCOS says:

      tanong kulang sana kung magkano na ang total na2contribute ko,e2 yong sss # ko 03-9091396-2

    • adonis says:

      its about a week that cant access and log in cuz every time i click on members log in employers login will appear and i do need my contributions.can you help me how to solve this problem on easy way?thanks

    • marites dianne bagtas says:

      hindi nag sesend sa email ng confirmation wala naman,,

    • Andrius Chen Emmanuel M. Sy says:

      Magkano pa po balance ko sa sss loan..gusto ko po kasi ituloy ang hulog ko!

    • Mitch Ramos says:

      I want to check my sss

    • laine mabanta says:

      Wanted to know how many more years wanted to pay for my Sss thanks

    • Ma.Judeline M. Baliton says:

      I just want to report about my contribution for the month of April to June 2014 which has not been display into my actual contributions. Payment was made last November 2013 and also reported this complain to Alkhobar SSS Representative since June but until now no response has been provide. Please help and assist me to process my contribution so that my total contribution will be completed. Thanks..

    • cristina camposano says:

      tama,.. kainis,. sana nuon pa aku nag apply online,.. wala naman ganitong proseso,..pupunta pa aku ng HR nyan ulit,.. hahaist,.. ok lang andun naman yung magandang girl na crush ko,.. ahahaha,! sa kanya aku magtatanong,! toinks,.. thanks anyway,..

    • rochelle mendoza says:

      i want to know my total contributions.

    • ordanizaladylen says:

      pwede ko bang malaman kung ilang months na ang sss contribution ko? thanks po

    • catherine gandia says:

      Sure! just register an account in then use their SSS online Inquiry feature. You can then solve your problem and questions regarding SSS Contributions and others stuffs.

    • ninette v.Pacis says:

      pwd po bang ma check ang total contributions ng tatay q since 1990 .? . . kailangan q po kasing makuha ang payrol nya since that date

    • labisaman h. sharief says:

      Hello po ask ko lang po pano iretreive or magregister ulit sa sss kasi nakalimutan ko na used id and password ko.

    • Dionifer Diestro Anjao says:

      update salary loan status and contribution

    • Aya shinji says:

      Mam pwd qo pho b malaman knb magkano n pho nung contribution to say sss

    • Eric Llanderes says:

      i forgot my password what will ido

    • jessa dadol says:

      Hi Sir, Ma’am, maari ko po bang malaman kung magkano na po ang total sss contribution ko sa aking trabaho before!thank you!

    • anna a says:

      i go to mean office diliman to follow up my number because i forgott the staff tell she will send a letter to me but until now i didnt recieve any information from SSS.

    • Mae Major says:

      kindly send my sss contribution form at my facebook account angel fulig is my fb name. tnx

    • yna says:

      i want to check my contribution.

    • bobby senobio says:

      SSS issued the CERTIFICATION of Marcelino S. Hipolito with SS Number 00000000000000 but when submitting for Log In ,Invalid CRN\SS Number, what is the problem with my DAD SS Number

    • jerome santos says:

      Nakapag sign up ako pero hindi naipapadala sa email ko ang user name at password ko..

    • Joel A. Beato says:

      sir/mam’ bakit blank poh pagnabigay ng link sa sss, wla nmn poh help nmn poh pls!thanks

    • Ron Fabella says:

      Paki check naman po kasi nag alala ako sa status ng SSS ko.

    • Dominick Manga Latumbo says:

      pwede pob malaman kung magkno na po lahat nahuhulog gusto ko po sana ipag patuloy ang pag huhulog pano poba?

    • ninalyn mina says:

      i forgot my email address and user id.

    • Arvy Joy Villatete says:

      isang beses lng pho aq nkpg hulog ng sss q.pwd q pho b i2ng ipgp2loy?

    • jie says:

      hi good day po, tanong ko lang po kung ano ang gagawin kapag nakalimutan yong user name at email address!thank you in advance.. God Bless..

    • normalyn batangas says:

      Hello pho maam and sir

      Gsto k lng mlman ung ilan taon mg loan ksi pho ngumpisa ako mghulog 2015 buwan bwan ako nghuhulog ng sss ko s pinas :tanog lng pho ako maam and sir paano ko pho mllman ung mgkno na huhulog ko pho ng bbyad lng s BAYAD CENTER KDA BUWAN ANG HULOG KO 5,50 PESOS PHO

      THNK U :


    • melody yara says:

      i want to check my contribution

    • maita tablante says:

      hai can i inquire my contributions?

    • carol celles celimin says:

      ma’am/sir may i know my sss contribution.

    • Egypson c. Cruz says:

      Pls follow up ku po ung sss maternity reimbustment ku at kung pwde po na ba aku mg loan po ng sss

    • jonjhie says:

      How can i enroll on the online mysss? i am not active since 2005 but I’m a member almost 25 years. Thanks & God bless us always.

    • Divina Tagalog says:

      Gusto q lang f npaano n ing loan at contribution q.this yr kc zero talaga aq ..d aq nkpgstart ng loan payment q!mgkano n kaya!gusto q ring malaman f mgkano n ang total ng loan q!

    • TERESA says:

      Too bad. I’m sorry to hear that.
      The only thing we can possibly do is to try and contact the SSS directly and ask them for assistance. Apparently, sira yung portal site nila now. Sana i fix n nila.

    • sheryl m ramos says:

      HI Joan, same here po. same po tayo ng problem.

      I called SSS and they told me that baka daw merong nagregister ng number ko. anyway, ang fastest way na sinagest nila sa akin eh yung online inquiry thru text. mas mabilis daw un. kaso wala nga lang makukuhang print out.

      they also told me na try registering next week. baka lang daw magulo ang system nila. Hope i helped you.

    • nanilyn kabigting says:

      I can’t continue on my registration for SSS online. It requires me an employer ss id. I don’t know the SS Employer id of my former employer. Where can i find it?

    • Cristina Santos says:

      pede q po bang mlaman qng makno na po yung contributions ko po at kung pede na po aq magloan

    • Jan Michael Bibat says:

      panu ko po makukuha yung sss employment history ko!kelangan po kasi sa job ko!.

    • pretty joy says:

      Hello po.. Nakalimutan ko po sss id and password ko po. help me pls

    • shirley canaber says:

      follow up my loan balance status!SSS # 33-8868826-4

    • Hero says:

      pwede ko po bang malaman kung ilang hulog na po ako?thank you po.

    • Edgar CHinel says:

      WoW..people are asking for their contribution sum..Lol..anyway, I forgot my user id, password, and can no longer access the email add that i provided. Is there anyway to reset my online profile of password?

    • Tereso L. Juban says:

      i want to check my sss contribution for the month of august .

    • cris daro says:

      Good Day. Ask ko lang po kung anong gagawin ko kasi nawala yung E-1 form ko. Anong requirements dadalin ko to release my ss number? Kung wala, pwede bang sa hotline nalang tumawag ?

    • Schindzee De Chavez says:

      gud am. its been two days since ive tried to register in the e-registration. Until now. Hirap po akong makapasok sa web site nila. Hanggang dun lang po ako sa pag fill up ng data then ilang attemt napo ako sa word na submit, paulit ulit nila ako pi na pa fill up. Need ko po kc clearance ng aking trimobile. Thanx

    • salvador gallano says:

      Paki send Malang po sa email pls.

    • marika says:

      Gud day po,mag ask lang po ako kung mag ka anu na ang na ebayad ko sa aking sss payment or the total amount of my payment in sss that i pay ?,since 1997 po ako nag byad ng sss ko po!pwedi po paki send nalang sa aking yahoo mail,maraming salamat po mam/sir!

    • Ronald A. Quintana says:

      pls. sent my full contribition

    • Zendy Cocoy says:

      Ask lang po magkano na akin g contribution

    • billy Joe dantes says:

      Pwede ko po bang malaman yun sss number ng father ko. Namatay sya n hindi namin nkita yun sss id nya!para po sana sa funeral by benefit nya!.ty

    • marlvin rigor says:


    • Nolly bhoy c. Capus says:

      Actual sss contribution

    • grinhel says:


    • pracownia reklamy lubin says:

      Gusto ko lang poh malaman yong sss contribution ko pati narin poh yong hulog ko sa loan..hindi ko na poh kc mabuksan ang user id ko sa sss nakalimutan ko poh kc yong dati qng email ad..gustohin ko man po gumawa ng bago kaso lang po di naman ako makapasok..

    • John Rey casio says:

      Check po ako Kong nahuhulongan ba ang sss KO po ng agency q dati


      i request my total contribution from the date i started

    • Omsi Cars says:

      Salary loan

    • Alberto Orola Atchina says:

      can you give me a printable of my Employment History this is my SSS # 33-5785449-8.Thank you!.

    • xhe says:

      Hello! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the
      great information you

    • Jobert D. Albon says:

      The member inquiry page is not loading. I tried using Mozilla and IE, but the results are the same. Is there any other way to view the member inquiry page?

    • Rechel Basug says:

      total contribution

    • rosario pastran says:

      hi, i received an email after doing the instructions you provided then it linked me to a page where in i need to provide some information and i am having a problem with the 13 digit ss employer number. I have the number already given by the hr of our company but it says invalid number. please help me. thanks.

    • leslie laceda says:

      anu yung employer id


      Good am sir, ma’am gusto q po malaman kung pano ang gagawin ko. Advance po kc q ng hulog ng 2014. Pero tumaas ang contribution ng 30.may kulang pa po q. Sa buwan ng jan. To aug.2014 at wla po cia s record q.hnd dn nla ko dto s singapore pinayagan hulugan ang ka kulangan ko.s mga buwan n yun. Paano po ang gagawin ko. San po n. Punta ang hinulog ko mula ng jan.2014 to aug.2014?

    • rosalina gamboa says:

      tanung ko lng po status ng contribution q..tnx po.

    • Joseph Young says:

      i want to verify my contribution

    • Joram E. Borres says:

      hi, just want to ask kung papaano ko ma retrieve yong sss account ko,? di ko na sya ma open dahil nakalimutan ko yong user name and password ko, pati yong yahoo account na ginamit ko mag register na hacked and that’s the reason why I can’t be able to access my sss account. do I need to go personally at sss office just to get my sss account?

    • Jonel Bartolome says:

      sss contributions

    • Nadine says:

      Ask ko lng kung magkno na bal ko sa loan since 1995 at magkno na interest?kc may offer po ata SSS 2ngkol po ata amnesty po b un?

    • jayfranny says:

      gud day po inquire ko lang po sana kung how much & how many na months na ung contribution ko thanks po.

    • Jasem P. Duay says:

      Hi! thanks for this blog.

      By the way i am not receiving any passwords form sss. I had 5 email from them to click the link but there’s no result. Really. How is that?

    • bernard says:

      paano po malalaman kung totoong hinuhulugan ng employer ang sss namen?

    • Elaine de ocampo says:

      gud morning po gusto ko lng po iverify kng nhuhulugan ung sss q ng company thanks po

    • reydancastillano says:

      where i can get the SS employer ID ?

    • Marvin Catan says:

      Hi Good Day,
      Nandito po ako sa abroad ngayun, regular ko po hinuhulogan ang contribution ko since 2013. Ang tanong ko lang paano po ma.correct ang contribution ko last January-March 2015 kasi nafill-up ko sa form ay Jan.-Mar. 2014. Kung baga nadoble ang Jan-Mar 2014 ko at wala akong contribution noong first quarter of 2015.

    • Gedeon Nacario says:

      Nagttry po aq mgregister s sss online kso po lumlabas n meron n po aqng accnt ngtry po kc aq dati kso hndi q po nrcv ung confirmation code kc nblock n po ung yahoo accnt q dati.. ano po b ang pwde qng gawin? Gs2 q po kc sna malaman kng naapprove n ung loan q.. salamat po..

    • gel says:

      just to check my contribution

    • Lea Christinne Balcobero says:

      Kung mabayaran ko na ang loan, ilang buwan bago maka reloan..

    • marife a.dinglasan says:

      SSS contribution inquiry

    • Sittie Norjana Salim Inok says:

      Member status is not the same with SSS records. ‘ ‘ can’t complete my registration cause this keeps popping up does this mean my current employer hasn't enrolled/validated me (first job w/ deductions)?

    • Melosia Magaling says:

      it is soo nice if we use sss online coz its make our life easier and faster by opening it in online!

    • joylene daroy says:

      i just want to know f i already reach 36 months required 2 have sss loans

    • abigail says:

      Goodam ask lng po if magkano nalang ang balance ko sa salary loan ng sss ko po? My sss no. 33-8640389-4 salamat.

    • Dominick Manga Latumbo says:


    • rube anne b barraza says:

      may i know my total contribution

    • milcah narandan says:

      pwede po bang mag pa adjust ng aking pension na credit lang 32 CYS 36 po ako employee ng philamlife from 1976 up to june 2013 thank you
      my SSS NO. 034019105-1

    • Candela Agramonte says:

      sir maam, i want to know the sss number of my wife who died last december 21 2015. she is PAMELA CAGALAWAN GATELA.

    • Julie B. Reyes says:

      please show my contribution.. ug naa na ba ako maternity?!.

    • lyzette april says:

      upon registering it always appear the word error

    • Katrina says:

      Please send me a notice on how to register in signing to online inquiry about payments of the condination on my last payments in 2013.


      Bkit po ganun wla nman ako nare2ceive na password sa mail ko tama nman po ung pagkafil-up ko sa registration form para ma verify ko po ung sss contribution online. Ilan beses kuna po tnry pero wla tlga.

    • noel garcia says:

      HI! Ma’am/sir,pwd po bang malaman salary loan balance ko? Salamat po.

    • JAIME PILADAS says:

      Hi Cecil, kung Total SSS Contribution po ang hinahanap mo.

      Basahin nyo lang po, andun na po ang instruction kung paano. Kelangan po meron kayong SSS Account para mabuksan nyo un.

      Salamat po!

    • walter wagas says:

      i want to know my total contribution

    • Gerie Hernandez says:

      Hello Maam/Sir

      nagbigay na po ang SSS on line ng PASSWORD ko pro hindi ko nakuha ksi ngka problem po ang lumang e mail ko, at pg nag fil-up ako ng bgong on line registration ang sabi po may na raw ako akong password, paano ko po ma recover ang password on line?. maraming salamat sa inyong tulong.

    • lyan says:

      3 days na po nalipas pero wala p rin email sa akin kung ano password. ndi po aq makapag log-in. urgently needed q po static form q.

    • Marc says:

      need to know my contributions

    • MERLA D. OLONAN says:

      Its frustrating,,,ive been using two email adds,,still cant acess,, bakit ganun

    • bas says:

      why i cant enter on sss

    • catherine p. rotoni says:

      Please help me! Why my Form cannot submit? I write all correct information but I cannot go through please help me!.

    • Darryl John Bongalon says:

      good day! i just want to know, i loan 7000 last 2008 but i only got the chance to pay it this 2012. it says when i verify that the total amount of obligation is 5,957.12. would this be the total amount to be deducted from my contribution (I have already 95 contributions)? this is my first loan. (7,000, i received 6,230 with monthly amortization of 306.25. my company has paid 5,500 since nov. of 2010 up to july only)

    • Rosemarie Yadao Domingo says:

      sss contribution

    • SAIDE K. AKMAD says:

      gud .day PO tnung ko lang OK nAka ilang month napo hulov sa SSS. kopo 0946270808066

    • alex abenido biscay says:

      mam tanong ko lang po kung pwd po akong mg loan .dati po akong ofw nhinto po hulog ko simula august 2015 pwd po bng mg loan

    • Leonora Baculot says:

      sa mga gusto pong magpaonline ng SSS nagpprocess po ako ng loan and sss contribution. Pm or call lang po 09192079646. thnx

    • Bethy sunga says:

      hindi ko maprocess, hindi ko alam ang previous employeers ss id no., pls help kelamgan q tlag!


      Hi Rosecelia, baket mo po hindi itanong sa employer mo ung SSS Number nila? Mahirap po ba yun? Kung sasabihin mo po na wala ka ng contact sa dati mong employer (kung yun po ang sitwasyon mo ngayon) eh hindi na po problema na nagsulat ng tutorial na ito.

      sabi mo po, ‘KYLNGAN Q P NMN CONTRIBUTION Q’, kung kailangan mo po talaga, gumawa ka ng paraan. Kung ayaw mo naman po, magtiis ka nalang na pumunta sa SSS Office / branch. Baka po mas mapadali ka dun.

      Reader lang din po ako gaya mo pero kahit hindi ko alam ang SSS employer number ko, nalaman ko kasi ginawan ko ng paraan.

    • Esmeralda berongoy says:

      what is wrong with the member registration? i got an invalid ss number !!!how did it happened? in yr 2006 ive downloaded a copy of my contributions which they had a diff web at that time and it’s still the ss number i entered in reg.. i cant be wrong coz i have my id’s and the copy of my contri. that iv downloaded before. i prefer the older online inquiry they used rather than this complicated non-working member registration..

    • EVE says:

      gusto ko pong i update ang aking SSS nhulugan ko mula 2004 hanggang Feb.2008? gusto ko pong ipagpatuloy ngaun pero sa aking sarili nalang. Anu po ang aking gagawin? Salamat po!


      bkt invalid ang lumlabas sa sss no. what happen?! kini corrupt narin b ang sss no. ngaun!. kakahiya naman

    • Reyford F. Mckay says:

      total contribution please

    • Glenn Manalo says:

      sir i would like to inquire about my contributions,,thank you

    • jason says:


    • Raquel Gabuyo says:

      please give a summarized of my contributions.

    • fitz says:

      Inquire ko lang po sss contribution ko.

    • mikko mejia says:


    • aries mendoza says:

      check ko lng po kung nahuhulugan po ng agency ang sss ko salamat po,check ko din po kung mgkanu n po ang naihulog sapol ng ako ay nagtrabaho.

    • Cenvrinne Lontoc says:

      I’ve try every instruction, but it’s not working.I can’t register online.
      Could you please help me?

    • alejandro maninang jr says:

      hello,gusto ko pho malaman kung napasok nba ang contrbution na hinulog ko sa made ko?at kung pwede na siya magkarun ng i.d?
      thank you..

    • alben says:

      i want to know my contribution

    • Concerned Netizen says:

      im a company nurse, can i get sss contributions print out of our employees through this??

    • jesy reyes says:

      Hi, Honestly we don’t have any idea how to answer your question because the answer to your question is confidential and it’s only you who can answer that. The right thing to do is register an account in sss website (
      ) then use their SSS online inquiry feature to verify all your SSS contribution questions. thanks!

    • Ricardo Rivera says:

      My sss contriburion please.

    • Anthony H, Pitao Jr. says:

      SSS contributions

    • rommel dacpano says:

      how much is mytotal contribution?

    • Spanky says:

      i want to check contribution status my sss # 00379586702.please need ur assestance!.kailangan q po n print out ng sss contribution.t.y.

    • jaysongabitan says:


    • reynaldo sanguad jr says:

      please send my actual contribution@my yahoo account

    • Joana says:

      magkano po ang nahulog ko sa monthly contribution?

    • Kamotemarsh says:

      pano po ba malal;aman kong magkano na po yong naihulog ko kailangan ko po kasing maipakita sa campany namin

    • cynthia espenella says:

      tnung kulang kung magkano na otang q sa sss matagal na ren aq nakapag cmola sa trabaho q

    • andoy says:

      ba’t ganon, i was able to login on member’s page but when i tried clicking the online inquiry it will direct me to the employer login. pls fix it asap!

    • aynaku says:

      I want to pay my previous Loan Amortization with my former employer J&P Asia, Inc. Would you please send me copy through my email of my monthly obligation so that I can start the deduction.

    • Cristina Vasquez Del Rosario says:

      Log in to this page using your username password provided to you in the email confirmation.p>SSS Log In Page:

    • Rellinne Dimaandal says:

      sir/mam ttanong lang po pano ko po ba malalaman ung 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number na hinihingi sa registration kailangang kailangan ko kasi makita ngaun n yung employment history ko eh!!kindly reply po salamat

    • JEN moran says:

      hello po tanong ko lang po kung paano ko na re retrieve ung aking password. Hindi ko na po ksi mabuksan ung ss account ko. naka block na daw po sya.
      Ano po pwde ko gawin para ma open ko po ulit hindi ko na po ksi makita kung ilan na contribution ko online.

    • Tin-Tin says:


      i want to know my sss contribution but i can’t open sir?

    • james dadios says:

      I want to check my sss contribution

    • Diana Rose V. Perez says:

      mag register ka ate d ito ang sss website

    • jaiezel f. paranal says:

      tanong ko lang po kung ilang buwan na lahat ang hulog sa sss ko umpisa 2003..thank you..response pls

    • juliet says: morning po ma’am and sir tanong q lang po kung hinulogan po ba ang sss
      Ko,.Sa agency q ..

    • julio lentejas says:

      I have a problem in downloading your webpage, it has been more than 6 mos. that i keep on logging in to your website and it always appears as this ‘ webpage not available.
      I want to inquire regarding my contribution and also for my OFW husband.
      Please i need your assistance. Thanks and God Bless

    • Diomedes Pares Nicoleta SSS No,05-0339752-4 says:

      I know right. Nag send n ko ng mail sa support service ng SSS. Sana i-fix n nila yung site nila.. Hndi available ang member login now, lagi lang nalabas ynung employer login.

    • demetri melicor says:

      may i know my total contribution. thanks.

    • EDWIN B. CASTRO says:

      I dont think the sss website will allow you to register again. Your record is still in their database and it cannot be registered twice. Honestly, your problem is very hard. maybe you can call this number SSS Hotline at telephone nos. 920-6446 up to 55. Mondays to Fridays.

    • Joecel B. Manayon says:

      paano po mag check ng online contribution po sa sss po?

    • Grace Joy says:

      where can i get employer sss id number?

    • Michael Jan Ruaboro Abuan says:

      i want to know my fathers contri.

    • Edgardo says:


    • Roycar Cosep Aying says:

      Diz is Urgent can u give my sss number cuz in b.c tnx

    • Pablo Millan Jr. says:

      My contribution

    • raph says:

      total contribution

    • freddie abrina gamino says:

      can you sent me my total actual contribution thank you *

    • Saima says:

      sss contribution as of 2nd quarter 2015

    • emelyn recreo says:


      Ask ko lang kung panu ang procedure kung babayadan ko yung balance ko sa sss na 2k plus,para sa ganun makapag renew ko ng mas malaking amortization,anung dapat kung gawin,at kung ganu katagal or kabilis maipost kung mababadan ko yung balance ko.


    • Mary Jane O. Bodo√±a says:


    • Nicanor De Guia Piad III says:

      sir mg inquire sana ako kong ilan na halat ang aking nakuntribyot sa aking sss account pls kindly your consideration
      more power!!
      lucio rendon d.

    • Seed Bunye says:

      Kindly send me a copy of my SSS Contribution since 2008 up to the present? I lost my receipt. Thank you

    • Maxinne Guinto says:

      Pano po magregister ulit sa website nyo po para malaman ko kung magkano nah ang contribution ko sa sss, kasi po yung email ko dati na ginamit ko sa pah register sa website nyo ay nakalimutan ko poh, gusto ko lang po malamn ang mga contribution ko sa sss.

      tnx poh

    • Francis d computo says:

      bakit hanggan nagyon?dpa ako maka pag loan my contribution po ako since 2004 up 2012 need ko po mag loan..thanks

    • Yasmin says:

      ask ko po f ilan na po hulog ko at ung sss no ko nkalimutan ko.. bka pwde po pchek tnx po

    • raizza lasibal says:

      gusto ko pong makita yong na contribution ko sa sss

    • Marie Ann says:

      i want to inquire my latest contribution

    • glenda parrocha says:

      Good pm po maam/sir,
      Ano po ang kailangan mga dicumento pra matangap q na po ang aking matenity,? Kc hangang ngaun wala papo 3mnths. Na po ang anak q, at hangang kailan ang duedate? Maraming slamat,,

    • Khay lhil says:

      i would like to inquire the total actual contributions of my husband, menandro j. pesquira who was employed at Rural bank of San Miguel and Rural bank of Alicia (Bohol & Cebu/mandaue branch) from 1989 to 1993. please verify the records because i cant believe that his remittance was only 27 months. He is my husband, he passed away last aug. 18, 2015. and we would like to claim the benefits intended for him as member. thank you.

    • CATHERINE YABO says:

      what happen i follow all the steps but where is the link please give the link so that i can open it

    • Raymond Poginahelpfullpa says:

      Gud day mam, sir I would like to know my total contributions w/#0403602377

    • sheryl pangilinan says:

      pano q malalaman kng ilang months n q may hulog s SSS q

    • Rizzel Soriani says:

      bakit po ganun? everytime nalang na magfill up ako nung online form hnd na nagloload after ko i-click yung submit button.


      pls help me i want to see my sss contribution from january 2014 to november 2014.thank’s

    • Anthony Aguirre says:

      .check my salary loan balance?

    • Jennifer A. Dato says:

      verify total contribution

    • maria andrea masangkay says:

      i need to see my ss contributions

    • rey e danao says:

      check my sss balance inquiry

    • Pearl Grahn says:

      check my sss contribution

    • antonina cadungonadlawan says:

      morning! sa totoo lang I tried many times to register my name to have an access in SSS checking status for my contributions but sadly to say its too difficult for me because I cant get through, how many times I need to fill up the shown code.

    • jay-r says:

      can’t register and acces, said invalid sss number

    • mary ann mabazza says:

      gusto ko malaman ang contribution ko. at ang status ng loan ko hindi kuna kc nahulogan. at kung pwede naba ako mag loan uli.thanks

    • Yolanda gamez says:

      gud day.pwd po ba malaman yung sss contribution ko saka po ung loan balance ko?
      thank you!

    • Chamly B. Palomares says:

      i just want to know if I already reach the 36 months required to have a SSS loan? that’s all thanks!

    • ROSEMEA G AQUINO says:

      ask ko lang po kung paano po kumuha ng panibagong e1 kasi po nawala po kasi yung original ko pong form

    • Maureen Loyola says:

      paano k po malalaman sss no

    • Alpha says:


      Ask ko lang po kung panu po kumuha ng contribution through online kasi hindi ko po alm pra mkapasok dun nkakuha n po ako ng employment history then static info bale un nlng po ang kulang ko i hope n matulungan nyo po ako n mkakuha ng contribution ko…thanks

    • Luca Falqui says:

      may 18 contribution ako na not display?pano ko kaya makikita yun pls help

    • Maria Shelamie Q. Camu says:

      When you received your password, go back to SSS.Gov.Ph User Log In Page. Use the log in details indicated in the email sent by the SSS Website. When you successfully logged in to your account, this page will appear!

      but my password not appeared >.<
      after i log in on my yahoo i click the link given.
      ang sabi dito ay magregister..
      he asking me a 13 digit number (Employer ID)
      but it is only 12 digit number.. how can i register?

    • Jayson Gomez says:

      good day po mag tanong lang po ako kung pwede nku maka loan

    • rodalyn says:


      i would like to verify my sss total contribution and my sss loan balance. this is my sss#33-02777265-1. thank you.

    • JenT says:

      Gusto ko po malaman ang contribution ko sa sss. Paano po ba ako makapag loan?

    • Maribel Tiberio says:

      Forgot my sss number ?

    • jastine pearl v. dorado says:

      mam cheack ko lang po lahat yung remitance ko sa sss? salamat

    • What the says:

      verify ko lng po sana kung magkano na contributions ko at kung iang months na

    • Damz says:

      hi ! the site has problem, paki check naman po ..

    • marites bronsal says:



    • erlinda cortez says:

      Where can i find my 10 digits SS Employer I.D # ?

    • LANDO says:

      how much is his SSS Contribution?

    • MAI CANAPE says:


      Pwede ko pro malaman ang contribution ko sa sss

    • Luciano Bual LamorJr says:

      check ko lang po at para malaman ko kung ilan na ang aking total contribution.

    • Honey Mae Sanz says:

      i want to know my sss static information

    • ROMY ORTILANO says:


    • astrid palafox says:

      Gd mrng/gd pm po gusto ko pong malaman ang akin contribution ko.ty po

    • Gelly Ann A. Cabubas says:

      gud morning mam/sir. pwd po bang malaman kong ilan napo yung total contribution sa akin sss?

    • helsinski says:

      Magregister ka ng account po sa SSS para sa online inquiry ng SSS Contribution mo. hindi po pwede ung nirerequest mo na isesend po sa email.

      Walang ganong feature ang SSS Online inquiry sa website ng SSS. Nasa blog na po ito ang guide on how to know your SSS Contribution.

    • gwendolyn escoto guarin says:

      nappunddo!! i cant access to the sss! i cant log in as a member! Employer log in always appear when you click the log in! tsk..

    • rey john says:

      i want to check my contribution

    • shiela lyn ereno says:

      good day poh..ask q lng po bout s salary loan q?matatapos n po b yun?pede n poh b uli me mkpgloan !reply on my yahoo id i will wait for your response!.

    • Eunie C. Baruc says:

      i forgot my sss number pls send me a copy.
      And if ever i need to change my status from single to married..thanks

    • ma. liberty c. almendral says:

      Mr. Daggers ‘ since this is a unified I.D. card ‘ my card nos. in gsis, philhealth, pag-ibig will be dissolve and we have now One unique i.d. in one card so its mean One card no.?

    • gilbert says:

      i just want to know my sss contribution from nov.8 2011 to july 2012

    • MVasquez says:

      pano po gumwa acct nung sa register kse nghihinge ng receipt no. or otc eh wala pako nahuhulog thanks

    • liezel s.cred says:

      hindi namen makukuha yung password na ige-generate unless ma-fill namin yung form including the employer id which is yun nga ang hindi namin alam. 🙁

    • Jan Christine Fajardo says:

      kailan puedi magfile ng retirement ilan taon po

    • James Penaranda says:

      Ask lng po pnu aq mkapg reg ndi w po mtpos ung continuation ng teguster q kz wla p nmn pong hulog ung sss q eh kailngan q pong iverify at mpresent kz required po s ina aplyan q..kya wla p nmn aq rs5 kya ndi q mtapos ung pini fill up q!p help nmn po..tnx

    • Francisco Espe√±a Chong, Jr. says:

      Hello po! I just like to ask about my log-in here, hindi ko na po kasi sya ma-open now, also my password. Ang tagal ko na kasing hindi na check ito, when I migrated here in L.A.,California. My last open,& payments for my SSS self-employed contributions was on 2013-2014. And I wanted to know how much is the Total amounts of my payments for my contributions last 2013, up to this years? ‘Coz I wanted to pay that again now. Pls. send me a Xerox copy here, for my balance, this years,& also pls.send me all my payments records print outs, last 2002-2013 or in d last couple of years. Maybe I can pay only this year, if its ok? And where can I pay my SSS contributions in d Phil’s., when I’m here living in the USA? Just send it to me your reply w/ my e-mail add. Thanks! God Bless!

    • Romeo Umayao says:

      also the margin each side also need to adjust
      masyadong malaki yung space ng margin sa left side
      then yung right side wala ng margin kaya putol!

    • Kathleen Corpuz says:

      Please help me to verify my sss contribution this is my 2nd follow up thanks a lot

    • JHIELS says:

      Total Actual Contribution

    • Jhun Arevalo says:

      today is january 14, 2012!try to register this time!it surely needs your employer’s ID number!pls consider your customer’s question before answering!tnx

    • Michael Gallardo says:

      tama ka. dati talaga wala yun, badtrip. para makapagregister ng SSS Account online, need na ang employer’s sss number.

    • noel anala demapanes says:

      pano po mag verify ng sss.

    • neth says:

      Let me know my sss contributions

    • ricky oliva maranan says:

      Paki chek po nman young SSS no. Ko po kc po hawala yung SSS id Ko po gsto Ko po sana malaman young humph ko

    • ARIEL S. CACCAM says:

      Sir i was lost my SSS ID for long time and i want to continue my distribution to the SSS. I have been lost my job for since 2006 until 2012. How can get my SSS number because my company required the number. As of now i m working in middle east. I dont know how can get the number immediately. Thank you

    • Rea Rose Ingatan says:

      snd me a breakdown for my sss monthly contribution

    • leia says:

      how can i check my total contribution..?

    • brian millares says:

      pls.mam&sir;first of all I,d would like to my follow up in my SSS??

    • solmarie basita says:

      I applied for salary loan a week ago, right now, checking the status, it says i have not avail it yet, i went to salary loan application, it says i have pending laon application.. why is that? how can i check if it is approved or not? i have transaction number. where will i use it?

    • Lenilyn says:

      bakit po ang hirap pa rin makapag log in sa website ng SSS? Hndi naman po ako makapasok naka ilang attempt na ako wala pa rin. Hope it will be fix asap. Thanks.

    • hanna says:

      Contibution inquire

    • joel dan tarectecan says:

      cannot access said valid email add. please help me. my email is already valid why???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Dustin Josh --- says:

      Hello po, everytime po na i-click ko yung online inquiry, nag oopen po sya in new tab saying: ‘you have an existing active session.please logout to avoid errors.’

      Pag nilog out ko na po then log in ulit, paulit-ulit lang po.

    • Jenesie Agaton says:


    • DIOSDADO E. DE VERA says:


    • reyvic n. tabolo says:

      did you register in sss website for SSS online Inquiry account?

    • Joey Tillermo Omay says:

      Tanung ko lng po kung ilang months na po ung hulog sa sss. Ko po

    • Jun Efren Sotto says:

      gusto ko lang po inquire ung sss ko po

    • Jeheel Culano says:

      loan status

    • Vicente A. Hobayan says:

      since I left philippines in 1982 I just now planning to get my pension since I am already 65 yrs. old . I was single before and I am married How can I get sss ID when my last name is now different what they recorded? also I found out that 4 of my employers were listed on my employment history but no records shown of my contributions , I was wondering since the company I worked with was a big company Investment and bank companies. Please help how to get my records back. thank you.

    • Andrei Rodis says:

      what if i dont have a employer id? how can i register? in ur website.

    • bernardo ereno cuerda jr says:

      Bkit gnn ang sss ng file aq last aug06 para s benefit qn maternity until now wla prn.tpos ung mga ng loan n nauna p q ng file ee sila p ang nauna..dhil b s cl mgbbyad at ung mga benefit ndi unfair:( kainis kau

    • Balajonda adrian says:

      Pls. help me how to view my actual contributions on it’s updated website..di na kasi ma view!.thanks!

    • phoebe grace c. gonzales says:

      pls. i want to check my total contribution and i want to continue my payment.I am now currently working as OFW.tnx and hope for your reply

    • theheirs says:

      ask ko lng po kng pano ako makakapasok sa my sss, nag register na po kc ako d2 dati, nakalimutan ko na ung user name ko at password ko. ngaun po hindi na ako makapag member registration. ano po gagawin ko para makapag register ako sa my sss, kc pag nag try ako mag reg. ang lumalabas sa sss # ko SS Number has already been registered.

      thank you,,,

    • Elena Camposano says:

      how many years to expired the reimbursement process in abroad? in may case im in abroad and then i encounter a company accident. end of my contract on sept. 2016 can i file when im go home or no? i ask about my contribution, i lapsed almost 4 yrs in my sss contribution, and then this year i continue, can i file a reimbursement or not?

    • jhared says:

      i cannot proceed cause they are looking for an EMPLOYER ID. pano yan?

    • Paul n Karen says:

      Gud pm mam and sir i request a check my sss contribution thank you and godbless.

    • Esperanza B. Bulawan says:

      Gusto KO malaman yung SSS Contribution KO tsaka loan status.

    • alexander omambac says:


    • AIDAN says:

      i cannot inquire my sss contribution ,can you help me how to do?

    • lizel says:

      twice po magfill up ng application po ok n po validiation n lng po para sa email ko ilang araw po b yun bago ko magamit? kelangan ko n po ksi makapagprint ng sss loan balance ko tnx

    • nelson r. soriso says:

      I really need my static information. Please send me the link where to open it. I tried many times but I wasn’t given a reply on my email the link on how to open it. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • Jay Mark Pamatian says:

      Tanong ko po kung ilan taon na nkkahulog ang tatay para mapunuan ang 10 years at mgkno ung kulang ať bbayaran ko poh thanks

    • Clara Sharif says:

      I need to know my total actual contribution

    • john paul b. furigay says:


    • liad jennilyn says:

      i need my sss static information

    • SPO1000 PulPolNBI says:

      magkano po ung monthly payment k?ilang months po ul8 bago ul8 ak pwedeng mag loan??

    • jared angeles says:

      i need to view my sss contribution?

    • carmela escoto says:

      ask ko lang po yun total contributions ko mula 2005 up to present..

    • monica says:

      i check my contribution?

    • Marie Jean Cheryl Arce√±o says:

      hi ser mam pd mlman mag kno na po lahat ng sss total contribution ko start year 2000 hanggang ngaun poh

    • vergily Mae cadao says:

      mam paano ko ma check ung data ko sa sss kung nahulog ba talaga ng agency ko ung monthly na kaltas daw nila sa sss..pano koba malaman mam?

    • vergily Mae cadao says:

      Just want to find out how long does it takes to process for the retiement applications ? Thank you

      • Kai says:

        Hi vergily khairil palimin to classmate mo 2 garnet snhs remember me ??? Hanapin mo ko sa Facebook Kai hasidin wait ko response mo ?

    • SUS RODEL ENAJE says:

      tanong q lang po kung magkano napo ang contribution q at kung ilang buwan napo

    • adrian pagapulan says:

      ibig sabihin po,iba ang inilagay mong apilyedo ngaun sa application mo kaysa sa apilyedong gnamit mo sa pagkuha mo ng sss(e1 number,the pink one)..kailangan po kung ano ung mga information na nkalagay noong ngfill up ka sa sss yan dn poh ang information na i pfill up mo jan..i hope it helps you:-)

    • camille lucas isip says:

      how to verify my sss contribution

    • Rivs says:

      bkit po kea gnon d aq mkpasok s registration online, ive try so many times pero It didnt work..

    • Josephine S. Duyaguit says:

      i want to inquire my sss contribution

    • MAHINAY says:

      wala na pong ibang way. Requirement na po talaga ang Employer SSS Number.

    • emmanuel lagos says:

      try logging in here:

      if it still not working, you may try again after an hour or two.

    • romeo borbe jr says:

      i’m giving all the right information as required to register but to no avail, i can’t still log-in WHY?this kind of service is useless!

    • FELIZARDO UTIC says:

      gusto Kong malaman kung nahuhulugan ba ngayon in SS ko

    • Roxanne Capagalabn Soliven says:

      maam pano mag inquire if pila na ang nahulog sa ako sss?

    • meme fulay says:

      please help my friend to register in your online member ID registration. His name is silvino manese, jr. and his email add is every time he type his last name its always appears’has discrepancy in last name and also in his email add. Please leave me a reply so that I will guide him according to your suggestion. Thank you very much and God bless.

    • Thelma S. Divino says:

      Grabe ang tagal ng posting ng monthly loan amortization.. Di tuloy aq mka re-loan.

    • Mary Grace G. TY says:

      Hi i tried opening the official website of sss but its always down

    • Joywin Romero says:

      panu po ba ma acces uli ung account ko nakalimutan q kasi ung password saka ung id ko??

    • Reese says:

      i just want to know my contributio starting june 2011 to june 2012 my sss# IS3379136495

    • jean gabrillo says:

      i want to know my total SSS contributions starting January 14’13 up to present

    • jeniffer de juan says:

      follow up my loan balance status . SSS # ‘ 08-0768367-05

    • Diana Rose Aguil Mojor says:

      My contribution from 1998 to 2014

    • Arnold G. Chavez says:

      Check qo po mga hulog qo?

    • Geovani taborite says:

      Loan status

    • marizel says:

      Jenepher baculio abejo

    • Emelia Abuan Collado says:

      i need to know my contributions and loan balance..thank you very much..

    • lea rose alvarez says:

      Sir’maam nakalimutan ko po sss no. Saka yong papel na binigay sakin nawala eh.

      Pwd ko po bang malaman ung # q.para ma check ko narin po.tnx

    • Gorby says:

      I tried calling their SSS Hotline but the person on the other line says, maghintay lang daw. Minsan daw talaga nagloloko ang system nila sa dami ng nagreregister. Nababadtrip na nga ako kakahintay eh. October 2011 pa ung akin.

    • ghi says:

      hello,we are going to get my fathers DDRF Claim?..but it says we need to correct of contributions of date of coverage because SSS says my fathers employer was contributed in his first contribution was in June 1991,earlier than Date of Coverage and it is July 1991? what will we do!.why did the SSS asking all receipts? please reply..thanks so much

    • Girlie Cruz says:

      Chiking my contribution?

    • cris mark mulawin says:

      kelangan ko po ng sss contribution

    • sonja says:

      I want to know my contribution

    • larry I. Bautista Jr. says:

      i would like to know my contribution, but i forgot already my sss number.

    • Wilbert O. Pintal says:

      pano po ba malalaman ang emploter ID

    • Cherryl Peras says:

      printout of contribution

    • joseph n.obniala says:

      I would like to ask if i can avail my first loan?


      I want to know my total SSS contribution!my last payment july-sept 2014,,thank you!

    • Riena Fe Macalisang says:

      Service error ang members log in,Y?

    • marianita celario says:

      i want to check kung magkano na po ang contribution ko. thank you

    • rosielie Magluyan Ibarra says:

      The site is not like this anymore. i cannot view my total contributions and loan status anymore like I used to do before! How can i view my infos in this new site? Tnx! My name is ERNAN SAMONTE

    • Sheryll Pe says:

      i would like to know my total contributions in SSS

    • gracielle says:

      hi . pano po ba maopen ulet ung account q sa sss ? hnd na kc maopen .. nakalimutan q na kc ung password at email sa sss .. kailangan q po kc un .. help naman .

    • sha says:

      pwd ko po ba mlmn kong mgkno na po ung hulog ko s sss

    • maria consuelo pateno says:

      Ask klang po kng kompleto ang hulog ng sss ko po!

    • haidi macansantos sakilan says:

      i want to know my total contribution my sss # 336309972-6

    • archiebansag says:

      bakit hndi ako maka on line thru

    • shenna lacerna delos angeles says:

      my sss contribution,

    • joseph dela cruz says:

      just to check my contribution

    • marie joy fundano says:

      this is my sss number 33-2233706-3 iwant to know if open or i want to virefi my sss number if online alredy

    • jun Javillonar says:

      Please register an account in
      to use their SSS Online Inquiry system for your SSS Contributions and other concerns.

    • Ma. Rowena M. Gaspan says:

      how to inquire my sss contribution?

    • Jack Catubay says:

      po malalaman kung ilang taon kana nka member sa sss, at kung paano mag register sa sss.

    • jess araneta says:

      i want to check my total actual contributions in SSS

    • Regina S. Requillas says:


    • princess clarisse lamoste says:

      how do I access the beneficiary page for changes

    • felgin says:

      gud pm.. sir/ma’am, hindi po tlga ako maregister sa online.. pakicheck nga po yun sss number ko kung nahulog po yun contribution ko this month e2 po yun SSS Number ko..0224475518.pkisend nlang po sa email ko yun status ng contribution ko salamat po..

    • ABIE says:

      contribution print out

    • HIT THE LIGHTS says:

      My ngtetext po skin about sa contributions ko sa sss mkukuha ko po ba un.. tska pnu po ung sss peso fund.. tnx poh.

    • kemberly morales says:

      i was stuck at the same step as you!but found the answer in a different forum!just call the SSS hotline listed in the verification email you received. The operator will assist you in completing the process. Also the operator will ask you personal questions just to verify your identity.

    • Jose Marie Cuyos says:

      p ki check po ng contribution koh ss #3421378761 thanks a lot.. i nid it n kc.. wla poh kc reply ang sss sa aplication koh for registration! pki email n lng po skin thanks po

    • Aliah says:

      i want see my contribution sss number 0615730985 tnx.

    • harold c. mallillin says:

      mam sir papa check po ako ng actual contribution kopo sa sss ko kung hinuhulugan poba ng boss ko slyn laminero emaill add:nysl giha orinemal

    • cradle says:

      Good day maam and sir tanung ku lng po sna kung anung araw pwdeng mag byad ng maternity loan .at mgknu po ang monthly at ung s contribution po mag self employed po aku magbyad.

      E2 po ung ss# 34 -144489 0-9.

    • mhelda says:

      I dont understand the system.. I can no longer access my account. It says username & password did not match. I cant access my email too, i got the same error. I never changed my username & password since i created my account. I dont think the problem is in our end. How else will I be able to access my account?

    • catherine gandia says:

      but i don’t have RECEIPT NO./OTC and EMPLOYER ID now i have difficulty to register please help

    • rona odron says:


      Ask ko lang po kung panu po kumuha ng contribution through online kasi hindi ko po alm pra mkapasok dun nkakuha n po ako ng employment history then static info bale un nlng po ang kulang ko i hope n matulungan nyo po ako n mkakuha ng contribution ko!thanks

    • danilo mendez says:

      pwede ko ba malama kung nilagyan ba ng company ang sss ko, salamat.

    • Aldous Rolan Cabual says:

      I have been paying my salary loan in the 70’s to my employer Sarmiento Industries Inc. I have been told by friends that said company did not remit salary deductions. Thus, I want to know if I have an outstanding salary loan unpaid as of this date 04-05-2013. My SSS no. is 09-03925334.

    • A.K. says:

      pa check lang po yung months,kung nakailan na po siyang hulog sa inyo

    • Rosary Avila says:

      i want to know my actual contribution and i wish that i can print it out

    • wilma bechayda says:

      You can call their SSS Hotline to retrieve your email and password. If I am not mistaken, they will reset this for you.

    • Rolly Sumalinog Real says:

      Mam,48 months na po aq nkahulog sa sss q.pero nwla po ung sss number q mag kanu na po ba pwd q i loan,at mag kanu na po ba ang kabouan..mtagal q na po kc biniveryfi pero wla po smsgot!pwd po ba pkisagot pls

    • karren says:

      i don’t think this’ll works. i just tried it and they just emailed me confirmation of my registration and then they let me signed another form, like the first one you shown. and then my problem is that i could not complete the registration because they are asking for my employer’s sss id which i don’t know! i just resigned and i just wanna know how much is my contribution to sss! =(

    • Priscilla Fernandez says:

      I would like to follow-up status of my SSS salary loan application which was filed on October 7, 2015.

    • maka albarn morales says:

      Pwedi poh b malaman kung ilang buwan na ung contribution ko

      At pwedi pba mag loan ngaun buwan ng dec 🙂

    • amado avila jr says:

      i forgot my user name and password.. wat will i do to access my account again? pls help me.. i need a print out of employee static information..

    • agnes says:

      I’m sorry but you cannot further continue with your SSS online Inquiry registration unless you provide your Employer’s SSS number.

    • Rizza Daza says:

      How to virify my contribution

    • karwin gariando says:

      tanong ko lng lng po kung magkano n po ang naiihulog ko po sa akling sss.

    • Rom Cumagun says:

      Nag register na po ako pero wala pong dumadating na email sa akin galing po sa sss website email validation,,ano po kaya ang mali sa ginawa ko at hindi ko din po alam ang username q

    • generoso belando says:

      I think sa printer nyo po ung may problem, nagtry po ako ngayon na magprint and OK naman ung left and right margin. pwede mong maadjust ang margins sa page layout tab ng excel.

    • froilan p. vivas says:

      bakit d ako makapagcheck sa aking loan balance e nakakuha naman ako dati ng print out?

    • marvin macawili says:

      how can i chk my total contribution

    • jessa mambulao says:

      sss total acual contributions


      May I know my SSS contributions?

    • lervin bathan says:

      mam/sir, gusto ko sanang malaman ang cotribution ko pati po ung sa loan.pwedi po bang mkapagfile ng maternity kahit hnd pa ako nkabayad sa loan ko.tsaka nagstop po akong magwork nitong april kasi buntis po ako.anu po bang dapat kong gawin para makapagfile na maternity.maraming salamat po.

    • aivee khaye says:

      how long will it take for the log in to be mail back ? ive been waiting for 48 hrs !!!!

    • Rizalyn R. Babiano says:

      Hi!..Please tell me what should I do to know my’s been 15yrs since I’ve got my SSS#(was 18 when I got it) and lost my pink slip after a typhoon/flood occured to my hometown.It is only now that I realized that I need to have it..and do the contribution myself since I’m planning to have my own business.Hope to hear from you soon as I’ve tried to access the SSS website but to no avail. Thank you.

    • Crissa says:

      this site helped me a lot as a new member in sss. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • GRACIE says:

      h! mam/sir good morning im ms aileen deleon mangubat. my sss. no. is 3361143522. may i know my sss salary loan when finish..thank you very much.

    • camille jayne faustino says:

      pwde ko poh malaman king ilang buwan ang remittance ko

    • Antonio l. Jao says:

      Jan 15 2013 pa ako nag file ng change of status ko until now d pa rin na update!!!kailangan ko natalaga un babalik na ako from maternity liv ko d pa rin ako tpos xa requirements ko kasi d pa din na update status ko..plz namn paki update nu na po urgent na talaga sobrang bagal nu.need ko na action nu

    • edsil agustin del mar says:

      i forgot my user id and may pasword how cant i recover my user id and pasword i ned to check my contribution pls healp me

    • Aldrich Placio Simpao says:

      want to know my total contribution

    • Rodolfo G. Estrella jr. says:

      Pls can you sent to my account at FB thank you very much

    • Savilla Ednaliza says:

      gOOD DAY eh bkit ganun d me makapg log in..laging sira ung portal nila..

    • Divina Rose G. Caday says:

      culianan zamboanga city

    • Edlyn geromo says:

      to check my sss contribution

    • Fe Ayuman says:

      to check my sss contibution ,how many years more to complete 10 years of my contribution

    • jonathan c. lagradilla says:

      i forgot my sss number.pls help

    • jeffrey baruela says:

      Sss contribution and sss loan?

    • Donnalyn Lopez Alarcon says:

      mam gud day po tanong po sana ko ung mga naihulo po ng agency nmn kung ilng buwan n po strt at june 2015

    • Antonio D. Doria Jr. says:

      Try mo po tumawag sa SSS Hotline. Matutulungan ka nilang maretrieve ung password and username. OR ireset lahat para sayo.

      I never tried it, honestly. Pero an officemate of mine already did.

    • Reynaldo C. Acapulco Jr. says:

      pls. response asap.

    • SUSAN DAMASCO says:

      paano po b kumuha ng sss history po

    • jhun jhun says:

      Total ng sss contribution q po, gusto q lng po malaman kung ilang months po nahulugan at kung magkano po ang total n naihulog ng pinasukan q n trbho.

    • rogelio balais california jr. says:


    • ron ron galero jimenez says:

      in my first name theres a discrepancy .. help me how to make it register in this site ..

    • Ruben M Sadiwa jr. says:

      panu po mkita at mlaman ung loan balance po kc wla nmn nkalagay dun sa loan status?tnx

    • riza sedillo says:

      hndi ko po ma-process ang sa akin kasi di ko po alam ang previous employeers sss id #.. wla namn pong site na mai id list..

    • onad says:

      Sir/ Maam, good day. I want to know my total number of months in my sss contribution? This is my sss #:0421157574

    • Arlene M. Magno says:

      Gusto ko lang malaman Kong magkano na ang sss contributions ko

    • Sheryl Mojica Fernando says:

      Dito nyo po i-access:
      Nakapag-apply ng loan asawa ko online gamit yang URL na yan 🙂

    • Karen A. Fernandez says:

      i need to know the contribution of my uncle

    • Glaiza Victorioso says:

      Bket nd qoh mhnap yong sss account qoh

    • Ronnabel Gonzales says:

      pls update my sss contribution at kng pwede n pb ako mag loan!.ty

    • florian ibarra says:

      E1 number 34-1297965-8

    • carl lester benedicto says:

      bkit pag ako po nag lolog in sa sss d q mkita members info!ang nakalagay membership lang kaya hindi po ako makakuha ng contributions

    • Louise L. Samaniego says:

      how to verify sss contributions? and may i have contact numbers thanks

    • saime says:

      Hi po good day i would like to know about my contributions.

    • Kulas says:

      want to know my total contributions