How To Apply For An SSS ID

May 13, 2019 | 3:13 am 409 Comments
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  • How to Apply for SSS ID — If you have been an SSS member for some time now, then you are entitled to an SSS ID.

    Every Social Security System Member have a right to have his or her SSS ID as a proof of identification of membership to the said government agency. Years ago, the issuance of SSS ID was discontinued and was replaced by UM ID.

    Unified Multipurpose (UM) ID still carries the same purpose of SSS ID such as:

    • To facilitate Social Security System Member identification.
    • Get rid or clean the SSS Database through one-to-one matching with the biometric information embedded in the ID.
    • Deter fraud among its members due to unique information contained in the card which allows for direct validation with the data.
    • Enable self-service transactions such as loan application, issuing of SSS Numbers and receiving/viewing Member’s reports.

    Note: For the purpose of our discussion, we still use the SSS ID instead of UM ID.

    How to Apply for SSS ID (TLDR;)

    I’m sure many of our readers are impatient and don’t prefer to read the entire article. So to accommodate people who are in the hurry. Here’s the a short summary of How to Apply for SSS ID.

    • Go to the nearest SSS Branch.
    • Bring two (2) valid IDs as a requirement for application.
    • Present also your SSS E1 form (Personal Record).
    • Fill up SSS E-6 Form or Application for SSS ID form.
    • Have your ID Clearance and Photo Capture.
    • Wait for your SSS ID / UM ID to be delivered to your home address.

    If the short summary of how to apply SSS ID doesn’t help you at all, then I suggest you read the entire article for the explanation.

    The New UM ID / SSS ID carries several Identification numbers. It is officially recognized by other agencies such as Pag Ibig (HDMF), Philhealth (PHIC) and GSIS. Though, those Identification Numbers cannot be found written on the face or back of the ID, it is encoded in magnetic stripe that cannot be seen by a naked eye.

    SSS ID - Front
    SSS ID - Back

    When we first wrote about applying for an SSS ID, we heard a lot of feedbacks that there were a lot of confusion and it was really unorganized in the sense that several SSS Members who already applied for their SSS ID waited for like half year (five to eight months) before their SSS ID be delivered to their home addresses. The reason was never disclosed to us and we never had a chance to confirm it.

    Well, those days are over. You can now easily apply for your SSS ID! As I have experienced, I got my SSS ID in just one month and seven days. Not bad right?

    I don’t really need it actually, it just so happen that I was accompanying a friend who wants to know how much is her total SSS Contribution and also want to apply for an SSS Loan then I instantly decided to apply for my SSS ID.

    Requirements For SSS ID

    Remember the rule, “No ID, No Entry”? Your SSS ID application will not be accepted if you don’t have at least two valid IDs to present. You can pick from the list of valid ID on the list below:

    • Passport including those issued by foreign governments
    • Driver’s license
    • Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID
    • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
    • Police clearance
    • Postal ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Barangay certification
    • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
    • Senior Citizen card
    • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
    • Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) ID
    • Seaman’s book
    • Government office and GOCC ID (e.g., AFP, HDMF IDs)
    • Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
    • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) certification
    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
    • Company IDs issued by private entities or institutions registered with or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or IC.
    • Valid photo-bearing school ID duly signed by the principal or head of the school (for non-voting/minor age students).

    IMPORTANT! It is mandatory to have at least one SSS Premium Contribution before they allow you to get or apply for SSS ID.

    IMPORTANT! You also need to present your SSS E-1 (Personal Record) Form.

    Fill up SSS E6 Form

    Once you secured the required two valid IDs, fill up the SSS E6 (Application for Social Security ID) Form.

    You can download the SSS E6 (Application for Social Security ID) Form here and fill it out or you can just ask the guard or any SSS Personnel for the SSS E6 application form.

    SSS E6 Form - Application for Social Security ID

    In my case, the guard stationed at the door is in charge of the forms to be given to the applicants. He asked me to present two valid IDs before he gave me the SSS E6. One applicant was denied of entering the SSS premises because he failed to present the valid ID. The guard was very strict with the two (2) Valid ID requirement.

    I immediately filled out the SSS E6 and fall in line. They have seats for the applicants and waited for the queue line to move.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    SSS ID or UM ID is totally free of charge, IF and ONLY IF this is your first time of issuance.

    If you don’t fall in the category of “FIRST TIME” applicants of SSS ID, you are required to pay P300 for the SSS ID replacement fee. You can read more about the replacement SSS ID card.

    Where To Apply For SSS ID?

    You can apply for your SSS ID in SSS Offices and Branches that offers SSS ID Photo Capturing Facility. Some SSS Branches don’t have the facility to take photos of the SSS Member who applies for an SSS ID. So instead of guessing where to apply your SSS ID, you can call their SSS Hotline and ask where you can apply for SSS ID.

    You can reach them at 920-6446 to 55, Mondays to Fridays 24 hours a day.

    What To Expect?

    Assuming you already in the right SSS Branch and now waiting for your turn. This will be the events you will expect to happen:

    • The SSS officer will validate you SSS ID application. He or She will encode the Personal Information you have written on the application form. Double check it once he/she is done encoding.
    • Proceed to the Photo capturing Facility. It’s really a no brainer step actually, you just need to sit and relax and have you photo taken.

    Note: Due to the volume of applicants, the Photo Capture are scheduled on a different date. They will just give you an ID Clearance where your schedule (date and time) for Photo Capture is written.

    Take note that the SSS ID will be mailed to your Home Address. Make sure that you wrote your home address correctly. He will also mention when you will receive your SSS ID. I got mine for one month and seven days.

    Before leaving the premises, make sure that you have the claim stub or Acknowledgement Receipt. The claim stub is the last portion of the SSS E6 application. That will be the proof that your SSS ID have been processed and waiting for release.

    Final Thoughts.

    You maybe wondering if the application of SSS ID can be done thru SSS Online Inquiry. Unfortunately, this task can’t be done there, you should personally apply for your ID in the nearest SSS branch.

    So if you haven’t apply for you SSS ID, maybe it’s time to take a shot at this one. For those who still don’t have SSS ID, FYI, this serves as a Valid ID and serves many purposes.

    Do you have unique experienced when you get your SSS ID? Maybe problems or issues encountered? Share it with us!


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    • phoebe grace c. gonzales says:

      Good morning po.ask qlng po qng pnu maiayos ung form q x sss pra mg karoon sss id kz po self imployed lng po aq dhl nd nmn ung amo q dt korian hulog sss q tps sv xkn pg pnta sss kuha dw m form pra fil up x amo q dt,pra dw maiayos q sss q,thnkz po”qng perma lng ng amo q need dun x form naun.ty po.

      • BRYAN A. ONGGO says:

        good pm po kailan po ba pwede makuha yong umid card ko feb. 2019 pa po nag apply hanggang ngayon wala pa

        • BRYAN A. ONGGO says:

          Ilang beses na akong pa balik balik sa SSS ilustre branch Davao sabi nila wala pa.
          Nag Inquire ako sa post office sabi nila nabalik na daw nila sa sss ilustre
          ano bang pwede kung gawin hindi ko kasi pwedi makausap yong incharge sa mga I.d’s bawal daw kasi pumasok

    • Frank T. Cases says:

      Hi po verify ko lng po ung Sss Umid id ko po feb 09 2019 pa kinuha need kuna po kasi ung id ko pano ko makukuha un ng madalian

    • gilbert bendian mabeza says:

      pwede naba makuha ung id ko kasi paalis nako ng pinas

    • Maricel E. Sondo says:

      Tanung ko lng po sir,madam kelan po kya narerelease ang sss id?kc po yung s sister ko wala p po e..ofw po xa.tnx

    • alfie m. tadeo says:

      Follow up kolang po , yung i.d ko .. 3months a wala papo

    • Shaira Angela Tesorero says:

      What is the real time processing and release of SSS UMID IDs?? It was announced on media that processing and release would be faster – 2 weeks. The officer at the SSS branch I applied in said the same – 2 weeks.. 3 months after waiting I follow up and they say that it was only released to the postal service last week and will be delivered after another 4 weeks.. Are your cards produced locally or in another country? I really don’t understand why the postal service takes 4 weeks when the application was made in Metro Manila for delivery within Metro Manila.

    • Ann Maravilla says:

      kelan ko po makukuha ung sss id ko february 27,2019 po aq nag file

    • jhey ehm Martinez says:

      anu po requirements sa pagkuha po ng sss id at pwde po bang kumuha khit wala pa po hulog?..

    • lilibeth says:

      nus ah releasing id last august,.,..

    • nathan camarig says:

      Good evening po pwede pa po bang mapalitan yung sa address ksi po may nakaligtaan po akong isulat,pwede pa po ba yon ma’am? Yung sa sss id po


      good day, kelan po ba ma.irelease ang sss ID captured last may?

    • reynante ipil husain says:

      paano po mag follow up ng id? nag punta na po kmi sa central post office ng lugar namin pero wala pa daw sa knila.. pls reply po.. ilang months na ksi yun..

    • Roden del rosario says:

      Hello po sir/maam… Tanong q lng qng anu po gagawin kapag matagal ng nawala ung i.d sa sss d na din kc alam qng anu sss # at matagal na din pong d nahuhulugan cguro my 10 yers na

    • Jasper Luke Capili says:

      Good morning po. Mam/sir follow up ko lang po Uni ID ko di ko po na recev sa dating apartment namin year 2019 .

    • June Busano says:

      Gud day.. Saan ko po pwede malaman status ng sss ID ko, last march 23 po ako nag apply. Thx..

    • Rachelle Angela C. Placencia says:

      panu nga ung umid? nag apply aq ng umid sa sss bacoor branch..august p un gang ngaun wla pa..ung mga kasabayan q nakuha na daw nila..sabi sa branch na un hntayin daw kasi bka d mahanap ung address eh sobrang tagal na

    • Asshole says:

      Ask ko lang po kc 6months na yong ID ko ng May 3 pano ko malaman kung ok na kc wala pang nadeliver sakin

    • Lovelyn says:

      Helow po..folow up ko po yong sss id ko kong pwede ko na po sya makuha…feb26,2019 po ako nag apply…ilang beses na po ako bumalek sa post office ng mandaluyong till now wala parin…sss # ko po 34-2710316-3..

    • Gleann says:

      follow up ko po sana umid ko. nag aply ako nung jan 22, 2019. ilang buwan po bago makuha?

    • mhae rocaberte says:

      Gud pm po,follow up ko po ung sss id ko,mahigit 3months kac wla pa,arjane bandojo paras po name ko,thnks po

    • Gerald says:

      pwede po ba magfollow up ng ss id ang ss # po 3435808081

    • Jayson servano says:

      Kelan b mrrelease ung umid id?!? Nung may 3, 2019 ako ngpa id.. Slmt..

    • Rodne Abunas says:

      Good day po, pano po ba malalaman ang delivery update ng SSS ID? Last July 16,2019 pa po kasi kami nag file but until now wala pa din dumating. Sana po ay masagot nyo. God bless ?

    • Romabart says:

      Paano mag check ng sss ko gamit ang sss number ko…

    • Jiffy Babor says:

      gd day.ilang buwan ba yung umid sa cebu branch makukuha.

    • rael forrosuelo says:

      Ung sss employee dito sa pateros ang taray at ang sungit, sana turuan din ang mga empleyado nila ng tamang pagtrato sa mga tao lalo na sa mga senior citizen. Nakakaawa ung mga matanda kung taray tarayan.

    • homer says:

      gaano po katagal makuha pag mag papagawa ng bagong I.D kasi po nawala?

    • Rashid Gonzalez says:

      gud pm po, bakit po ganun, kumuha ang anak ko ng UMID id last August 2019, ang sabi after 4 months maideliver na sa address namin kaso hanggang ngaun wala pa rin nadedeliver. mag one year na sa August un, need na ng anak ko. Sa Sm Aura kami nag pa captured ng UMID id


      nag follow up ako ng ID ko dun sa Kalentong Branch yung putang inang staff nyo na kalbo na incharge dun sa UMID ID, sinagot lang sakin “Mag antay ka ng 6-9 months”. kung iritado mga tauhan nyo, at ayaw ng trabaho nya..tanggalin nyo at dun na lang sya sa bahay at tumambay. baka nakakalimutan nya saming mga nag huhulog nang gagaling sweldo nya. ID 6-9 months? grabe pinaka worst na narinig ko yan.

    • Mark Anthony C. Grafil says:

      Update ko lng until now la pa yung id ko last FEB.24,2019

    • Jaime F. Taguibulosan says:

      Gud am po ask ko lng po kng anu ggawin kpag nwala dito sa taiwan ung umid id ko.kng panu po process para makakuha ulit ng bago marami pong salamat

    • PARVIN BISCANO says:

      Hello..ask ko lang..asan na po ung I’d. .its almost 4 months na wala pa din ung I’d. .

    • Yukisoba says:

      good day po. ask ko lng po kng paano mgapply ng new sss id, ngchange status kc ako. gusto ko rin ituloy as voluntary po.. matagal na kc ako ngstop sa work.

    • tessie v. antipala says:

      Maam ask k kelan k makuha yng UMID ID k po…ako nlang kukuha s main SSS ..pakireply po noong april 22 ako nagpa id… rosemarie gondemaro yanong…latest address k alfonso st. Rosario pasig…

    • Red101 says:

      Nag apply po ako ng UMID last Sep 23, 2019. Nagtanong po ako sa SSS kung ano na nangyari sa card application ko dahil hanggang ngayon di ko parin natatanggap yung UMID ko. Sabi ng SSS na-pick up na raw ng Philpost last august 28,2019 pa. Mahigit isang buwan na akong nag aantay, at di ko maasikaso yung mga kailangan kong gawin sa bangko dahil sa UMID na hanggang ngayon ay di ko pa rin natatanggap!
      Hindi ko malaman kung papano ko hahagilapin ang UMID ko sa Philpost dahil napakahirap nilang matawagan! Tatawag ka sa isang number ipapasa ka sa iba, tapos ipapasa ka ng ipapasa hanggang sa naubos na lang ang oras mo kakababad sa telepono ng wala kang napala buong araw! Lahat ng email, sinendan ko na ng message, lahat ng number na nakita ko online tinawagan ko na, pati mobile numbers. Ni isa wala man lang nagrespond sa question ko!
      Nireklamo ko na ang Philpost sa Duterte hotline, sabi inaantay pa daw ang feedback.
      Baka naman pwede nyo matrack kung ano na nagyayari sa UMID ko dahil hanggang ngayon naka tengga pa yung bank transactions ko na dapat nung august ko pa naasikaso. Mahigit dalawang buwan na di ko parin nakukuha yung UMID!

    • Issa Tuason says:

      Hello po ilang months po ba ang releasing ng id since last feb. 2019 pa ako nag apply untill now Wala pa din

    • edlea pangilinan says:

      Gusto ko lng po ifollow up ung sss id ko nung feb.17 pa inapply dati na po kong meron nawala lng po id ko ngpa id uli ako bakit hanggang ngyon wala pa samantalang ung una kong id wala pang 3 mo.nareceived ko na..tnx

    • ALLAGA DENVER M says:

      yung i-d ko po sa SSS pwede ko po bang palitan ang address at magkano po ang bayad?

    • roque p. alquizalas says:

      sir apat na buwan na po ung id ko pinagawa kasi nawala ko po ung id ko hangang ngayon wala pa din po dumadating

    • Ejay says:

      Sa mga nagaantay ng sss ID Hindi uusad yan until wala kang mamumura sa mga empleyado ng sss. Yung sakin nakuha ko na, yung nag follow up ako sa Kanila lagi sinasabi ng Kalbong Tamad sa sss kalentong branch na “mag antay ka ng 1 taon. Eh need ko sa passport ayun next na follow up ko nakatikim ng salita sakin tapos mssngr Lang pala Ang hayop Tamad Lang Talaga mag assist, then pinakausap sakin isang staff, Pwede naman pala I track. Ayun na print na pala at nasa post office. SSS staff kakapal ng muka nyo. Kami wala delay pag kinakaltasan nyo kami kala nyo Kung sino, Kung naiirita at tinatamad kayo (eh trabaho nyo naman yan) mag resign kayo at tumambay na Lang. Sayang pinapa sweldo sa inyo.

    • aaa says:

      Good morning ma’am/Dr,ask k lng po kung pwede po kunn mismo SA sss office ung umid I’d k, gang ngayun po kasi wala pa po.. salmt,sana po pwede kunn SA office para makuha kna po agad,, Ito po number k 09359263043 sana maitx nio po ako ma’a/sr

    • monaliza solomon says:

      Good day..tnung ko lng kung pwde n mkuha sss id ko. Last jan.20,2019 p ako ngapply undr balntwak branch pero wala p na email skin.

    • jimmylo says:

      gandang araw po sir./mam,panu po ba ang gagawin ko po kasi my ss number na po ako,kya lng po wla po dw hulog khit isang beses po dw yn.anu po bng magandang gawin para maka paghulog po ako self in ploy lng para maka kuha ako ng i. d. ko sa sss.pls help me po.salamat po.

    • Ma. Jessalyn C. Penecilla says:

      may schedule napo ba ng release ng ID na nag enroll nung last july 2019?

    • Angelie Mantalaba says: ko lng po bakit po indi ko pa nattanggap ang sss ID.. Last april pa aq ng pa id?..tnx

    • weak says:

      Hello po ask k lang po magtatatlong buwan na po yung id ko di padn po nadidiliver ang sbi po 1 to 2 months maididiliver na hanggang ngayun wla padn po.nahrapan po ako kumuha ng mga padala kc po kailangan k daw po goverment id

    • Jeromeestacio says:

      hlw,po! SSS nkiusap po,aq sana madelever na po ung ID q?sana mpansin nyo ung comment q?kailangan q po,ng ID plz,.malaking 2long nyo narin sa akin.maraming slmt,po!

    • Cherry Mae Lapasanda says:

      pwede ko na ba ma-claim yung SSS ID ko? nung August 08, 2019 pa ako nag-apply. Salamat!

    • darwin roldan says:

      hello po, ung id ko hndi ko po nakuha ngaung araw sa pag deliver d2 sa bahay paano ko po makukuha un?

    • rexcell comoda says:

      Hi po ff up po Sana status ng sss I’d KO ang tagal na kasi ehh eto sss

    • yeye says:

      Pwde po bang magpatulong…kasi nagkuha ako ng id ng sss last 2019 pa…hanggan ngayon d ko pa nakuha.doon po sa davao bajada branch ako nag kuha..yong iba door to door ang paghatid ng id sa akin hanggang ngayon wala pa…2019 na ngayon bakit wala pa?patulong naman po….ako po c richard abbu taga compostela valley province….dito ako ngayon sa cebu nagtrabaho….please lng po tulongan nyo ko..

    • adones tana says:

      gravi nmn ung ID q xa SSS need q n xa passport q kelan b tlaga mareleas un

    • bernadatte anne pinto santos says:

      Pwd po ba maka hinge # ng main office ng sss kc 2019 pa ako nagpa ID hanggang ngayon dparin naidedelivered saakin,lagi ko pnupuntahan sa post office sabi nila tatawagan nadawlang ako pag na enquiry nila hanggang ngayon wala parin,

    • arjie malazarte cabeling says:

      Ung umid ko po wala pa last po ako kumuha sabi 3mos.lang but till now wala parin po,need na need ko na po kasi un nalang hinihintay sa mga reqs.ko..thanks

    • June Busano says:

      Hi sss. Pwdi pu ba malaman kung ilang months ang aantayin para sa pagpapalit ng record sa sss, kasi yung bday ko po mali ang naencode ng sss ang copy ko po tama nman ang sa system ang mali, nag update po nung August 2019, hanggang ngayon di pa napapalitan hindi tuloy ako makapag pa umid ID dahil jan po. Need ko na po UMID id ko.

    • roberto niegas sismo-an jr says:

      Good day po..ask ko lang po sana yung id ko po sa sss wala pa po kz till now.. Nung august 2019 pa po kz ako nag paID po sa Dagupan sabi 2 to 3 months ang delivery pero until now po wala pa.tinanong ko aman po sa post office namin dito if may dumating po sabi po nila wala pa rin po..pano po yun? Tanx god bless po

    • Keith Cordell M says:

      Gud day mam! Nag file ako para sss id last feb 10 2019. Bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa akong natatanggap??. 3 mons kasi yung sabi sa akin ng sss branch kung saan ako nagfile.

    • Emgee M. says:

      hi..po mam or sir pwedi po ba akung mag update ng sss id ko po nag file po ako noong may 7, 2019..di pa po dumating mag wa one year na po..slamat

    • Emma Mascarinas says:

      ang asawa ko ay 61 yrs. old na kulang ng 3 years ang contribyusyon para maka pension ano ang gagawin ko puydi ko bang bayaran lahat upang maka pension agad? kasi matagal na syang walang trabaho kaya hindi nakabayad at may sakit na ano ang gagawin ko.

    • Concerned citizen says:

      anung ko po kung pwd na namin kunin ang i.d nang asawa ko kc po nang pa change middle name kmi nuon pa setp.lO 20l4 nakailan balik na kmi hnd pa rin namin nakuha

    • wag ka!!!! pu|!!!! says:

      Hello po Good afternoon, Follow up ko sana ang SSS ko kung nahulogan ba ang account ko.

    • maravilla aries p says:

      Good day po,!
      taga bacolod city po aq. Kumuha po aq nung sss id,august. 2019 pa.hanggang ngaun di q pa rn ntatanggap. Nag follow up po aq x sss,npadala n daw august pa.nag inquire po aq x post ofiz wala daw po dun.xan po kaya ngpunta ang id q? Tnx po!

    • Esmeril Guerzo says:

      Hi po. Oct 2019 pa un ID application ko sa SSS Las Piñas, pero nung naginquire ako, for processing pa rin, tumawag na lang daw sa SSS main office (920-6401 loc 5714/15). Kaya tumawag ako June 27, 2019 para i-follow-up yung ID, sabi nung nakausap ko tawag ulit ako the following week para ma verify un status. Ngayon pag tumawag ako, palaging ma hold sa line then mapuputol un call. May ibang paraan pa ba para malaman ko status ng ID?


      pano po kung ideliver sa bahay ang i.d ko tpos wala po ako.. saan ko na po kukunin ang i.d ko?

    • joyvie alfelor says:

      tanung ko lang po…ilang months po ba talaga bago makuha yung sss id..2 months na ako nag aantay nang id ko wala padin…sabi sa online 10 working days lang makukuha na yung id…

    • Gina Dela Cruz says:

      Gud am po… Ask q lng po ung SSS no. ng kapatid q Eric Oblianda Alabado po ang name nya ipinanganak po xa noong august 6, 1982 un po kcng last no. ng sss nya napunit po… Thanks po.

    • Alejandro A. Uyanguren says:

      Anu po b require pag kumuha ng e1 form bukod po sa bcertificate.. sana po masagot nyo salamat …

    • dennis joy tan lim says:

      hi sir…tanung ku lang po kung bakit hindi pa pwedeng irelease yung certification at i.d ko?

    • Lala says:

      nagkautang po ang papa ko sa SSS nung 1995 sa halgang 5000 kaso di n nya nahulugan…..after po nagaply sa sa SSS ng volunteer nahulugan nya ng ilan buwan kaso po tumigil n nman po…ngayon 65 na sya ano po ang pwede gawin…..

    • Vilma Dadal says:

      pano mag inquire ng sss contributions thru computer hirap nmn kc d ko alm san website malaman un contributions ko..tnx po..

    • pinky delos angeles says:

      Good noon po, yung ID ko po kasi nirequest ko yun last year pa , then hindi pa narereceive. How can I get my ID, hindi naman daw nadeliver sa Cavite kung saan ko pina deliver.

    • melecio s. helasque jr. says:

      Good morning po! Follow up ko po sana SSS ID ko kung kelan darating? Nagfile po ako last January 6, 2019.

    • Ms. CG says:

      pno po mlmn yng sss id kng nsan mli po kc yng adresn nailgy ?tnx po san po pwde i claim ?

    • diana donaire says:

      gud am!! tanung q lang po bout dun sa sss i.d q kumuha po aq last april 17 2019 oct. napo wala prin hangang ngaun, sa olongapo branch po aq kumuha, pede po paki follow up nman po. Lane velante po real name q,, salamat po

    • marpe says:

      Panu mag follow up ng sss id?

    • Lanie calicdan says:

      Magandang umaga po ginang/ginoo
      ako po si fabriag, Richard Bersula
      itatanong ko lang po kung pwede ko po malaman kung pwede po ako ang kukuha ng UMID ID ng kapatid.Sa kadahilanan na sya po nasa ibang bansa na nga.gusto nya po ipakuha sakin yung sss id nya ngunit hindi po namin alam kung ito ay Nasaan na ngayon. DAHIL sa naka address ng delivery ay sa cavite sa boarding House nya po dati..hnd po ito nya na tanggap dahil noong panahon po yun sya po ay paalis n ng pilipinas.
      hinihingi ko po ang inyong opinyon kung saan ko po makukuha yung sss id nya..
      ito po ang pangalan ng kapatid ko
      Fabriag,Joan Bersula
      Salamat po

    • ARTHUR DE GUZMAN says:

      Kailan po release nung umid application date June 26, 2019?
      Bigay nmn ng list of release ?

    • Malou Esguerra says:

      morning po sir ng p umid po aq halos 40 days n po meron n po kya un kc kylangan q n po tlaga puede po b aqong pumunta s post office pra maclaim ung umid i.d q o mg verify po muna aq s sss

    • ivanz says:

      Paano ko po malalaman kung may sss na ako? Dati kasi kumuha ako ng e1 pero di ko na naituloy, ano po ba pwedenggawin?

    • Samuel Tresvalles says:

      Gandang gabi po tanung ku lng po kung pwedi ba ma dliver ung UMID ID ku po???

    • noli caliwag says:

      Good day po!ask ko lng po,pano p ang gagawin kapag ung dati ko pong pg apply ng id ay d ko po na claim ung id ko.single pa po ang status that time,now po gusto mg change status for married.pano po gagawin ko?need pa po ba un ng affidavit of lost?

    • Mark Famorca says:

      Hello po madali rin bh ang pagkuha dito sa pagadian city???? ID po kasi kailangan nh
      Salamat po

    • joseph dela cruz demafelis says:

      My requirement p po b ang pagpgawa ng sss id khit d xa unified? Gano ktgal mkuha?

    • james alexander bueno alonzo says:

      good am po ask ko lang po kung kelan ko po malalaman kung my checke npo aq sa maternity ko nun april 28,2019 naipasa na po yung mat 2 reimbursement ko ng agency ko ilang weeks po ba hihintayin ko once n nrecieved npo ng sss un mat.2 ko thnx po

    • Chris Martinez says:

      hi saan po ako pwede mag inquire if kung yung id po namin is okay napo it was past 1 yera napo until now i dont have the update about my id

    • jason latayan says:

      3400679229 yan po ss no. q i follow up q lng po f n relist n po ung id q,tnx po

    • Eugene navarro g says:

      hi po ng aply po aku nang sss ku nung january 2019 and ngbayad din po aku that day.. so kailan ku po makukuha id ku? tnx po

    • Jonathan Capales Donoso says:

      Yong sss id ko po hindi ko pa po nakukuha hanggang ngayon as of May 30, 2019.. august ko pa po yon ni request. sabi ideliver na lang daw pero until now wala pa rin.. note: sa province po ang delivery address ko

    • ronald says:

      Good morning po pa follow up lang po sss UMID ID.. applied last may 17 2019 till now d ko pa nrereceive.. ano po status salamat po.

    • SARA says:

      Nagresign po ako sa work ko last March. 30:70 po diba ung bayaran ng Employee at employer. Now, natiligil po un ng dalawang buwan na. Ano na po ung mangyayari sa SSS account ko? my penalty po ba un the next time na magbabayad ako?

    • Jolly N. Yurong says:

      Maam / Sir.. Kailan ko po ba makuha yung id ko? Last feb2019 pa po yun. Pwede ko ba ma change yung address sa pag deliver kasi hindi na ako nakatira don sa address na binigay ko.. Latest address ko .128- I bonbonan st. A. Lopez labangon cebu city. Salamat.

    • Joeb Diana says:

      Good day po ask ko Lang pi kung mgaapply po ngaun ng sss ilang dys or wk or months mkuha ang id kc need sa passport requirment.. 1 lng po kc vadility ng application q sa dfa .. Antay po aq ng sagot asap tnx .

    • Lerio Ne√±a Selendron says:

      gudafternun pu maam/sir … pwede koh puh ba mlaman kung may makukuha pa yung tiyuhin koh sa S.S.S kase nakuha niya ing burial benefit nya puh .. ang nem pyh ng tyuhin koh ay MICHAEL C. JAVIER eto puh S.S.S nya na nkita koh sa papel nya 0347377535 … thank you puh

    • almira bandong calamba says:

      Hi gud am pfallow up ko po umid id aprl ko pa inaply up no wala pa need ko po ksi salamat

    • angelica abrugar says:

      hi , pano ba icheck yung contribution and i havent receive yet my umid card

    • TJ P. says:

      3months npo un ng replace ako ng id until now wala pa rin sn po pwedeng mkita kung kelan realease?

    • Ma, Dodith Christine Lucim says:

      hello po pano po makakuha ng sss id

    • jayfranny says:

      bkit yn personal loan ko la p dim sa main n nga ko kumuha aug,7 p yn sbi nla 2-3weeks lng nasan n

    • marilyn s. gonzales says:

      Kindly check status of my sss id application.
      I change my civil status from single to married last 2010 but until now i did’nt received my unified id.
      Here is my details
      Darlene Santuyo Evangelista
      DoB: august. 17, 1983

    • NBI user says:

      Pde po ba ako magrequest ng sss number kase po d ko po malaman kung anung digit nya kung 9 or 7 ballpen lang po kce sulat niya thanks po Titus lalog po real name ko need lang po sa work thanks

    • byron nelson emberso morano says:

      Gusto ko lng po sana mag follow up ng release ng ID ko. Sabi po sa e-mail, last july 10 po ang release ng ID, August 5 na po wala pa. Nag follow up po ako para tanungin kung may tracking number pero wala pong nagrespond. may iba po kaya kayong channel para sa follow up? thanks. April pa po yun

    • crushy says:

      Gud pm po. Ano requirements poh para sa sss I. D? At ilang buwan po mkukuha ito? Tnx poh…

    • Christine B. Albay says:

      Nwala po kc I’d ko.tas nagfile po uli me para as new I’d 2009 pa un eh nawala po claiming stub ko na gang now LA pa din I’d me.. pano po kya un

    • Rodrigo B.Quijano jr says:

      Hi May I follow-up my UMID ID 2 Yerars na po di ko pa po narerecieve yung ID ko. Sabi po sa Marikina wala po dun yung ID.

    • CRISS PINEDA says:

      Hi po tanong ko lng kung until when po makukuha ung sss id kumuha kasi ko nung feb 26, 2019 ilang months po ba xa before makuha? Thanks in advance sa sasagot

    • levi gonzales baclayon says:

      ung sss id ko august 17, 2019 ako npgawa til now january 13, 2019 d ko p dn nkukuha..

    • Ulyses Lagus says:

      Sir madam matanong sana regarding sss id ko matagal nayon di kupa natanggap 2010 pa hanggang ngayon d ko natanggap c joel labor ito nagtrabaho ako ngayon sa asian aerospace corp. Ang company namin salamat

    • Andro Quitorio says:

      follow concern on UMID application it has been more than 5-6 weeks already

    • Bryan Kurt D. Balacang says:

      my byad po ba pag nagpa id

    • Marisa Maurin says:

      Good evening..ask ko lang po..nakapag pa ID na po ako last august 2019 until now mag 1 year na hndi pa rin na rerealeased puro ako follow up sabi last month end of August na wala parin..anu na po ba nangyari?

    • malou Olivas-Hoye says:

      Verify ko lang po kung kailan ma release yung sss id ko.

    • JERESSA says:

      Hi po 4month n po ako nag apply pra sa UMID bat hangang ngaun wla pa po ung ID 3 month lng diliver n ID ko DAgupan city pangasinan po branch ko po.


      hi Ask ko palang pde na po pagawa ng Id na apilido ng asawa ko ung gagamitin ko ?

    • amparo bagunas says:

      Mag inquire poh ako sa status nang ID ko, I applied last august 19, 2019.

    • sheryl m.mangaoang says:

      Good evening po, kailan po kayo mag deliver ng i.d sa Naic? Hindi parin po nadating yung sa akin po simula po nuong nag pa i.d po ako at first time po.

    • meynard says:

      Hlo po gd,pm tanung q lng pg kmuha na sss I’d .pwde nb certificate of baptism? At saka my postal I’d nmn q.

    • Vorded says:

      Good afternoon SSS, meron na po akon SSS number gusto ko po sana kumuha ng UMID.. Paano po makakakuha neto agad kasi gagamitin ko po sana sa pag aapply ko abroad.. Salamat po!

    • jen says:

      good day sss!follow up ko lang po sana ung sss id replacement ko sbe s sss within one month po bago makuha.. ngpnta po ako mismo sa post office namen august pa last sila nakarecv ng sss id para idistribute sa tao.. pls help!

    • says:

      Dq n kasi tanda qng kelan at wala naman nakalagay s id l, salamat poh

    • badtrip lang to says:

      good am po! follow up ko lang po yung Unified multi purpose SSS ID ko… last year pa po ako nag apply.

    • jeannete obiasca says:

      Pwede po bang ipa rush ang UMID Card?

    • bianca says:

      Gusto ko lang po magfollow-up sa UMID ko kasi hanggang ngaun di ko pa rin narereceive eh. Nag apply po ako last April 16, 2019 sa Diliman branch but until now, wala pa akong nareceive.

    • Marie Ann says:

      Follow up q lng po un umid q nunf feb.12 ,2019 po aq kumuha ask q lng po f meron n.s sta.cruz laguna po aq kumuha

    • Jeanril Caballero says:

      Good Morning!
      Sir/ Ma’am,
      Gusto ko po sana magfollow-up sa SSS UNIFIED ID.
      Feb. 22 2019 po yung application ko.
      Thank You!

    • Gabriel Parina Marty says:

      SSS Online inquiry..tanong kulang po Kung pwedi ba ma rush ang SSS I’d ko.kailangan ko po kac yun Sa mga requarments Sa passport.tns po.

    • Josephine Babor says:

      hello follow ko lang ung UMID ID ng Mrs ko si Esperanza Canlas Tongol nagapply po sya ng umid last March 20 till now wala pa syang nareresib ofw sya till now di pa sya makaalis kase hinihintay pa nya un need it as soon as possible thanks

    • Fatima Lachica says:

      Good evening! My I know the status of my SSS unified ID. I applied and paid last February 16, 2019 at SSS Dumaguete Branch but until now i have not receive my ID. It’s already 6months. My SSS No. 33-0908313-6. Please help.

    • glenn a.bernardo says:

      good day po.xan po pwdng mag follow up ng sss id? kc po august 17,2019 pa po aq nag apply. until now di q pa rin po nrrceive. pumunta n po ako ng post office. wla daw pu doon. xna pu m2lungan nyo q ng mtrack kung xan pu un npunta.tnx po

    • Bruce Cayabyab says:

      how to apply for SSS ID here in Makati City?

    • Aris says:

      Hi…Good Day ask ko lang po ano na po update ng SSS id ko po..
      Name: Dale P. Auman
      SSS Number: 06-2965924-3
      Date of Birth: March 5,1990
      Date of ID Application: august 2019
      salamat po

    • aill says:

      Last Aug2019 p AQ ngapply ng sss I’d q..hanggng ngaun dp RN ndting ang email q pano q b mattrace ang I’d q..

    • henry b costa says:

      Nakapg pa ss id n po aq lipa branch kso po hnd q po makuha ang id kc po nasa main branch p dw po

    • oliver says:

      Tnong klng po bkit po wla p ung I’d ng asawa ko tatlong buwan npo un?

    • Anjie says:

      Gud am po follow up q lng po f anu na yong status ng aking nirequest na umid card?

    • Roman G. says:

      Paano po kumuha / apply SSS ID or UM ID?

    • BAltz says:

      how long it will takes kung kukuha po ako ng SSS id? badly needed lng po.

    • anthony jose says:

      Good day… ask ko lng po if available na po ung UMID ID ko if narelease na po sya… almost 5months na po kse last FEB 12,2019 pa po kse ako nag apply.. you said that the processing of ID will take 2-3months nag follow up po ako nun 3months na at ang sbi balik nlng dw po ako if wla pa dn til 5months sa cagayan province pa madeliver un til now wla pa po… pno po ba ung delivery niu house to house or thru post office kse wla pa dn po dumarating til now… thanks

    • Love Manuel says:

      good day..follow up ko lang po sana yung ss id ko..last april 2019 ko pa po na file makati branch po.

    • jeremy magmanlac says:

      hello gud afternoon sa davao po ito kung kukuha po kami ng sss id ilang months po un bagu makuha sa sss branch?

    • ARLENE A.FLORES says:

      when ba resume nang printing nang UMID ID. Naantala na alis naming mga OFW lalo papuntang taiwan.3 mnths na aplication ko puro lng pangako end of feb daw sisimulan, march na po ngayon.pls po maaksyonan nyo po sana ito.salamat

    • Edgar C. Bartocis says:

      Follow up lng po ung sss card umid card na po iyon ng sister ko name charisma diaz ordoñes oct.18,2019 pa po up to now wala pa dn po

    • gloria r. mateo says:

      Gud day po..hndi pa po ba naerelease ang id nagfile ngaun ta0n na to nung buwan april until nw wla pa ba.salamat po.

    • wynn says:

      kelan po delivery ng may application ng feb.28, 2019? ty.

    • JOEL BUCAWE says:

      Follow up ko po ulit sss ID ko po sana po dadating na jessa beltiar po name ko kailangang kaylangan ko po kc august.10 ko po inaply un.

    • Karen Ford says:

      gud pm! pwede po bang mag file ng retirement benefits kahit saan sangay ng SSS?

    • mary joy punzalan says:

      follow up ko lang po yung sss id ko august pa po ako nag apply.kelan un marerelease o wala na ako pag asa magka id kasi pangalawa ko ng apply.salamat

    • thongsumanqui says:

      gud day po sir/mam nong feb pa po ako nag apply sa unified id kaso until now wala pa po sabi 3moths daw kailangan na kc yon at ang tagal na diba???edgar s. bosogon po

    • ROSE YELL says:

      gud morning po, ask ko lng po when po kaya ddating ang sss id ko Nascreened po ako last 7-25-2019 at Captured on the same date. almost 3 yrs n po wala pa din. eto po sss number ko 04-1873092-0

    • mara U. says:

      Grabe ang dming nanga2 ilangan ng UMID I.D. mga taga SSS kilos nman kau,klangan n nmin ung umid,,naaantala ang pg alis nming OFW,,,super bgal,tgal ng proseso nio!august 2019 pko kmuha until now wla p rn!!!aksyonan nio nman ang mga reklamo sa inyo…

    • eli says:

      hello po! Cherrygil Rodriguez po ito taga Zamboanga del Norte po, inquire lang po sa umid ko kung pwede ba dito kunin sa Metro Manila kc andito ako ngayon. Nag-apply ako noong February, kailangan kc sa agency namin kaya pinafollow-up ko..

    • jomar E. bernardo says:

      ilang months po ba makukuha ung ID? last august2019 ko pa po inasikaso sabi for delivery nlang ung ID e.anung petsa na ngayon wala parin? anu ba kailangan gawin?

    • Jayrol G Dela Cruz says:

      Pwede po ba ako kumuha ng id ngaun. Kahit sunday? Thanks

    • rowena villanueva says:

      sir gud am poh, papano po ba mag online inquiry sa contributon.

    • Jeffrey R. Natavio says:

      Pag may sss# ..pero wla pang hulog..pano po ba gagawin?like ko po voluntary contribution. Pwede po ba ko kumuha ng sss id?

    • Billy F. Santiago says:

      and ask ko lng po kung pwde palitan un amount ng income ko dahil po ngaun eh wala na po ako masyadong income…2,000 nlng po per month ang income ko plz txt me.09192166052

    • ma. calire bables laut says:

      What I don’t understand why it takes so long to have your UMID ID done?!
      May mga posts and comments na not led than 3 months na naghihintay for their ID.
      Alam nyo naman siguro gaano ka importante yun UMID I’D sa mga members and sana man lang mag focus kayo sa pag papabilis ng process. May mga taong hindi na matrace yun ID nila.
      Nasa SSS ba o sa PhilPost ang problema?

    • Mary Jane Bulaqui√±a Ralla says:

      good afternoon po..efofollow-up ko lang po ung umid card august pa po kasi ako nag-apply until now wala pa…ritchel buentipo po name ko sa kidapawan,cotabato na branch po ako nag-apply…09-3997981-7 yan po ang sss number ko…

    • Hayron Aplal sapalon says:

      lagi po pla ng offline d2 sa carmona.tnx.

    • edmer panday says:

      Nagpauliuli n AQ s mga branch at philpost dito s Batangas pero wla clang maibgay n mgndng blita skin.. 1yr n un

    • Harby cris panganiban alvarez says:

      helo sss. gusto ko lng itanong kung papano magpadeliver nang sss id card.?

    • rosalyn sulog tumangob says:

      yung sss id ko po ginamit sa red cross 3 years ago Hindi ko na po nakuha paano po mag apply new ones. ROBERT BENEDICTO GAVINO po ng San Antonio zambales tnx po.

    • alysllea says:

      Hi! I applied for replacement ID (which is for Unified) last august 2019 & until now havent heard anything when it will be delivered to my home address. I tried calling your hotlines but always busy. I’ve checked my SSS details online & still showing my first application for SSS ID way back 2008. Hope to receive feedback the soonest.

    • mylene says:

      good day po.. last august 11 po ako nag pagawa ng sss id kelan ko po makukuha?

    • recnalyn says:

      Hello po sir follow up lang po ako sa SSS ID ko po until now d ko pa na tatangap. nung April 2019 pa po ako nag apply hangang ngayun wla pa din po..

    • regine romerosa says:

      Nagpapicture po ako ng I’d last may 2010 pa,di ko pa po nakukuha until now sa San Pablo Laguna pa po un,sa ilocos na po kasi ako nakatira now,medyo malayo na po dun,san ko po kaya pwede makuha pa ung id ko?salamat po

    • ryan claro says:

      sir&mam, bkit po until now wla parin ang sss id?

    • Hamzeh Abunab says:

      Pls naman po need Ko n po ID ko applied last august 2019 pa.

    • eddo longakit says:

      Good Am..Kelan po mrerelease UMID ID ko?..captured last june 29…sabi 1 – 2 months lang…bat wala pa result?

    • Alvin says:

      Good day po,ung id kopo sa sss hndi kopa po nkukuha kc 6mnths n hnggang ngaun wala p rin.puede pobang mlaman kng saan ko mkukuha un.faizal gara po name ko

    • Rogelio A. Morales Jr. says:

      Follow up ko lang po sss id ko nag aply po ako nung august.10/2019. Kilan ko po makukuha un kc hangang ngaun wala po?

    • mj says:

      Pls. Ano po gawin nmin pra makita nmin ang ss inquiry ng mama nmin, gusto lng nmin mkita sino benefeciary nya coz she pass away.

    • Wendy Delacruz says:

      Dear SSS! Good day! This Mr. Norman Del Rosario., May Question is, mag-loan sana ako this year pero hindi ako makapag-loan as per inform of our H.R may out-standing balance pa yung dati ko company na hindi pa daw ata naihulog yung na loan ko, which is bago ako magresign is sabi ni company A bayad na daw., pero na trace ko dito sa new company ko magloan sana ako kaya lang may balance pa,, paano kapag ganun…. Thanks

    • red says:

      Fallo up qlang po ung umid id q po noong August 4 pO aq ngpa id
      Need kuna po tlga sa pgkuha ng passport q yan nlang po kc ang chnce na mkakuha aq ng passport kc yan po ang valid.either voters or ss.
      Pls lng po pkirelease na po ty

    • Rachelle Angela C. Placencia says:

      Gud pm po ng aply po ako ng sss id nung march 2019 sbi po sa akin first week ng july makukuha ko na sss id pero hanggang ngayon wla pa din

    • ann marie c.banawa says:

      Papano ko malalaman if ok na ang ID ko. And qualified ako sa loan?


      Ask lng po.
      May 30 po ako nagpakuha ng sss umid. .mga ilang buwan pa po ba ako mag aantay o kailan darating yun id. Kc sabi ipapadelivwr na lng po

    • Lea priscilla serevo says:

      asked ko lng po panu e verify ung id application ko,,ng apply ako for id nung may 5,2019 peo 3 months na po wala pa.. Pabalik balik po ako sss bacoor para e verify peo nung last punta ko for captured daw po ung id ko tas binigyan ako number natatawagan sa main ng sss kaso d naman nasagot… Panu po b makukuha ung id ko??? Salamat po

    • richard hernandez says:

      Hello po..sir asked ko lang po kung kailan ko po makukuha yung id ko sa sss..kasi po yun po yung kailangan ng DFA para sa passport ko..bali august 15 po qko kumuha..sir message nyo naman po ako kasi kailangan ko po makakuha ng passport ko..pata po kasi sa kinabukasan ng pamilya ko para po mai angat ko po sa kahirapan..matami na pi kasi akong 5awag sa agency ko..kaso wala pa po akobg DFA po kasi kailangan nila ng sss id..sana pi matulongan nyo ako..maraming salamat po..

    • jhaz says:

      Panu ko po mla2man kng pwde k ng mkuha ung sss umid id k?kc sbi skn 1or 3months ide2liver n ung id k pro until nw ala p rin…pwde b n personal k nlng kunin po?salamat..

    • Romelito R. Gacita says:

      Gud nun mam & sir ask ko lng nwala kc ang id nya dhl nbha tpos na accidente cya piro alam nya sss nya. Mgfile cya ng desabillity kc lumpo n cya.3314618499 yan ang number nya engelberto magpulong gordove ang name kapitolyo branch

    • destiny gayyed says:

      Gusto ko po mlaman sss no.ko ngaun,,, nag Asawa n po kc ako,,nlimutan ko po Kung ung dati po b o binago n po no.ko ngaun

    • Lolita V.De Castro says:

      Paanu po at pwde po ba rush mkukuha agad I’d sa sss at anu po requirements need kopo tlga

    • Joko says:

      Pdi p0 bng ak0 na p0 kumuha ng umid k0 sa quezon city ..3m0nths na p0 kc .anu p0 kailangan requirments

    • Daryl says:

      Good day po meron na po akong sss number and magiinquire po sana ako ng sss id how po??and requirements thank you?

    • Evangeline sigua hernandez says:

      sir/ma’am paupdate nman po kung pwede n ko magpa id byron john torres gagamitin ko po sana sa taiwan

    • bernadette hizole says:

      Happy morning Sir! I would like to inquire if I can apply for new ID since my ID did not arrived yet. Applied last 2019 pa in mandaluyong office but currently im in Boracay.

    • Madalyn Martins says:

      Anu-ano po ba mga requirements ang kinakailngan sa pagkuha ng SSS ID

    • ronnie santos says:

      gud pm poh mam/sir verify k lng poh ung sa id k june 03 2010 p ako nag apply hanggang ngaun wla p ung id ko.e2 poh sss# k 04-157-2009-8 san pablo laguna branch poh ako kumuha..

    • Reuben says:

      kailan po kaya ang releasing lit ng UMID,kse yan nalang po hinihintay ko para makalis at makapag work..Malaki na po utang namin at need ko na po talaga makaalis yanlang dahilan kung bakit na pepending pag alis ko..sana may iba po kayo option if ever may problem pa po kayo sa procesing ng IDs..

    • Ryan Cabasal says:

      hi gud pm po ask ko lang bakit d pa nakin marereceive ung umid card ko almost 3months napo lumipas since nag apply ako salamat po

    • Paul Mallari says:

      Hnggang kelan pa po ako mghihintay n madeliver ang sss id ko…araw araw akong pumupunta d post office para icheck ksi sbi idedeliver dw pero hanggang ngayon wla pa din….follow up nman …

    • A. Dy says:

      Hi goodmorning po.. Ask lang po aq , jan po ba sainyung opicna napupunta ung mga I’d na hindi nnakukuha… Last 2011 pa po inaply until nuw po hindi pa po namin nakukuha.. Sa malolos po namin in inaply.

    • LANDO says:

      Good Day ask ko lang po bkt wala pa po UMID ko more than 3 months n po wala pa…..

    • yoon cherry mae says:

      Tanong ko lang po kung ilang araw o buwan ang pag loloan sa sss?

    • rainnie says:

      Check ko lng po kng available na ang sss id ko ksi hanggang ngayon po e wla pang dumadating skin…sbi po e email dw skin pero hanggang ngayon wla pa dumadating n sulat…thanks po

    • Janice Khoo says:

      good day po follow up lang po may 13, 2019 po ko nagpa id sabi po nung july 21 for printing na ung id ko magemail dw po ko after 2 weeks for update til now po di pa nagrreply…

    • Gerry Macabate says:

      Last Wednesday November 6, 2019 I failed to apply at POEA direct hiring bound to Esrail because one of the requirements was this UMID. Pumunta kaagad ako sa SSS dun mismo sa POEA pra kumuha. at nanlumo ako sinabihan ako 3 to 6 month’s raw makukuha. Is that true? Please reply. Thanks a lot.

    • Norambai U. Dalundong says:

      Sir/Ma’am; I did not already got my SSS number. How can I get it?

    • Ruffa says:

      Hi gud day po… ask ko lang po if ok lang po na hulugan ko ang sss ko? Simula po kasi nung nag apply ako wLa pa syang hulog active pa po kaya Ang ssss ko?

    • Prince says:

      February 1,2020.

      Ang SSS number mo ay habang-buhay po ay pag-aari at punta ka lang sa malapit na SSS branch sa iyong lugar at pwede mo rin ito ipagpapatuloy ang paghuhulog ng iyong SSS contribution. Kahit anong araw o buwan owed mo Yan ipagpatuloy. always active po hung SSS number mo. Have a great night kababayan. God bless.

      Many thanks:

    • Antonio A. Adalid jr says:

      Hello good morning… tanong ko lng po Kung ilang buwan ba Ang kailan maghintay para makuha ang SSS ID…nag pa ID po noon August 2019….Sabi nila 3 months lang daw…lampas n po sa 3 months Wala paring…ano po gawin? Salamat po…

    • Jocelle Boongaling says:

      Good day po. Pwede po ba kumuha ng SSS ID ang unemployed person? May SSS number na before pero di lang nakakuha ng ID pero unemployed na for almost 2 years, pwede po kaya kumuha lang ng ID? Thank you! 🙂

    • Anne Melissa Adame says:

      February 21,2020

      Good day po. Tanong ko lang po, kapag ba 1 year kana hindi nakakapaghulog sa SSS pwede kapa din ba kumuha ng SSS ID? Thank you!

    • Richard leano morales says:

      My sss number po aq noon peru ndi qna alam ang number now po kc nkapasok aq sa work q need nla ang sss number q ppa virification q lang po sana RICHARD LEANO.MORALES bday q nov 12,1989 pasuyo nlng po sna mtulungan nio aq mbgay skin sss number q..salamat po

    • Lorena David says:

      ask ko lang po bakit hanggang ngaun po wala pa po ung inapply Kung umid id,last sept 2,2019 pa Po un,Sabi Po nila sa dau branch 2 months lang daw Po i almost half a year na po ngaun wala pa po,sana po masagot nyo salamat po,Lorena David ng Pampanga

    • Jenny mitre says:

      Ask ko lng po pano po makukuha ung umid id ko ngayon po KC nkalockown nung nov pa po aq ngaapply hindi po ba pwedeng ihatid nlng ?salamat

    • Sandro malinao says:

      Ako din po nung dec 2019 pa po ako nag apply umid kaso wala parin po hangang ngaun.. salamat po

      • Mary Grace Cardaño says:

        nawala kpo ung stamp copy ko makukuha kupa din po b ung sss id ko kc po kailangan epresent un pag kukunin na ung sss id slmat po

        • Jeylarden E. Niera says:

          Good day poh ako po ay ng aplay ng umid I’d nong October pa Sabi 3months daw till now wala parin ang I’d q naabutan nlng ng lock down paano poh makukuha Yan sa online process kc need q poh xa thank u poh God bless

        • Jeraldine Memoracion says:

          Paano po kung nagpagawa ako ng sss id pero nagresign naman ako sa trabaho dahil may matinding dahilan at kahit magkano hindi pa nahuhulugan ..may penalty po kaya yun?..

      • Richard lasam sian says:

        Hai gud morning po ask q lng po mg apply ng umid id

      • Jannette O. Esparagoza says:

        Good day po san po ba pwedeng mag apply at mag claim ng burial ng asawa ko. Salamat po sa sagot.

    • AILEE D. PRIETO says:

      Good day!
      Nag apply po ako ng UMID last Oct. 15, 2018 kasi nagpa change status po ako but until now di ko pa natanggap ung ID ko kasi po na misplace po ng postman namin, paano po yun?

      • Bernadeth Ticyado says:

        Good day po. Paano po ngayong pandemya wala ba talagang kahit temporary online sss id application? Tapos mas huli na lang na ipasa yung mga requirements?
        Thanks po.

    • joseph says:

      hi po nawala yung umid i.d ko tapos gusto ko sana mag kuha uli paano po ba ?

    • Abegail cos says:

      Pano po kapag 18 years old ang kukuha ano po yong kailangan

    • Meraluna A. Manalo says:

      Nag txt poh sah akin ung SSS kailngn KO daw pick up ung UMID ID KO sah PEZA Rosario branch… Gusto KO sna deliver nah LNG KC natatakot AKO mag lbas lbas Ng bhy…

      • Dianne aput says:

        Pwede po ba na mka kuha ng umid i.d tru online po kasi ang layo talaga ng sss office sa amin..
        Gusto kung mag kuha ng umid dahil para may valid i.d na ako..

    • Laila Fe Espina says:

      Do I need to put salary computation to my barangay clearance as a requirement for sss contribution…

    • Laila Fe Espina says:

      I want to start my contribution to sss and this is my first time I already have my sss no. but I have no card yet…How much is my monthly and how to pay my contribution..???Thanks for the answer

    • Laila Fe Espina says:

      My sss no. Na ako gusto ko sanang hulugan Yung monthly ko kaso di ko alam Kung magkano ihuhulog ko…Pano po gagawin ko..???


    • Cheryl C.Satingasin says:

      Hello mag inquire po sana ako ng sss id.

    • Lore says:

      Is application for Sept 2020 is on going for UMID ID? I was informed that they are no longer accepting any application as of this time.

    • Pa verify kulang poh ung umid id qoh..last january aqoh nag pa id…

    • Edgar pastorfide says:

      Verify ko lang po yong UMID ID ko bkt hanggang ngaun wala pari mag 2years na nong Nov 12 2018 payon hanggang ngaun wala padin po ee

    • Nanette P. MArasigan says:

      Kailan po ba pwede mag issue in application sa HUMID I. D sa SSS ano po bang pede namin proof of I. D ipakita lets say s taiwan its a must possible po bang makapg release kau ng SSS to proved na meron na kami SSS?

    • Hello Po tanong ko Lang Po kung kelan ko makukuha umid I’d Ko Kasi last February kopa Po in apply yun pero hanggang ngayon Wala padin

    • Hello po tanong ko lang po kong okay na po ba yong umid I’d at tsaka kailan ko po makukuha kase po noong last year ko pa po yon in apply hanggang ngayon po kase hindi pa po dumating.

    • Napoleon Ayhon says:

      Good day po ako po ay kukuha ng umid, thank you po

    • Tanong lang po paano pag walang valid id na e present para kumuha ng sss umid .?

    • Joan Celencio says:

      May online process ba kayo for SSS ID po?

    • Rolyn says:

      Hi good day.i apply my um id b4 6yrs.but until now not delivered to my home.what i will do now ?bcuz im currently working now abroad.thank u

    • sarah jane liclican says:

      nung feb12, 2020 po ako nag apply ng sss I. D but untill now wala pa po akong narerecieve, pero ung kaibgan ko march sya nag apply meron na.

    • Myra V. Erana says:

      My UM iD is over 1yr.processing when I followed up to SSS branch where i applied to have one last Oct.2019, before covid19… No single text eversince from the branch at rosario cavite..I’m very disappointed because I cannot apply to open a bank account. I badly needed it..can you please help me get my Undelivered or unprocess UM I’d? Or inform them to process it faster..thanks a lot.

    • Philip Jhon Bayaborda says:


      This is Philip Jhon Bayaborda, I applied for SSS ID last December 26, 2019 at SSS Caloocan Branch, and until now I dont recieve any info about it.

      May we know if my application for SSS has been processed already?

    • Roy says:

      can we just print out E-6 Form and fill up here in house and after go to the nearest branches of SSS and pass it?

    • Francisco Ibanez says:

      When SSS branches will continue process providing UMID Card? I went to SSS guadalupe branch and the guard said that it was suspended in all of the branches nation wide.

    • Fharinah Sandhi Cabales says:

      do you have online process for sss id

    • Marjorie Mamawan says:

      Nagpapa appointment pa po ba sa pagkuha or pagpalit ng umid id ?

    • Manolito Singco says:

      Pwd bang mkakuha ng sss ID/UMID card ang survivorship?

    • How to get aanay id plss help me

    • Jessie says:

      Kukuha Ng SSS ID

    • Joan Villarosa says:

      Hello… I really need sss id but I don’t have two valid ID’s what am I going to do

    • Appreciate, no comment, your honor.

    • Appreciate, no comment. Your honor.

    • Jury mae Mahinay says:

      How can I apply sss id /umid id online?

    • kimberly ortega says:

      pag-ibig id and philhealth id is applicable to apply umid id?

    • Annalyn Garcia says:

      How can i get UMID ID or certification?how much it cost?

    • Melvin G Ignacio Jr says:

      how many months to get the UMID ID?

    • mercedes says:

      paanu po kung minsan ka nn nag apply for sss UMID CARD at hindi nakarating sayo dahil sa pandemic?

    • Roxanne says:

      Is it true that sss is not accepting for UMID application anymore? A security guard in one of SSS branches told my friend that they are not accepting applications anymore.

    • julia says:

      Nag punta ko sa SSS CALOOCAN to apply UMID ID pero ayaw nila mag process . All branch po ba ng SSS ganun ? Hoping for a response. Thank you

    • Atleast i won’t be punished coz i travel with old uncles and they be like and i quote ghar par padai karne ka train baith ne ki jagha hothi hai

    • Maricel Torres Baring says:

      Can i get my umid id..i have a claim stab.

    • Aiza ytol says:

      Hello. Pwede bha sabay ang purpose ku sa pag punta ng sss branch.. Mag file ng loan at at mag pa issue ng I’d in a day?


      Thank you for very cleard explanation for having an SSS UM ID . I’ve learned a lot..God Bless

    • Edwin Cale Tamargo jr says:

      Paanu ko po ikiclaim yung UMID ID ko may stab napo ako eh kaso dko pa po naclaim gawa ng pandemic

    • Vanjo says:

      Pwede napo ba kumuha ngayon ng umid id?

    • Marites Balgus Balbio says:

      Marites balgos balbio

    • Rodolfo Tomenio says:

      I lost my sss id is there any solution to get a new one


      How to apply sss id or UMID?

    • maria cristina apistar says:

      what if i lost my sss E1 from flood in the province long time ago during typhoon but still i know my sss number is it possible to apply for an id?I really appreciate for your response and thank you in advance.

    • guiamaesio says:

      i fillup my form for UMID card last march 2019 but until now i didn’t receiverd my UMID card . what i will do ?

    • MARLON LAGANG says:

      i fillup my form for UMID card last aug. 2019 but until now i didn’t received my UMID card . what will i do ?

    • Lovely Prences Respecia says:

      I applied last February 2019 for UMID ID, its been passed 2 years and a half na po. I didn’t received any text or update on my mail. Please notify me how do i get it? TY.

    • Donna combate says:

      Pwede po ba kumuha ngayon pandemic ng umid id

    • Lester baguio gabrito says:

      May sss id naba ako
      Lester baguio gabrito po

    • Jacqueline Olayvar Miñoza says:

      I wonder what’s taking my UM ID so long to be delivered to me. I applied even before the pandemic started so it’s been almost 2 years since I applied. I followed it up during pandemic, I went to the satellite branch at Robinsons Las Piñas but I was told they’ll just mail it to my home address. Please help, thanks!


      Where or when the application of humid i d available nationwide because were so many filipino workers pending to work abroad.

    • Ace says:

    • Josephine m pineda says:

      Nadula ang sss I’d KO

    • Ma, Amy says:

      For SSS ID

    • Eufemia Carrillo Farolan says:

      may id n po aq ng sss ,gusto mag id uli kz po luma n ito

    • Julius Acapulco says:

      How many days marecieve sss id

    • Jade christopher B. Ibañez says:

      Good pm mam and sir , Pwde po bah mag I’d SSS pO ..

    • Erwinjay says:

      Paano po pag bago lng ?? Gusto ko sna mag apply ng sss ko kaso hnd ko po alm kng pano po?? Tyka pp maybabayaran po ba kng sakaling magaaply ng sss???

    • Angel Kate Concepcion says:

      Pwede po bang Barangay Clearance and Tin ID for the 2 valid id requirements?

    • Jestoni says:

      Ineed to apply to sss id

    • Alfie Gomez borja says:

      Pwede po b walk in sa pag apply



    • Jhomar pagatpatan says:

      Ineed to apply sss id

    • jennifer murayag says:

      what if i lost my E1 form but i know my # and and philhealth can be use as a valid i.d

    • Angelika abines Sanchez says:

      Kukuha po ako ng sss

    • Camelle B. Guerrero says:

      Hello po. Tatanong ko lang po sana kung kelan ko makukuha UMID ko .last January 2020 pa po nila prinocess. May pag asa pa po bang makuha ko un? Tnks.

    • teth reyes says:

      can i apply my sss id online..?

    • Florenda Bregonia says:

      SSS ID

    • Aileen Gaoiran says:

      I applied my umid i.d feb 26,2020 but until niw i dont receive it yet

    • Jahazel Servidor Pangcoga says:

      I would like to ask if, dumating na po UMID CARD ko po,
      Name : Jahazel Servidor Pangcoga
      SSS #: 0827464670
      Date of Application : Jan. 23, 2020
      at Iligan SSS Office.

      Thank you. God Bless

    • Mylene delana arinton says:

      Nag apply Po ako Ng umid I’d last 2019 gang ngaun Po hndi ko pa Po nkkuha I’d ko kelan Po b ma receive slmat po.

    • Joy bitoclo says:

      Pag urgent need na po ang sss umid id possible po ba makakuha po agad kht magbayad na po tnx. Po

    • Ivy says:

      How to get UMID ID

    • Rolly C.Abrigo says:

      Card ID

    • Shaleni Moso says:

      2020 pa po ako nag apply ng sss id pero Hanggang ngaun d parin dumating.kailan ko po makukuha id ko?

    • Cherrie Estipular Farro says:

      I have applied my SSS i.d replacement last November 2019 until now still on process it’s already 2yrs already how come it takes so long.i have paid already and taken a photo shoot

    • Jocelyn morslejo says:

      I lost my ID HOW CSN I GET A NEW SSS ID

    • Charlene empas says:

      Hi po last 2020 pa po ako kumuha ng umid id until now wala pa rin po. San ko po pwede un kunin sa sss branch po ba o sa post office??

    • Augusto San Jose says:

      I tried to apply for a new sss membership ID card, but my original card number has only 8 digits instead of 10 per member_relations
      How do I get a 10 digit sss number? My old sss number is 03-612-882.

    • Benjie G . Cujardo says:

      Ilang month pa bah makukuha Yong umid card with ATM…

    • Princess Mariano says:

      Meron Po ako to id kso single yon ano pa po ba requard sa pag apply Ng SSS ID


      Gud pm., Mam,ask ko lng po nawala po yong sss id ko, dalaga pa ako non ngayon po may asawa n ako, mag ppa change status n po ako ,ano po ba ang requirement pra s change status po? Wait ko reply. T.y po,

    • Miraflor bao-as says:

      Good evening po…maam tanong ko lang paano mag register online para sa id?

    • REYNALDO GOZON says:

      gud pm… ask ko lng po ung kasamahan ko sa trabaho nawala ung E1 nya dahil sa sunog…. ano po pwede i submit para mk apply cia ng umid ID,,, ano po pwede hingin sa office n pinapasukan nmin para m isubmit po dyan…ty po

      • MERCY DITHA SALVAN says:

        Last november 2021 po ako nagpapalit ng UMID ID .. and until now wala padin at ndi ko padin nakukuha ….. any update regarding this .. sbi nung kumuha aq 3 months lng makukuha na pero until now wala pdin

      • Connie Calderon says:

        Request E-1 form

    • Melchor Frondoza Caguco says:

      Dear Sir/ Madam,
      January 28,2022 po ako nagpagawa at na captured ng umid card hanggang ngayon po wala pa ung umid card Kong pinagawa….

    • Mary Grace P. Laurel says:

      Thank you! for the information

    • Richelle Getizo Wagwag says:

      I want to make SSS ID

    • Janisah Samanodi says:

      Thank you for the information. I want to make umid sss id. ?

    • Eduardo Auditor Angara jr. says:

      I want to make SSS ID my sss number 34-7759914-1

    • marissa mendrajal says:

      GOODMORNING MA’am/ sir.. Ask ko lang po sana kung makakakuha po ba ako ng umid id kahit wala pa po akong contribution? nag aaply po kasi ako abroad at kailangan daw po ng umid id? ano po yung kailangan para makakuha

    • Mylene H. Copia says:

      Thank you for the information

    • Luisito Lao Nipit says:

      Sir / Ma’am

      Good Morning!

      Ask ko lang po for a long time na po akonh may SSS ID. Gusto ko lang pong mag RENEW ng bagong SSS ID. Paano po ang dapat kong gawin? Please give me some information on how to Renew my old Card of an SSS ID?

      I’m looking forward to hear your immediate response regarding on this matter, Thank you po in advance!
      God Bless!

    • Bernadeth D velez says:

      How to get my SSS ID thro online

    • Mechelle E. Mabandos says:

      Good day! How can i get my number? I had an umid id number 0111-3120919-0
      This is Mechelle E. Mabandos.
      Thank you


      Sss member na po aq, nagtataka lang po aq bakit d aq makapag ol register sa sss,, laging lumalabas ay error ang name and birthday ko.. pero sa form na hawak ko tama nmn.. pwede nyo po ba aqng tulungan sa pag ol register?


      And also po, nawawala po yung form ng kapatid ko.. meron po bang mapagkukunan sa online ng form ng sss?

    • mae ann says:

      pano malalaman kapag ok na ang sss id?

    • veronica lumbis banaria says:

      gusto ko lng po makuha ung sss no.ko po sna po matulungan ko po kau.

    • Liza Ovillo says:

      ano po need kapag nawala iyong SS ID?

    • Jocelyn Tonog says:

      gusto ko poh mag aply ng sss id

      • Jessibel Vasquez says:

        gd afternoon po itatanong ko lang po kc wlang kahit anong ID ang friend ko piro matagal na siyang naghuhulog sa SSS..di pa nga lang sya nag papa ID..tapos ung E6 nya nawala na rin.monthly naghuhulog sya.ang prblema gusto nya mag pa ID..ano po ba pwd nyang dalhin para mkapagpa ID sya…salamat po

    • Norlyn Lucañas Abreo says:

      Gusto ko malaman ano ss# ko naklimutan ko kc

    • Shellame Espino says:

      Ma’am 2020 ako kuha ng umid I’d ko until wLa hindi pa sya released po dito amin SSS??

    • Jess D.Gardoce says:

      I need to inquire

    • Sandra Rosales says:

      Good evening po paano po makukuha yung ID ko nasa taguig po kaso yun ehh nasa Pampanga na ako ngayon.
      Matagal na po siya nung 2018 pa

    • Karla Cecilia Burog says:

      Kelan po ba idedeliver o makukuha ung umid id 2nd copy ko na po kasi un at nawala ung original ko mag 1yr na ho un wala parin update kailangan kailangan ho kasi baka naman kaya ninyong bilisan wala hong magamit at tao na id

    • Arzen says:

      How to online

    • Edgar Z. Nimer says:

      Nag apply po ako ng UMID ko since 2019, until now wala pa po ako na eereceived na text for claims, what should I do. please help. Thank you.

    • Kristine Pagatpatan says:

      Nag apply po ako ng UMID ko since 2021, until now wala pa po ako na eereceived na text for claims, what should I do. please help. Thank you.


      Gud pm .tanong ko paano gawin nag pa id at capture sa pasay branch ang address ko sa makati tenant kmi dun nalipat kmi sa cebu ..pwede makuha dito sa cebu yung id

    • HOLLY JEAN says:


    • Jayvee says:

      what if nakapag register po ng SSS sa Manila then pero pwede po ba mag apply na ID sa malapit na branch ng SSS sa province

    • Kristine Emierose buhay says:

      I need SSS ID

    • Delia Domingo says:

      Puwede po ba kumuha ng SSS -UMID ID ang unemploy?

    • jeffrey dorimon tampus says:

      pano po kung sakali nawala ang copy po ng E1?


      I just want to follow up my UMID since 2019 before lockdown i have my application but until now no feedback.

    • Shirley Antonio Delosreyes says:

      Kukuha po aqo ng sss/umid id

    • Gladys Belenario says:

      How to apply sss ID

    • LEONORA agustin says:

      Wer can I get my umid i.d. I’m leonora Agustin it’s too long to wait …Wen can I get that i.d.

    • Janine says:

      Thanks for this po.

    • Kamilla says:

      I was not able to apply for an SSS ID way back in 2016. I just wanna ask, are the steps mentioned above still applicable to me when I apply for the UM-ID? I’ve also been unemployed since 2017 up to the present date, and now I’m in college finishing my bachelor’s degree. Would that affect the status of my application?

    • Mac says:

      March 2020 kumuha po ako ng sss id but until now wala parin id ko nagsara na rin branch na pinag applyan ko ng id pano kopo makukuha id ko. ty po.

    • April N. Javier says:

      Magandang gabi po tanong ko lang po yung nakapag apply na ko mag isang taon na yung UMID I.D ko

    • April N. Javier says:

      Hindi ko pa nakukuha ang aking UMID I.D ko dahil sa sobrang tagal na hindi ko pa nakukuha paki follow up naman po

    • Jansen colorado says:

      Sss I’d

    • Jansen colorado says:

      I need sss I’d

    • Princess Gonzales lim says:

      Kukuha po aq umid I’d pwede po ba online

    • marlon teodoro dona says:

      good Day! 1st quarter of this year i apllied for umid Id til now it hasnt reach me.pls may i know how to have mu umid thank you.

    • Karla Day Vem Gallego says:

      good pm maam/sir Paano po makuha yung UMID id at saan pwede kunin matagal na po akong naka register sa UMID noong nakaraang mayo pa po

    • Monilyn Peruelo says:

      Sss id


      Apply for sss id

    • Daniel P. Galleto says:

      Good morning po gusto ko pong magpalate registration ng birth certificate ko tru online application paanu po kasi negative record ako sa NSO main office manila at sa LGU damulog bukidnon

    • Shane Maria Tambule says:

      1241 lanzones st camarin caloocan city


      Good morning ma’am sir Tanong lang Po Ako sa UM ID November 2021 pa Po Yung kaylan papo ba makokoha Yan ma’am sir

    • Juliet Ganob says:

      Can i get sss id

    • Ronnalie Cañada says:

      Birth cert is also required ? For how to get SSS ID ? What if I don’t have a birth cert ? What’s the process about this matter ? Thank you in advance

    • sherwin bala says:

      pano po ako makaka kuha ng SSS ID eh wala pa po ako ni isang GOV, ID’s…
      pwede ba ung brgy clearance saka Phil heath id lang or BIRT certificate lang

    • Joel Benedict Antonio Remigio says:

      I would like to ask my SSS Number.
      My name is
      Joel Benedict Antonio Remigio
      December 10, 1970.