Why I Will Not pay for Fixers in LTO and So Should You!

November 12, 2019 | 6:29 am 3 Comments
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  • Before entering LTO, you will notice that several people will approach you and ask you relentlessly if you need a driver’s license or if you’re there to renew.

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    These folks are known as the ‘FIXERS’. They are the to-go-to-guys who promises you a successful and hassle free application/transaction provided that you can pay their services.

    This might be a good idea at first, but for those who already experienced getting their driver’s license on their own would tell you a different story. There is really no need for the Fixer’s service at all and below are the reasons why you shouldn’t hire them!

    You Still Need To Wait!

    One of the roles of a fixer is to assist you when you get your Driver’s License. You can always whip out your bulky wallet and pay them several hundred bucks but it won’t magically eliminate the time you’re waiting for your application to be processed. Don’t expect that if you pay them, you can get your Driver’s License instantly. Remember, there’s steps that needs to be done before they issue a new Driver’s License. These steps are:

    • Photo ID Capturing
    • Signature
    • Driver’s License Examination
    • Practical Driving Examination

    By just looking at the list above, you will realize that you’ll be spending more than an hour to finish all of it. Most of the time, you’ll be waiting for your turn or waiting for you name to be called.

    If you’re still dying to avail the services of a Fixer, I want you to look for the “ideal Fixer”. That means, if you pay them, they simply wipe out the all the waiting time. No more waiting for you name to be called for Photo Capturing and Signature, no more waiting for the LTO Written Examination, Practical Exam Schedule and instantly release your Driver’s License. If he can do that, you’ll be done within an hour.

    You Still Need To Be Around The LTO Branch Vicinity

    Yep! You thought that if you pay a fixer to get your license, you’ll be sitting in your comfy couch at home? You’re wrong!

    The steps in getting a driver’s license requires Photo Capture and Signature, you are required to sign it personally and have your photo taken. LTO doesn’t allow any applicant to just submit a 1×1 ID picture to be pasted in the ID (that’s insane!).

    Another thing, you need to be there to take the written exam. You think that the fixer can do that for you, again, you’re wrong. LTO doesn’t allow that.

    Again, if you still want to get their services, ask the Fixers if your presence is required. If they reject you because that is impossible to do. They’re telling the truth. If they agreed with your condition, they’re trying to scam you. I am positively sure about this that no appearance of the applicant for a new and renewal of driver’s license application is impossible thing to do.

    You Can Easily Pass The LTO Driver’s License Written Examination

    If the Fixers are trying to convince you by promising the moon and the stars and passing the driver’s license written examination without studying, to be honest, they’re telling the truth. I don’t know how they do it but they can magically pass you in the exam even you know nothing of the basic concepts of driving and laws of the road. All of this can be accomplished by paying them.

    If my assumption is correct, they pay the people in LTO who handles the checking of the test papers to make sure to pass you. I also heard from one of my colleague that the test papers given to the customer of the fixer have a distinct marks on the choices so what the applicant will do is just to shade it.

    To discourage you from spending extra bucks, I want you to know that there are hundreds of copies of LTO Driver’s License Exam reviewers that you can obtain by just searching it over the internet. You can grab a copy of it to read and prepare yourself for the test. Just set a side an hour to read and familiarize yourself with the questions.

    Honestly, the exam is pretty easy. I heard a side comment from another applicant after our exam saying “common sense lang ang kailangan para pumasa”. That is the truth. You just need to familiarize yourself to the possible questions.

    They Can Skip The Practical Driving Examination

    Just like the written examination, Fixers can arrange the practical driving examination to make it sure to pass. Of course, it comes with a price tag on it.

    My take on this, who in the right mind applies for a driver’s license that doesn’t know how to drive? Are you serious? I don’t understand people having the courage to submit their application forms to LTO without any knowledge how to move a vehicle from point A to point B. Are you stupid?

    If you’re giving me an excuse that you’re just nervous so you’re not able to drive during the examination, then that’s not acceptable. You should go home and learn to drive. There’s no place for nervousness in the road.

    Fixers Are Too Expensive

    An applicant trying to get a non-professional license costs around P600 but availing the service of a fixers costs around P1,500 to P2,500.  Imagine the added costs that the applicant incurred just for a the special services rendered to him. If you value your money, it will never cross your mind to seek their help. You can process your own application without their help.

    Fixers Are ILLEGAL

    Aside from the fact that you’re tolerating these crooks outside LTO and patronizing their industry. You are also encouraging corruption inside the LTO. In order to process your application immediately, there are handful of people will handle your paper. Your Fixer will try to bribe anyone who gets in the way. I don’t want to elaborate this part anymore because I know you know what will happen next. We hate corruption right?

    If you’re a newbie car owner, don’t be tempted to avail the services of a fixer even if they promise to give you the moon and the stars. Their industry has been there for a long time and should be eliminated. When people don’t patronize them, their business will die down slowly.

    Just do the legal way which will result to a ripple effect.


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