Story of Broken Car Key and How You Should Find A Remedy!

November 3, 2019 | 8:58 am Leave your thoughts
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  • This is about a story of a broken car key, the importance of the IC Transponder and the alternative to car dealership’s expensive car key duplicate service.

    Last November 1, I’ve learned a very important and expensive lesson about my car key. Each car owner has one right? But did you actually think that the car key itself has a very important role of having a car? Of course, it starts your engine (obviously). But did you actually thought of it as an anti theft device?

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    Yup, you heard it right! Your actual car key is your first line of defense against car thief!

    In this article, you’ll know more about your car key and its nitty gritty details about this. I will be also sharing advice and real life experience to make it more educational to everyone.

    So without any further ado, we’re start with these topic. Hang on!

    The Importance of IC Transponder: The What and Why.

    The IC Transponder is a micro chip installed to the car keys of any newer model cars. It is an anti-theft security feature where a micro chip is paired (with a code) with another device that sends signal to validate that the holder or the person starting the car is really in possession of the genuine car key.

    In simple terms, say for example, I am starting my car , the IC Transponder encoded with a code with the capability to send a signal. Now the device installed in the car will check the codes sent by the IC Transponder. If the code matches, it will allow me to start the car.

    But if for some reasons, the code didn’t match when the device validates, it will not allow the starting of the car.

    Another real life example is with what happened to me. The thing is, I dropped my car keys on the ground. The car key was broken which resulted to separated several parts. This includes the two covers of the key, the Mitsubishi emblem, the actual key (metal part), the three rubber button, the remote system device and lastly and the most important this is the IC Transponder. This time, I have no idea what the IC Transponder do. As I have mentioned earlier, this is the most important part of the car key.

    Going back to my story, as what happened, I dropped my car key in the ground and all the parts separated from every bits and pieces. So what I did was to pick up all the broken pieces and assembled it together. Little did I know, the IC Transponder was missing and forgot it to put it back.

    As of this point, I still have no idea how important the IC Transponder is. So as I have finished putting back my car key together and inserted it to the ignition and turned it on.

    But nothing happened… That’s weird.

    I tried it again for several times and the same thing happened. First I suspected that my car battery is drained by I noticed that the power windows and the radio is properly working.

    I asked the people around me to push my car so I could jump start it to start the car. Unfortunately, we failed. The engine won’t crank over! So I gave up and decided to leave my car in the parking lot for a while.

    I then glanced at my car key and asked myself that what if the car key was the real problem. I googled the car key problems commonly encountered by Lancer EX Owners. I found out that I was not alone.

    Someone from the internet posted the same thing that is happening with me. He pointed out that the car keys of new model cars have this security feature and the only way to start the car is to start it with a car key with the IC Transponder that is programmed to the car.

    Having read that, I immediately booked a caband went back home to get my spare key. I traveled 30 kilometeres (back and forth) and paid an Eight hundred taxi fare just to make my car working again.

    When I arrived at my car, I just wished and prayed that it will start again. I say a little prayer and asked God for guidance to have my car fixed.

    Voila! It worked!

    The Car Dealership Key Duplicate Service

    I then inspected my spare key by opening it and saw that theres something missing with my broken key. It was the IC Transponder. I was very sad that moment because I know that going to the car dealership and asking for the car key duplicate service is very expensive even I have no idea how much is it, I know for a fact that car dealership services are overpriced!

    The next day, I went to the car dealership as planned to ask / inquire about the price of the key duplicate service. The Sales representative quoted me a wapping P10,500 for a car key duplicate and a 24 hour turn round time. That means, I must leave my car in the dealership for 24 hours just to have it fixed. Imagine just to duplicate and reprogram a new car key, I have to leave my car to them.

    Because I have several errands in queue that day, I didn’t agree leaving my car and told them that I will just go back some other day to have it fixed. We shook hands and said goodbye.

    I was really frustrated how slow their service is. Considering that it’s really expensive against how they handle the work very slowly.

    KEYNAMICS: The Alternative

    I decided to research my issue thru Facebook Pages and Groups. I also posted a very long post narrating what happened to my car. Few people agreed with me to have my car fixes at the dealership but one person recommended an alternative which can provide the same quality of service the car dealership is offering. He told me that a certain shop can do it for as low as half the price of the dealership is offering.

    He introduced me to Keynamics, a car shop which specializes in key duplicate service. I then researched their Facebook page and look for reviews. All that I’ve read are positive and satisfied customers. I looked for their contact number and decided to call them. The sales representative is very knowledgeable and courteous while talking to me. He explained to me their service and what will happen if I availed their service.

    I was pretty convinced so I decided to have a scheduled appointment visit with them to have my car fixed (finally) the next day. I asked them where is the nearest branch since I am residing at Taguig and my car is in the parking lot of SM Southmall Las Pinas. They told me that they have a branch in Las Pinas.

    When I arrived at their shop, I noticed that they already have three clients waiting. I introduced myself at the guy stationed at the counter and told me my scenario. I gave my key to the same guy and started working on it. They told me to wait at their waiting area while they make the duplicate. While waiting, I heard a noise coming from the small room at the back of their counter. It seems that my car key is being manufactured using a CNC Machine.

    I decided to have a smoke while I play my Nintendo Switch outside to kill time. After two sticks of cigarettes and playing for about twenty minutes, the guy from the room went outside and asked me to accompany him to test the new keys.

    Wow, that was fast!

    We tested the new keys and it worked perfectly! I check the door locked, unlocked and trunk if its working and I’m pleased to say that it really works. I paid the service fee of P5,500 and drove away.

    That was not bad. For a 20 minute wait and for a much cheaper fee (P5,500) versus the 24 hour wait and P10,500 fee from the car dealership. I recommend Keynamics to duplicate your keys.


    You think that I’m saying this for a millionth time but I must emphasize this before it happens to you.

    Take care of your car keys!

    A replacement of a broken key is expensive! I don’t want to mention it again but you know how much, right? Plus, the hassle and stress that you will encounter whenever these things happen to you.

    I hope I made a point and made it clear to you. Until next time!